Top 5 Uses of Moonstone

Updated on January 9, 2020
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A Protective Amulet

Moonstone is traditionally known as a protective stone that helped travelers.
Moonstone is traditionally known as a protective stone that helped travelers.

The Traveler's Stone

Moonstone, also known as the traveler's stone, was used as an amulet of protection in ancient times. It was common for people to carry it with them or wear it when they were traveling by the light of the moon, hence the name. As such, this powerful healing stone radiates nurturing and protective qualities for those that use it.

1. Protection

Since Moonstone was used by travelers so long ago for the purposes of protection, this is one of the strongest qualities of this stone. If worn, it can provide nurturing assistance to those in need of guidance and protection. This will help to prevent any unwanted challenges or disruptions on your journey. Back in ancient times, moonstone was thought to prevent road rage when traveling on a long journey.

Phases of the Moon

Moonstones name directly correlates with the phases of the moon. Like these phases, moonstone's abilities and uses reflect this cycle, such as the cycle of fertility.
Moonstones name directly correlates with the phases of the moon. Like these phases, moonstone's abilities and uses reflect this cycle, such as the cycle of fertility.

2. Love

In addition to its known uses for protection, moonstone is also a crystal of love and fertility. Moonstone promotes the natural rhythms and cycles of the body, thus intensifying chances of fertility and reproduction. Since it mirrors the phases of the moon, it is in tune with the monthly cycles of the body as well. Those who are having trouble with fertility might consider using this stone as a way to help increase the chances of pregnancy.

3. Energy Diffuser

Moonstone, especially rainbow moonstone, can be used to diffuse the energy in an area, clearing it of negative energies. Moonstone has strong psychic powers, which include protecting the mind from negative psychic energies. This is a great crystal to have around just to deflect negative emotional and psychological energies within an area. Consider keeping some moonstone in your home and/or your office for this purpose.

4. Emotional Healing

Because of the calming and protective nature of moonstone, it is also a good crystal to use for the purposes if emotional healing. If you or someone you love is going through a particularly difficult time, the healing energy of moonstone can help bring to light the positive energy in the situation. It can stimulate and promote growth as well as healing from trauma. Wherever you choose to use this crystal, it will bring positive energy along with it.

5. Psychic Abilities

Moonstone can also enhance psychic abilities, encouraging visions and dreams and magnifying psychic abilities in a person. These positive qualities in the moonstone will help you to see situations for what they truly are and possibly bring forethought and insight into what your future holds. If you are doing a tarot reading or some other type of reading for yourself or others, use moonstone to help enhance your psychic perceptions of the situations and the future.

A Stone of Fertility

Moonstone is a crystal of fertility, aiding the reproductive organs and increasing the chances of pregnancy.
Moonstone is a crystal of fertility, aiding the reproductive organs and increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Physical Healing Properties

Moonstone also has great physical healing properties in addition to the uses listed above. As stated previously, moonstone gets its name from the moon, and the energy of this crystal closely follows the phases of the moon. As such, this is a stone of growth. Physically, this can help to promote healthy growth in young children and teens. It has positive anti-aging effects on the body as well. Degenerative conditions of the body could benefit from the crystal healing powers of moonstone. Since this stone is also related to fertility, moonstone can help keep reproductive organs healthy and increase the chances of pregnancy in couples who are struggling to get pregnant.

The Positive Phases of Life

Moonstone is a powerful healing crystal that can help you in many different aspects of your life. The positive energy that it emanates brings healing to many areas of your life, as well as promoting growth and youthfulness in all phases of your life. Even though traditionally this stone is most commonly known to be a protection stone, it is so much more than that. There are so many great uses for this crystal, from emotional healing, to fertility, and healing degenerative diseases. How you choose to use moonstone in your day to day life for crystal healing is up to you, but no matter what you decide to use it for, it is bound to give you positive results.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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