Using Crystals in Colour Therapy

Updated on September 19, 2018
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I have studied crystal healing for many years and have studied and been attuned to reiki levels one, two, and masters.

Colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is a form of complementary healing that has a long history of use. Evidence of the use of colour therapy has been found dating back as far as the ancient civilisations of Egypt, China and India. Ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun and its life-giving light and are believed to have looked to nature when it came to their use of colour. For example, the floors in temples were often green, just like the plants that grew along the Nile. Papyri dating back to 1550 BCE have been discovered and have shown how colour could be used in healing. In ancient Greece, the god Hermes Trismegistus was associated with healing colours and within the Hermetic tradition, coloured stones, minerals, salves and dyes were used in healing.

Healing crystals can be combined with colour therapy easily .
Healing crystals can be combined with colour therapy easily . | Source

How Does Colour Therapy Work?

The colours that we see are part of the visual spectrum of light energy and each colour has an effect on our feelings, emotions, mood and well-being. As well as being visible to our eyes this light energy is absorbed by our skin and aura, meaning that the colours around us are able to affect us on a spiritual, emotional, metal and physical level. Colour therapy can also be combined with chakra healing as each chakra has a corresponding colour that it resonates with, helping to unblock and balance these spinning wheels of energy as needed. Each colour has its own energy and frequency and it is these that interact with and influence us.

Healing with colour is a holistic and non-invasive therapy that can be easily incorporated into everyday life. No specialist equipment is needed in order to begin healing using colour, in fact, items around the home such as candles, pictures and paintings, ornaments and soft furnishings are good items to benefit from colour in your everyday environment. The décor of your rooms is also a great and important method of using colour therapy to enhance your life and well-being. One example of this would be painting your bedroom in a calm and relaxing colour to help facilitate relaxation and sleep.

Each colour has beneficial healing properties.
Each colour has beneficial healing properties. | Source

Crystals and Colour Therapy

Another method of healing using colours is by using crystals. In this method, crystals are chosen based on their colour rather than specific known healing properties. Crystals can be placed around the home, carried with you or used in meditation just as they would when used in crystal healing. Each colour of the visible colour spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) are associated with certain healing properties and many people believe that if you feel an attraction or aversion to a certain colour that this has significance as well. For example, a preference for red is associated with passion, sex, high energy, danger and courage whereas an aversion to red can point to deeply hidden fears and a fear of asserting oneself.

As always crystals do not have to be large or expensive specimens in order to be affective healers. Choosing the appropriate crystal and setting clear intentions for the healing is far more important and will determine your success with this therapy. The stones that you use can be chosen through research online or using crystal guide books or you can work with your intuition and you’re own and the crystals vibrations and be guide to which crystals would benefit you at this time. Working with vibrational energies and intuition can take time to recognise and develop, so do not feel disheartened or that you are incapable if it seems difficult at first.

Red is associated with passion, love and romance.
Red is associated with passion, love and romance. | Source

Crystal Colours and Their Healing Properties


This is a stimulating and energetic colour that can boost energy levels and boost the immune system. Red is a warm colour that can help with colds, fatigue and issues connected to the heart and circulation. It stimulates the root chakra and is associated with sexuality, love, passion, assertiveness and aggression. This colour may help relieve menstrual problems and sexual issues such as impotence but should be avoided if you have high blood pressure. Red should also be avoided if you have cancer or other tumours as it may stimulate the growth of these. This can be a useful colour in times when you need courage and strength.

Garnet can be used to build courage and help you see your life’s purpose. It can also help you to feel grounded and secure. Bloodstone is a good choice for increasing stamina and strength, especially when you feel that you cannot go on. This stone also helps in removing self-doubt. Red jasper has a strong connection to the Earth and brings strength and protection to those around it.

Orange increases creativity and concentration.
Orange increases creativity and concentration. | Source


Orange is a warm cheery colour that has a gently energising effect on the body and mood. It can be used to soothe aches and muscle or menstrual cramps or easing allergies. This colour can boost the immune system and increase appetite. Orange stones can be used to stimulate digestion, blood flow or a weakened immune system. This colour can be used to calm intense emotions and ease winter depression. It increases concentration, creativity, optimism and abundance. Orange is linked to the sacral chakra.

Carnelian can be used to aid in the decision making process and to increase optimism. It also helps to stimulate creativity.

