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11 Ways to Cleanse Healing Crystals and Stones of Negative Energy

I am a massage therapist with 15 years of experience. I am especially interested in crystals, energy healing, numerology, and wellness.

Methods for Clearing Crystals of Unwanted Energy

How long have you been wearing your crystal or diamond jewelry? Now, how often do you clear them of all the negative vibes they've absorbed on your behalf?

Your crystals and diamonds help you even if you are unaware of it by either blocking, absorbing, or transmuting negative energy. These crystals and stones also have the ability to absorb good vibes too! On an energetic level, they help us while we move about our day-to-day lives mingling with people and environments and picking up both good energetic vibes and also the bad or unwanted energy.

Some of these negative vibes are coming from you, like self-judgment, gossip, insecurity, tenseness or anxiety. The good vibes you put off may be passionate feelings, kindness, supportive, loving thoughts or just relaxing.

For most, your crystals, diamonds, jewelry, and stones may be well overdue for a clearing of that negative energy. Here I am providing 11 ways that you can choose to clear all of that negative unwanted energy away and also charge it up with fresh positive energy that will be with you assisting you while you are wearing your crystals. Please note that most crystals even decorative ones that just sit on shelves as decoration absorb both negative and positive energies and need a careful clearing once in a while. They care for us lovingly by transmuting all of our unwanted baggage and now it is time to care for them by giving them a good energy bath.

The Sunlight Method

Placing your crystals and stones in sunlight to soak up the sun's rays.

  • Do not use the sunlight method on opal, celestite, amethyst or turquoise as their color may fade in the sun. If you have these stones use only moonlight to cleanse them.
  • Place your stones in a safe place outside or in a window where there is lots of natural sunlight for a least one day. You may allow the stones to stay there for up to a week or more if you feel that time is needed to fully clear the stones. The rays of the sun are very cleansing as well as energizing.
  • Because of the energizing energy of the Sun, the stones you put out for a good cleaning will also be charged. So this is a good method for cleansing and charging at the same time.
  • A special note for Selenite and Malachite! These crystals should not get wet because they can be damaged by water. Make sure to only put stones outside that are safe to be in the rain.

The Moonlight Method

Placing your crystals and stones in the moonlight to be cleansed in her calming light.

  • This method is safe for all crystals unless it is raining. Never put Selenite or Malachite out in the rain where they may get wet.
  • Get a lunar calendar and place your stones outside to be most effective. The windowsill is alright too but outside is more effective.
  • You are using the lunar energy to cleanse and charge the stones so keep in mind that the full moon is the best time to put your stones out to soak up her motherly rays.
  • The moon's lunar energy is at its most effective 3 days before and until 3 days after the full moon. So you can begin placing your stones during those times.
  • You can leave all stones that are safe in sunlight out for the entire time but remember not to leave stones that can be faded or harmed by the sun's solar energy. Bring those in each night or use the window sill and cover them in the morning.

The Dry Sea Salt and Salt Water Method

Cover your crystals and stones in crystal sea salt to purify and absorb negative energy.

There are actually two methods of using sea salt to cleanse your stones. Place them in dry course sea salt for 24 hours to cleanse them or soak them in salt water. The saltwater method can only be used on stones that are safe in the water. When using the salt water method knowing your crystals is very important. Knowing whether they are porous or soft can help you avoid a big mistake. Saltwater can get into the crevices and structure of some crystals and can cause them to break. However, burying them in dry course sea salt is practically safe more than most crystals but do be mindful of very humid areas and climates as this could cause some of the same problems that salt water causes.

  • When using either salt water or dry sea salt method, 24 hours is enough to clear them.
Clear Quartz Crystal in Sunlight

Clear Quartz Crystal in Sunlight

The Smudging Method

Burning white sage smudge sticks to cleanse your crystals using the purifying smoke is a favorite for most that work with crystals. Using the element of fire to cleanse your stones by burning White Sage is perhaps the fastest method of cleansing your stones. Fire is instant and can consume objects weak to its burn in a matter of minutes. It's no wonder it's the quickest and probably one of the most effective ways to clear your crystals and stones by letting your crystals bathe in its purifying smoke.

  • Light the end of your smudge stick being careful and using general fire safety. Having a smudge pot or bowl handy to catch the burning embers is more than wise.
  • Allow the smoke to bathe your crystals and release all negative energy.
  • Repeating a cleansing affirmation can increase its effectiveness. You can say something as simple as, "I cleanse you now of all negative energy."
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The Freshwater Method

Bathing or soaking your crystals in freshwater or salty seawater to bathe and purify them and restore them to good health.

This method is not for crystals and stones weak to water elements such as Selenite and Malachite. Avoid water on these types of crystals.

  • Freshwater from rain, a lake, or the sea is the best for this purpose. If you must and are in more of a hurry to get your stones cleansed without another method to use then filtered water or running water from your tap may suffice.
  • You may leave your water-safe stones for a soak for 24 hours or if your intuition tells you that they only need a bath and you haven't been using them in a lot of energy work then you may bathe them under cool fresh running water or just bath them in salt water.

