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The Science and Biomechanics of Energy Healing: Does It Work?

I have over 10 years of experience in the alternative healing and energy fields as a healer and learner of the ancient healing sciences.

Is there science behind energy healing?

Is there science behind energy healing?

Defining Energy Healing

There are a vast number of definitions surrounding energy healing, specifically because of unique practices and findings by practitioners. Everything from Reiki to quantum touch is seen throughout the world, all of which carry testimonials and profound responses to those who experience the healing touch which occurs.

Each type of energy healing has a thread in common. The ability to heal through the use of energetics is at the root foundation of bioelectromagnetics and the science of healing without the interference of medical substances, tactics, or surgeries.

How Energy Healing Became Scientific

For the past 30 - 50 years, scientists have begun to look at the use of energy healing, identifying whether it is effective or simply based on belief.

A leading expert in the field, Gary Schwartz, author of The Energy Healing Experiments decided to identify the specific reactions to different types of energy healing and determine whether they were an effective approach to helping someone find a cure for emotional or physical cures.

In his several experiments, he not only witnessed deep and profound healing that took place.

He also identified the process of bioelectromagnetics. This is the scientific basis of energy healing which shows that a healer who transmits energy to someone also sends biological signals, which stimulate an electrical and magnetic send and response system. As it begins to move to someone, it influences their auric field, causing it to impact and change energies that are blocked or imbalanced.

Healing energy is very scientific

Healing energy is very scientific

The Process of Bioelectromagnetics

The concept of bioelectromagnetics in the field of energy healing is based on the concept that one individual can use their own energetic and magnetic field from their psyche, hands, or through specific mechanisms. As this is transmitted to an individual, it leads to a reduction of their own blocks in energy as well as their ability to re-balance their own energy field.

Science has shown that there is a direct impact on the energy field when there is a transmission of energy, even when the hands are not touching the individual directly.

Other experimentation shows that bioelectromagnetics can be broken into different technological approaches to healing.

  • Pulsed electromagnetic fields to heal bone fractures
  • Acupuncture tools that use electrical pulses to reduce energetic blocks
  • Biofeedback therapies that use electrical and magnetic pulses to balance one's body
  • Magnetic therapy, known to balance the subtle fields of the body and assist in physical reactions

These each point to the same concept that bioelectromagnetics has with energy healing and the basis that the healing touch has a foundation in scientific thought.

How does energy healing work?

How does energy healing work?

The Basis of Energy Healers

Each energy healer will use a combination of techniques, dependent on their practice, that has the foundation of bioelectromagnetics. This is always done with the purpose of achieving these goals:

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1. Alleviating the emotional, psychological, and physical discomfort one has

2. Breaking negative blocks in the energy field that causes specific issues

3. Re-balancing the energy field for better and healthier outcomes

4. Sustaining one's true nature through their subtle and auric fields

With these intentions, energy healers are able to focus on areas of discomfort and transmit biological energy to the individual. As they have an electrical and magnetic pulse by a sense of their own energy, it supports subtle and continuous healing of the individual.

Formats of Energy Healing

With bioelectromagnetics at the root of all energy healing, are different formats that practitioners use to get different results.

Reiki is an example that allows the practitioner to focus on sacred symbology to get results with the use of energy healing. By setting intentions of gratitude and combining this with the repetition of sacred symbols, sends the energetic frequency to the individual and supports their healing.

Other practitioners focus on different symbols and processes but with the intention of transmitting the electrical and magnetic energies to the individual. Focusing on healing, purple light, for instance, offers the same type of outcome. Intention-based healing to remove specific ailments is another method that may be used.

The combination of projections from the psyche with pure intent as well as the ability to hold an energetic frequency is what allows the healing to take place from the practitioner and to those who need healing.

The results which are experienced with energy healing are inclusive of profound and transformative experiences that take place over time and which support the process of moving back to the true self.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Brooke Hart

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