Using Morion Crystals in Energy Work and Healing

Updated on July 6, 2016

Energy Work

Energy work is a method of alternative healing that works on the basis that the body is surrounded by an energy field and that this can be manipulated with certain actions. Good health and spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being are reliant on this energy field, also known as the bio-magnetic sheath or aura being balanced and clear of blockages and disturbances.

When this energy field suffers blockages and disturbances the person may experience and range of unpleasant effects including: illness, emotional problems, lack of spiritual growth and difficulties in expressing themselves. These difficulties can be corrected by gentle manipulation of the aura so that any blockages, knots or problems with its natural flow can be straightened out.

Crystals can be used to correct imbalances and disturbances within the body and aura.
Crystals can be used to correct imbalances and disturbances within the body and aura. | Source

Crystal Healing

This system of natural, gentle holistic healing has long been used to help ease and cure a wide range of illness, imbalances, pain and emotional worries. Crystal healing can also be used to enhance our lives and help us move forward, progress and develop skills such as psychic abilities. There are many methods in which crystals can be used in healing and it is a safe therapy for adults, children, babies and other living things such as plants.

Methods of using crystals in healing and energy work include wearing the stones in jewellery, carrying them in your pocket, meditating with them and placing them on appropriate places of the body: e.g. On the site of physical pain.

Morion is a form of quartz that has been exposed to natural radiation.
Morion is a form of quartz that has been exposed to natural radiation. | Source

Morion Crystals

Morion is a rare form of quartz that is naturally black but can fade to a lighter shade and even grey through contact with sunlight. This crystal is formed when quartz grows close to uranium deposits and is exposed to natural radiation. However, the morion crystals themselves are not radioactive and are perfectly safe to carry and use.

Traditional morion crystals were popular and where originally mined in the Cairngorm Mountains. They were often used in creating sash pins, kilt pins and brooches used in traditional Highland Costume. Many beliefs surrounded the giving of morion crystals and they were believed to protect men in battle, that wives will be obedient and a happy, healthy life.

Morion crystals have a strong connection to the earth star and base chakras and so have a strong grounding energy that can help us to stay connected to Mother Earth and avoid many health problems. These crystals are also beneficial for a range of healing and life enhancing applications.

Some of the benefits of working with morion crystals include:

  • Balancing left and right activity
  • Protection
  • Detoxifies
  • Reduces self-destructive tendencies
  • Boosts creativity
  • Aids forgiveness, compassion and love
  • Helps to reduce and calm tempers
  • Increases confidence
  • Helps to see the truth in a situation
  • Develops psychic abilities
  • Aids channelling
  • Can receive, transmit and amplify energy
  • Dissolves self-imposed obstacles
  • Eases anxiety and panic attacks

Using Morion Crystals in Healing

  1. Morion crystals can act as an excellent support for anyone who is experiencing negative emotions and will support the person’s emotional and mental bodies through these difficult and sometimes exhausting times. Morion will help in the acknowledgement of any negative or unhelpful emotions such as resentment, anger, rage, anxiety, defiance, powerlessness and shame and supportively enable these to be released and transformed into more positive energy. This can help to balance the aura and restore a healthy and positive outlook.
  2. Morion works with a person or atmosphere as a whole and so is excellent for balancing and calming in general and has the capability to strengthen the energy of other types of crystals when placed with them. Placing a morion crystal close to someone who is feeling upset for any reason can offer them comfort and security.
  3. This variety of quartz can be used to shield you from negative energies that are present around you or deliberately being sent to you. You can also transmute this negative energy into positive before sending it back out into the environment. If you wish to use a crystal in that way hold the stone at the level of the solar plexus and ask that it transmutes all negative energy to positive and that the energy is dedicated to the Divine light. This additional dedication of the energy means that it cannot be later transmuted back into negative energy.
  4. Morion can used to shield yourself from outer influences that may be clouding your judgement or causing confusion. While offering protection from this outside pressures the crystal will deepen your trust in your inner voice and instincts. It will also be able to offer guidance in when to face a situation and when it will be better to step back or walk away.
  5. Use morion to help you in discovering and connecting with spirt guides and other beings of light. These guides can be of huge benefit to our lives and offer a great amount of comfort, assistance and direction in times of difficulty as well as day to day life.

    Some people refer to spirit guides as angels, guardians or guardian angels but whatever you wish to name them they are there to guide you through life in a positive way only. Guides can come in many forms, they may be ascended masters who have already reached a higher spiritual plane, be someone that you had a connection to in life such as a family member or ancestor that has died or may appear as an archetypal figure such as a warrior, wise man/wise women or priestess if they are destined to guide you along a particular path. It is also possible to have a guide that appears in animal form and these are sometimes known as animal totems. These types of guides are often spoken of in Native American and Shamanic paths and beliefs.

Spirit guides can appear in many forms including animals and archetypical types.
Spirit guides can appear in many forms including animals and archetypical types. | Source

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      • Elderberry Arts profile image

        Claire 10 months ago from Surrey, Uk

        Wow, that's a great find and sounds like the crystal was meant for you. Good luck on your journey.

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        Hathorn Aurthur 10 months ago

        I found this type of crystal tonight at Balboa Park San Diego just laying in the dirt and I can't wait to learn the powers this will show in my life. It already feels pretty special as it is.