Healing Properties of Smokey Quartz

Updated on August 18, 2016

Smokey Quartz


Smokey quartz is a black to gray or brown variety of quartz that is transparent or translucent. Usually it appears more brown in color. It is primarily found in gypsum and limestone in Italy, the US, Brazil, Australia, China, and Spain. Quartz is naturally occuring silicon dioxide in clear crystal form; the color in smokey quartz is caused by free silicon formed from silicon dioxide by natural irradiation.

Smokey quartz is used primarily in jewelry making, spiritual healing, and Feng Shui.

Quartz is usually harmless unless broken or powdered. Broken crystals may have sharp edges that can easily cut skin; handle with care. Do not grind dry quartz since long-term exposure to finely ground powder may lead to silicosis.

Smokey Quartz Qualities

  • Neutralizes energy
  • Grounding/centering
  • Stimulates kundalini
  • Balances the root chakra
  • Psychic protection
  • Enhances telepathic sounds
  • Promotes peaceful sleep
  • Promotes personal pride, self esteem, group collaboration and joy in living
  • Cures various ailments: fatigue, stress, depression
  • Opens the path for perception and learning

Naturally Irradiated!

Smokey quartz stone is naturally irradiated, making it an excellent choice for treating the radiation sickness that often arises from chemotherapy.

Place a smokey quartz stone directly over a painful point on the body for 20 minutes and watch how the pain mysteriously feels better. Where should one use smokey quartz? Well, it's been said to effectively treat ailments of the hips, legs, abdomen, kidneys, and pancreas, and increase back strength. It's said to relieve PMS, toothaches, fever, muscle and nerve pain, and headaches, and increase back strength. Smokey quartz also aids in the assimilation of minerals and regulates liquids within the body.

Neutralizes and Balances Energy

It has long been believed that quartz neutralizes energy, bringing balance within the body of the wearer. These beliefs are appealing to people suffering from mental strain, stress, illness, and excessive empathy. Smokey quartz stabilizes internal energy and is extremely grounding, making it a very useful tool for those that work in the professions that treat ailments of the mind, body and spirit. All forms of quartz are most efficient as grounding and anchoring tools. Quartz successfully treats depression, fatigue, stress and fever. It has also been known to successfully treat addictions, obsessions, and overactive minds. Smokey quartz gently reminds us to let go of energy that no longer serves a purpose.

For the mind, smokey quartz is a mood elevator. It is positive in polarity and promotes clear insight and pragmatic thinking, while enhancing security, safety, bringing emotional calm and removing fear. It is an excellent stone to remove blocked energy in the root chakra so that passion can freely flow. Smokey quartz is a great stone to use before meditation.

Smokey quartz reminds us to reconnect with our true and higher selves.

Smokey Quartz for Peaceful Sleep

A smokey quartz stone placed under the pillow at night is said to promote psychic ability in the form of dreams, while still providing restful sleep.

Root Chakra, First Muladhara (Red)

Smokey quartz is associated with the Root Chakra. Located at the base of the spine, this chakra relates to basic survival needs and our sense of belonging, whether to our family, friends, large group or community.

When this chakra is balanced we feel secure and confident. Blockage in this chakra can cause anxiety and worry.

This chakra provides information about actions we’re pondering, will they nourish or threaten us? When a decision is to be made, we should listen to the signals of the root chakra: Uncomfortable sensations are a signal to be alert and re-evaluate, while positive feelings indicate that a given course of action is likely to meet our needs for safety and nourishment.

Feng Shui

For Feng Shui uses, it is best to place smokey quartz near a front door for its grounding and protective qualities. It also serves well placed in a child's room, home office, or in a window. The energy from smokey quartz enriches the Northwest and Northeast bagua areas of a home.

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