The Burial Method

Returning your crystals and stones to the earth by burying them for a few days allows Mother Earth to cleanse and recharge them.

Again this method is not good for crystals that are prone to water damage. If you insist on burying them anyway make sure to wrap them up tight and protect them from holding moisture. This method is very good for grounding stones such as smokey quartz and most all-black stones like tourmaline.

  • This method will clear all unwanted energies and mother earth cradles them in her nurturing energies. To clear them you must allow them to stay buried for a least a few days.
  • If you intend to also charge them you will want to leave them longer for about a week or even up to a month if you feel the need. Allow your intention to guide you. There is no concrete science when working with your crystals. They all have their own personalities and individualities.
Quartz In Nature

Quartz In Nature

The Reiki Energy Method

The act of healing your crystals of unwanted negative energies by channeling healing universal life force energy. You do not have to be a Reiki master to accomplish this method.

  • The intention is key here, so set your intent to heal and imagine pure white light being channeled into the stones healing them of any negative energies they are holding and restoring them to their most brilliant selves.

The Companion Stone Method

Placing your healing crystals and stones on top of another crystal known for its clearing or charging ability; stones such as clear quartz crystal clusters or carnelian.

  • Place the stones to be cleared on top of the crystal or stone that will be doing the clearing.
  • Allow them to stay at least one to two days or until your intuition guides you to remove them.

The Flower Petals Soak Method

A lesser well known but still effective method of using flower petals such as rose petals to soak in water with your crystals.

  • Advance prepared Rose Water is popular for this method.
  • Take special note not to use this method for stones that are weak to water feel free to leave your crystals in this soothing bath as long as you like. Usually, 24 hours is sufficient.
  • Other flowers can be used in place of rose petals such as flower petals from your own flower garden. Using flowers that you've grown can add a special connection or touch to this method.

The Third Eye Method

A type of meditative breathing using your Third Eye called Third Eye Breathing uses a visualization of white light to breathe in and out of your Third Eye holding your crystals and stones at your third eye cleansing them.

  • You may like to use a guided meditation such as an alpha state meditation to allow you to connect with your higher self. Then while in the Alpha state continues your breathing and visualize white light. Let this pure white healing light breathe into your crystals while holding them up to your third eye.
  • You may do this as long as you like until you feel that your stones are cleared and restored to their brilliance. I like to do this before setting them out in the full moon. The lunar energy will assist with further clearing your stones and recharging them. When I use this method I am hoping to speed up the process of clearing them so that I can use them again after being recharged in the full moon.
Full moon by the Ocean

Full moon by the Ocean

In doing anything with healing crystals and stones or healing energy work, I believe half the work is achieved through intention. The intention is a connection to the good work that we are doing and our desired results. The other half is physical and non-physical elements and science, for example using fresh water to cleanse your crystals but remembering that we are not only physically cleansing them of any physical debris that may have collected, but energetically clearing them of impurity and negativity.

When working with crystals and different types of stones with varying properties, intention and intuition is always needed to achieve your desired results. So in using this guide or recipe to cleanse or charge your crystals and stones remember that this is only a guide to help you learn to respect and care for them as you would yourself and that variations may exist for the method you choose or the length of time needed to cleanse or charge your particular stone. Trust in yourself and your intuition to help you along your path to caring for them. Allow the stones to help you connect with your higher self and through this connection, you will always be successful.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Should I clear my diamond wedding ring like I would a healing crystal?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! You diamonds are crystals too.

Question: How do you start using healing crystals?

Answer: Begin by putting them in your pocket or wearing them as jewelry. You will begin to notice small changes. With more magnetic stones like Nuummite and Hematite you may notice more dramatic changes like being more grounded and clear-minded when you would normally have high anxiety. Keep a journal of anything you notice different. That is a good place to begin.

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Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile on January 26, 2018:

Are you using the silk fabric for cleaning them? This topic is on energetic clearing.

Kim Ackerman from San Francisco on January 14, 2018:

I have use a silk fabric to clear my stones does this work too.?

Maurice Glaude (author) from Mobile on August 11, 2015:

Yes for sure some stones should stay out of the water. Some are water soluble like Selenite.

Thanks Phyllis

Phyllis Doyle Burns from High desert of Nevada. on August 11, 2015:

Hi Maurice. This is a very useful and informative hub. I have used the Moon method, but not the Sun. I have also used Moon water, made on the night of a full moon. I am glad to learn some stones should not be in water, so I will remember this. Thanks for your tips and great info.

Robert Morgan from Hutchinson Island, FL - Myrtle Beach, SC - Gilbert AZ on August 08, 2015:

Wow... Plan to learn a lot from you. This is an excellent hub. Voting it up Blessings. Bobby

Deborah Sexton on November 18, 2014:

Wonderful hub with tried, and true methods

Voted up and awesome

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