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Traditional Thai Massage and Other Treatments Offered in a Thai Spa

Thelma has lived and worked for almost three years in the Republic of Ireland as a spa wellness massage therapist.

A photo of massage tables.

A photo of massage tables.

Types of Massage Offered in Thai Spas

Thai spas typically offer the following types of massage, in addition to beauty treatments, such as manicures and pedicures:

  • Traditional Thai massage,
  • Thai oil massage,
  • wellness massage,
  • shoulder and back massage,
  • herbal poultice massage,
  • hot stones massage,
  • Thai foot reflexology massage, and
  • head and facial massage.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is a treatment that combines acupressure, yoga, and the manipulation and stimulation of body parts to unblock the energy meridians of the body. It is influenced by ancient Chinese, Indian and South East Asian traditions of healing the body from pain.

Traditional Thai massage does not require the client to take off his or her clothes. The client lays down on a mat on the floor or a lower bed. The massage therapist performs the massage by using the hands, the base of the hands, fingers, thumbs, arms, elbows, knees and feet. A lot of stretching is performed and the recipient is having a passive yoga-like experience while the masseuse stretches their arms and legs.

The massage therapist uses her or his overall body weight when applying the techniques but is careful not to hurt the client. The overall pressure is very much controlled by the masseuse. The treatment is very specific and intentionally applied to the needs and desires of a client. This massage is refreshing and invigorating.

As a wellness massage therapist, I think this is the hardest kind of treatment a masseuse can give, and also the most effective. Not only do I give this treatment to others, but I also love this treatment for myself after a long day of work.

Thai Oil Massage

Thai oil massage is a softer massage compared to traditional Thai massage, but with the use of heated oil. The massage therapist gives the treatment while the recipient lays down on a mat on the floor or a lower bed.

At first, the masseuse gives a warm-up treatment by doing a Thai acupressure using the base of the hands and performing the acupressure by using their thumbs on the energy lines located on the recipient's back. Then, the therapist gives a relaxing massage with heated oil.

Wellness Massage

A wellness massage is softer than a Thai oil massage. It is like an Ayurvedic massage with less oil. Wellness massage is good for those who want to have a relaxing treatment to unwind from the stress of a hard day's work. There is less pressure applied in this treatment, but a client can ask for more pressure if desired. The client mostly sleeps on the massage table or bed while having this treatment—well, most of my clients did, maybe because I perform the treatment like a relaxing meditation.

Shoulder and Back Massage

Shoulder and back massages start with a traditional Thai massage by using the base of the hands going up and down on the sides of the spine, then unblocking the energy lines beside the spine by using the thumbs. This massage is concentrating on both sides of the back, the lower back, shoulder and neck. Pressure is applied to ease the tension of the muscles. Heated oil is also used in this treatment. It is a deep and pressured back massage. Acupressure, effleurage and petrissage techniques are applied. Petrissage includes kneading, rolling and wringing the skin.

A  massage treatment bed.

A massage treatment bed.

Herbal Poultice Treatment

Herbal poultices are made of dried herbs and flowers like lemongrass, rose, lavender or jasmine. Some poultices contain dried coconuts. The content depends on what the recipient is being treated for. The masseuse holds a heated poultice in each hand, pressing and stroking these on the body of the recipient. This massage treatment is very good to tone the skin. It is a very relaxing massage treatment.

Hot Stones Massage

A hot stone massage feels very good in the winter. The stones used in this treatment are basalt stones mostly from Hawaii. The massage therapist heats the stone and checks the temperature for the safety of the client by putting each stone on their own arm before using it on the client. The warmth of the stones melts away tension, ease the muscles and is good for the blood circulation of the body.

Thai Foot Reflexology

Thai foot reflexology is very different than what I have learned before working in a Thai salon. A wooden massage stick is used on the pressure points of the feet to stimulate the connecting parts of the body. The masseuse is careful not to hurt the client. After using the stick, heated oil is applied to the feet for a gentle massage in an up-and-down motion. The therapist uses their hands, thumbs, fingers and knuckles in this treatment.

Wooden Stick for Thai foot reflexology.

Wooden Stick for Thai foot reflexology.

Head and Facial Massage Treatment

Thai head and facial massages are similar to other wellness massages that I have learned. With the use of facial cream or heated oil, the therapist massages the face with the use of effleurage massage techniques. Oil is never used to massage the head, just basic massage strokes and movements. The treatment is done slowly and tenderly to relax the recipient. This is the best massage for falling asleep.

Beauty Treatments Offered in a Thai Spa

Manicures and pedicures are beauty treatments commonly offered in Thai massage salons. However, they might not be the same kind as what you have in your country. Thai salons mostly offer a more simple and basic manicure and pedicure compared to other nail salons. So, before booking these treatments, ask the salon how they do their services. It's also a good idea to check with other clients who have used the same salon to see if they are high-quality.

Try it for Yourself!

Thank you very much for reading my article! I hope you will try a traditional Thai massage. To get an authentic experience with real benefits, you should get one from a Thai masseuse. It's great. However, not all Thai massage salons provide a "happy ending" if you know what I mean—and I am very sure of that.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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Thanks Thelma for telling us about Thai Massage. I was unfamiliar with it. That video is really good in showing how this is done. I helped my neighbor work in her yard today and wish I was having a massage right now. That would ease my aches and pains.