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7 Crystals for Setting and Achieving Your Goals

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Tiger's Eye could help you succeed.

Tiger's Eye could help you succeed.

Crystals for Achieving Goals

It is common for people to set goals at certain times in their lives. Milestone birthdays, after a divorce, after a job loss, and the start of the new year are all popular moments for goal-setting, but any time is a great time to think about the future and take steps toward what you hope to achieve in life.

Whatever your hopes and goals are, there are many tools and methods that can be used in planning and working toward them, such as manifestation boards, savings accounts, apps, planners and journaling. These can serve as reminders of our aim as well as in keeping us motivated and feeling as if we are genuinely moving forward. It is important to keep goals realistic and achievable as this has been shown to increase the likelihood of reaching your goal. It can be helpful to break goals down into smaller aims, especially if your goal is more long-term or requires many changes from where you currently are in life. With long-term goals, in particular, this technique can help you feel as though you are getting somewhere and keep your intention in focus.

Visualisation and Crystals

Visualisation is another technique that can be beneficial when setting goals. It can help in seeing a practical route to your aim as well as any issues that may crop up along the way. In addition to helping you set realistic goals, visualising the completion of these can increase motivation and determination while sending your intention out into the universe. This then enables relevant opportunities to be reflected back to you. It can be helpful to not only think about what you want to achieve by why you are setting this goal for yourself. This can help take an honest look at your intention and whether it is right for you or if you are doing it for another reason, such as to please a parent or partner. It can be hard to be motivated to work hard on something that isn’t true what you want for your life and this, in turn, can have a negative impact on your success. Multiple failures run the risk of leaving you feeling helpless or as if you are not meant to achieve or find your place in life. Keeping a list of the reasons and thoughts behind your goal setting may also help you in times when you feel discouraged or face setbacks as they can serve as a reminder of why you started on this path.

Visualisation is also commonly used when working with crystals and is effective whether you are working with a single stone or a large crystal grid. Goals may be long or short term and can be private or something that we share with friends and family. There are many varieties of crystals whose energy is beneficial when it comes to working towards goals, however big or small. Any ones that increase motivation or attract success or luck may be the first that come to mind but there are many other factors to consider. Sometimes our past experiences can hold us back from working to the best of our abilities or can even stop us from feeling that we are capable of or deserve success. These issues can also be helped by the healing energies of crystals and can support us in making needed changes to our thinking and actions.

Pyrite is also known as fool's gold.

Pyrite is also known as fool's gold.

Seven Crystals to Use When Setting Goals

Crystals and other techniques are an excellent boost in working towards goals, but they are not enough on their own. You must also be willing to put in the necessary work and make any sacrifices needed along the way. Sometimes these are small changes in habits, such as not buying coffee or snacks every day or walking instead of taking the bus to save money or maybe more challenging such as working through emotional issues from the past or pushing yourself to move outside your comfort zones. Again, these are times that crystals can help you through, along with the support of friends and family and professionals if needed. Here I discuss seven crystals that can help you on your journey towards your goal.

1. Pyrite

This is a good choice of crystal when you are facing control, manipulation or criticism from your parents, partner or employer. It helps you to stand up for yourself and set boundaries without becoming angry or upset. Pyrite supports in challenging unfair balances of power in the workplace and inspires leadership. This crystal encourages you to recognise and follow the signs given by the universe to guide you towards success. Pyrite is a great choice for manifesting abundance, financial freedom and prosperity. It encourages introspection and brings to light things that you have been trying to ignore but need to be addressed. This is a beneficial crystal for anyone working towards a promotion and who needs to create new habits in order to reach their goals. Pyrite deters unwise financial decisions and boosts the ability to generate wealth and abundance through your ideas and efforts.

2. Carnelian

The energy of carnelian creates a stimulating atmosphere that reminds us not to underestimate ourselves. It attracts prosperity and abundance of all kinds making it a good choice for money-making projects. Carnelian increases courage, ambition, drive and determination to succeed even when times are difficult. It supports overcoming workplace bullying and negative conditioning that may make you feel you are unworthy of success. This is a good crystal for alleviating feelings of jealousy towards the achievements of others, allowing you to remain focused on your journey and goals. Carnelian is a calming crystal that soothes anger and helps to keep your grounding in reality. It stimulates creativity and confidence making it a good choice of stone for anyone involved in creative pursuits such as acting, music and art. This crystal can help you trust yourself and your decisions and will aid in making these positive and empowering.