Yellow is an uplifting colour that stimulates the mind.
Yellow is an uplifting colour that stimulates the mind. | Source


This sunny colour benefits the nervous, lymphatic and digestive systems. It is uplifting, empowering and mentally stimulating. It can help to bring feelings of happiness into a room and is linked to the solar plexus chakra. Yellow can be used in balancing the emotions and reducing anxiety and may help with eczema and other skin conditions. It is a good colour for when you feel burnt out or melancholy. Yellow increases joy, prosperity, communication, memory and mental clarity.

Citrine is an excellent choice of crystal for increasing prosperity. It can be used to bring clarity of mind and in feeling confidence in the decisions you make, even if the outcome isn’t what you desired. Yellow jasper is a helpful crystal for when you have a lot of thoughts, ideas or options to work through before reaching a decision.

Green is associated with peace and the natural world.
Green is associated with peace and the natural world. | Source


Green is associated with the heart chakra and may benefit any issues and difficulties relating to the heart. It can also help to strengthen the lungs and respiratory system and in fighting of infections and viruses. Green can help to restore psychological and emotional harmony and balance and stimulates growth and rejuvenation. The colour green is associated with peace, nature, fertility and growth as well as greed and jealousy.

Emeralds are a good revitalising crystal that can provide a gently inner lift to mood. Green tourmaline can be used when you need help letting go of past attachments in order to achieve balance. It can also help you to trust in life’s unfolding. Malachite is a powerful healing stone that is useful for easing swelling and any inflammation in the body. It promotes creativity and is thought to help reveal our greatest fears so that we can work on resolving them.

Blue is a calming colour connected to all forms of communication.
Blue is a calming colour connected to all forms of communication. | Source


This calming colour is associated with the throat chakra and to communication of all kinds. It can be used to help connect with and develop intuition and relieves headaches, eye strain, sore throats and earache. Blue can be used to help with issues related to speech, language and communication, to cool inflammation and to calm strong emotions such as anger. This colour has associations with the sea, water, calm, tranquillity, wisdom, patience and healing.

Aquamarine is a useful stone for anyone that feels discouraged and can help you find satisfaction in life. It helps with self-expression and in understanding your own value. Blue topaz has a gentle peaceful energy that can support in the acceptance of new ideas without struggle.

Indigo can help ease menatl disorders.
Indigo can help ease menatl disorders. | Source


Indigo is a great purifier of the blood and benefits mental issues of all types. It is linked to the brow (third eye) chakra and the pineal gland. This colour can also be used in healing conditions of the eyes and ears or to relief pain. Indigo is considered to a spiritual colour and beneficial to meditation, dream interpretation and other areas of spiritual work and development.

Blue sapphire can be used to soothe pain and cool fevers. It is known as a stone of purification, friendship and good influences. Azurite represents change and purification and helps in adjusting to any changes gradually. It is a good choice of stone for building spiritual awareness.

Violet is linked to the crown chakra.
Violet is linked to the crown chakra. | Source


Violet is associated with the crown chakra and brings inspiration, creativity and dedication. This is a good choice of colour for nervous or mental conditions and for problems with the head and scalp. It heals feeling of melancholy and can help support through recovery from addictions. This colour can soothe mental and emotional stress, stimulate immunity and aid in detoxification. Violet is an excellent choice for meditation, divination and prophecy.

Amethyst is a good choice for pain relief and can dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety. It eases headaches and is believed to help with alcohol addiction issues.

White helps to dispel negative energy from the body.
White helps to dispel negative energy from the body. | Source


This is a combination of all colours and promotes healing on all levels. It is a natural pain reliever that helps to dispel negative energy from the body’s energy field. White can be used for purification of all kinds and in meditation and divination. In the western world this colour is associated with purity, innocence, cleanliness and simplicity, while in some Asian cultures white is a colour of death and mourning. Some people associate white with the crown chakra and in crystal healing this also includes clear crystals.

Clear quartz is regarded as the master healer and can be substituted for any other stone. It balances and harmonises the aura removing congestion and blockages so that energy can flow freely throughout the body.

Black is a protective colour.
Black is a protective colour. | Source


Black is the complete absence of colour. It is often associated with, violence, evil and negativity but is not a bad colour in itself. It can be used in protection, banishing and binding as well as in breaking free from bad habits. This is a grounding colour that can help you feel secure. It protects against hatred and negative emotions but can also promote resistance, opposition and obstruction. Black can be comforting to those with low self-esteem and provides a protective shield from the world.

Black obsidian can help in letting go of a resistance to look inside of oneself and in working to towards improvements. It can also be used as support during personal change. Black tourmaline is a highly protective and grounding stone that can soothe panic attacks and is a good choice for controlling fear of doctors or dentists.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2018 Claire


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