The Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

Updated on January 2, 2019
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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over twelve years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Tiger's eye is connected to the energy of the sun.
Tiger's eye is connected to the energy of the sun. | Source

Tiger’s eye is an easily obtained banded crystal. It is generally yellow-brown to golden brown in colour, but there are several other colour varieties. This is an earthy stone that is also connected to the energy of the sun, thus combining the two. It is associated with the solar plexus and sacral chakras, the elements of earth and fire and the zodiac signs, Capricorn and Leo.

Tiger’s eye is a type of macrocrystalline quartz (also known as fibrous quartz) that forms when quartz crystals become embedded within crocidolite. This fibrous structure gives the crystal a flashing effect known as chatoyancy, causing to it appear slightly different depending on what angle it is viewed from.

This crystal has long been used as a talisman against ill-wishes and curses.
This crystal has long been used as a talisman against ill-wishes and curses. | Source

Tiger’s eye has traditionally been used as a talisman believed to protect the wearer from ill-wishes and curses. It was worn by Roman solders to help them remain calm and clear headed and because they believed that the ‘flash’ possessed by the stone could distract enemy soldiers therefore giving the Romans an advantage in battle.

This golden brown stone was thought to be a favourite of the Egyptian goddess of war, Sekhmet. Tiger’s eye is associated with the strength lions and this was thought to give Sekhmet his strength and power.

This crystal is believed to give Sekhmet his strength and power.
This crystal is believed to give Sekhmet his strength and power. | Source

Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

Tiger’s eye is a useful stone for releasing fear and anxieties no matter what the root cause and will support you in achieving your goals. This stone brings courage, strength, and self-confidence and helps in differentiating between what we want and what we need. It can help to collect scattered thoughts and in putting this information together. It can be used in resolving difficulties and internal issues caused by pride and being overly willful. This crystal can aid in removing blockages to creativity and the recognition of your talents and skills. It is believed to balance the yin and yang energy of the body restoring balance to this.

Tiger’s eye can be a supportive stone for anyone who struggles with mental health problems and can be safely worked with alongside any medications or therapy also prescribed. It can help in resolving mental conflicts and bring clarity of mind. This is a detoxifying crystal that may help in reducing addictive behaviours and cravings. It can help to keep negative thoughts about yourself in perspective and to easily distinguish between what is the truth and how others perceive you.

A raw specimen.
A raw specimen. | Source

Tiger’s eye strengthens will power especially when linked to success, whether this is in your job, work, school or home life. It is a stone of good luck that will support you in working towards your dreams, even when this seems hard.

This crystal encourages commitment and will challenge you to try new methods or way of thinking if this is needed. This is particularly true when this concerns your job or business matters and can help you feel less fearful of what may lie ahead if you take unfamiliar paths or chances. Tiger’s eye can help clear the mind and aid in decision making especially when it comes to difficult decisions. It can help in the search for genuine happiness and empower you in following your hearts desires.

This crystal can be used in grounding and is also a beneficial addition to meditation, where it will help clear your mind and deepen the meditative state.

Blue tiger’s eye is also known as hawk’s eye or falcon’s eye.
Blue tiger’s eye is also known as hawk’s eye or falcon’s eye. | Source

Blue Tiger's Eye

This variety of tiger’s eye is connected to the throat chakra and element of air. It has a calming energy that can help in releasing stress and dissolve sexual frustration. It is a good choice of crystal for people who struggle with anxiety and phobias or are hot-tempered. It is found in mid to dark blue and has grey or greenish bands; it is also known as hawk’s eye or falcon’s eye.

Blue tiger’s eye brings mental clarity and focus on the task at hand. It can help in learning from your experiences and can aid in helping you to see issues that hold you back or otherwise affect you negativity. This crystal has a relaxing energy that encourages you to go with the flow of life, overcoming your fears along the way. This stone boosts creativity and the imagination helping you to come up with new ideas while remaining true to yourself. Its blue colour links it to the throat chakra so it can also be used when working with communication issues and difficulties.

Red tiger's eye brings passion and determination to those around it.
Red tiger's eye brings passion and determination to those around it. | Source

Red Tiger's Eye

Red tiger’s eye is also known as bull’s eye and is reddish brown with light and dark banding. This is a stimulating crystal that brings motivation and inspiration into your life. It is useful for those that lead a very busy life as it instills peace and harmony wherever it goes. Like other varieties of this crystal, it is a strong grounding stone that keeps you connected firmly to the earth. It promotes self-love and self-care so it beneficial to anyone who has a tendency to neglect these.

Red tiger’s eye helps to bring passion and determination to any project or endeavour. It stimulates creativity and aids in balancing yin and yang energies and your mind, body and spirit. This crystal is associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras and elements of fire and earth. Red tiger’s eye removes fear and anxiety and is a useful crystal for balancing your own needs with the needs of others.

© 2018 Claire


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