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3. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye has long been used as a talisman, especially when a boost of courage or confidence is needed. It increases willpower and supports in building the skills needed for major career changes or starting a business. This attractive crystal helps you focus on money-making ventures and gives new projects a boost towards success. Tiger’s eye is a grounding and protective stone that is particularly effective against ill-wishing and negative energy. It also shields against the negative effects of jealousy and rivalry from others and will reflect malice and threats back to their source.

Tiger’s eye can help you recognise offers or opportunities that are too good to be true and prevent you from making unwise purchases or investments of both time and money. This crystal can help reduce the fear of failure that is holding you back from your dreams or making changes to your current circumstances. As a goal-orientated stone, tiger’s eye brings clarity and logical thinking helping you to effectively problem solve obstacles that arise along the way. If you are feeling indecisive over an issue working with tiger’s eye can help shed new light on your options, making it easier to choose. This crystal is also a good choice for anyone who is very unorganised or unsure of themselves and their abilities.

Amethyst is often used in breaking bad habits.

Amethyst is often used in breaking bad habits.

4. Amethyst

This crystal has long been regarded as the best for reducing addiction, cravings and compulsive behaviours. It can help in breaking habits and remind us that we do not need to do things to excess to feel good or be valid. Meditating with amethyst gathers scattered thoughts and helps to bring greater understanding to situations or difficulties. Amethyst is a highly spiritual crystal that is believed to enhance memory and motivation while dispelling feelings of rage, fear, anger and anxiety. This protective crystal transmutes negative energy into love and protects against those who do not support our success or goals. Amethyst has the ability to calm or stimulate the mind depending on what is needed at that time. When calm the mind is more able to process new information and make accurate decisions than when feeling overwhelmed and overworked. This crystal further facilitates the decision-making process by helping us to combine intuition and common sense while reducing any tendency to act purely on emotion.

Sunstone is a self-empowering crystal.

Sunstone is a self-empowering crystal.

5. Sunstone

Sunstone is thought of as a joyful and inspiring stone that helps your true self to shine through. It is traditionally linked to good luck and good fortune making it a good choice for goal setting or starting a new project. This crystal can be used in removing hooks from other people, particularly possessive parents or partners who hold you back. Sunstone can also help in cutting ties that remain with people who have treated you badly in the past. This is a beneficial crystal for anyone who finds it hard to say no to others even when this means putting other people’s needs before their own aims and well-being. As a self-empowering crystal sunstone lifts mood and boosts independence and vitality. It aids in overcoming procrastination and being overcautious, especially if this is caused by a fear of failure or fear of repeating past mistakes.

The happy energy of sunstone reminds us to enjoy the present and not to worry about the past and future or if the good times will last. It protects against those who will drain your energy or take advantage of you financially. This is a great crystal for increasing optimism, self-confidence and enthusiasm. Sunstone is believed to attract work-related luck and open up opportunities for promotion, especially into leadership positions. It is said to be a good crystal for people who love competitions and helps you uncover hidden talents that will benefit your goals.

Orange calcite is a great choice for problem solving.

Orange calcite is a great choice for problem solving.

6. Orange Calcite

This energising and cleansing stone balances the emotions and eases fear. Orange calcite encourages you to work to the fullest of your capabilities and is a great supportive stone for shy people. It is a good choice for problem-solving and promotes optimism, creativity and motivation. This crystal reminds us that the sun always returns after darkness and so the same is true in life and things can always improve. Orange calcite can help you come up with ideas and solutions when a project doesn’t go to plan or is delayed. It enhances your existing skills and encourages you to use these in improving your life and seeking out new opportunities. This variety of calcite supports accepting change as a fact of life and that sometimes it can be for the best. It encourages hard work and perseverance and may help in recognising the people, habits, places and attitudes that are affecting you negatively. Orange calcite is a good choice of crystal for procrastinators as it increases drive and motivation to achieve the things you want in life.

Mookaite is a form of jasper found only in Western Australia.

Mookaite is a form of jasper found only in Western Australia.

7. Mookaite

Mookaite is a form of jasper found in Western Australia. It is a good crystal for when you feel in a rut or hopeless as its energy brings a desire for new experiences and places. Mookaite is a calming crystal that supports anyone afraid of change and encourages you to see things through to completion. It can aid in seeing all the possibilities in a situation and in making the best decision. This crystal reminds us that the past is over and cannot be changed but that what we decide and do in the present will affect our future for better or worse. Mookaite is a motivational crystal that increases motivation for work and boosts self-esteem, creativity and stability. Working with the energy of this crystal will help drive you to complete necessary tasks quickly and efficiently even when they are dull or challenging. It is a protective and grounding stone that shields against the opinions of those who do not believe in you or your goals.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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