Crystals for Beginners: Cleansing, Charging, and Effects

Updated on November 18, 2019
Nani Saiko Spirituality profile image

Nani has been researching and practicing spirituality since mid-2018. She has learned a lot and wishes to share that with the world.

Picture & Painting are both mine :)
Picture & Painting are both mine :)

Crystals for Beginners: An Introduction to the Practice

Did you know that crystals can be used to aid in healing mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments? That's right! They're great for using in meditation, rituals, spells (if you're into Wicca/Witchcraft), and even just carrying around with you to attract whatever effects that specific crystal has! You can include crystals in practically anything that you do in your practice to add intention and more powerful results. There's crystals that attract love, peace, positivity, money, health, wealth, abundance, and more. I even have a crystal that doesn't hold on to negative energy and helps to repel it! There will be a list of some of the many crystals out there and their effects with pictures of the ones I have at the end, as well as how to cleanse and charge your crystals, but first I'd like to talk about some of the more technical and spiritual sides of crystals.

Crystals Radiate Energy

Like all things in this world, crystals emit their own energy. It's this energy that causes our realities to attract the things we want, based on the Law of Attraction. I will be writing an entire article about Law of Attraction in the future, but just know that the Law of Attraction basically says that the energy we put out is the same kind of energy we attract into our lives, whether it be in the form of relationships, jobs, money, conflicts, peace, happiness, or unhappiness. It is important to be self-aware of the kind of energy we're putting out so we know what energy we're attracting. When we are at an unhappy place in our lives and we start putting out negative or sometimes even toxic energy, that's exactly what we're pulling in. It becomes a vicious cycle of putting out negative energy and attracting negative energy, which in turn makes our energy even more negative. Using crystals, especially in meditation, is one way to cleanse your energy of negativity and raise those vibrations to start attracting more positive energy.

Crystals and Chakras

Inside all of us is seven chakras, which are basically sources of energy within us that each control different aspects of our lives and have different crystals that can cleanse and recharge each one. It's important to know about chakras (a topic I will for sure cover more in-depth in a future article) because sometimes when we feel stuck in life or we have a lot of conflicts, it can be caused by blocked chakras.

To use crystals for the purpose of cleansing a specific chakra, select a crystal that falls under the category of that chakra (see below) and hold it up to that part of your body. For example, if you wanted to cleanse your crown (top) chakra, you might use a cleansed and charged clear quartz crystal and hold it up to your head. You can also do this while meditating. Come back for a detailed look at chakras in my next article!

Crystals and Cleansing/Charging

In addition to radiating different kinds of energies, crystals also soak up negative energy. This can include the energy of the people who touched it in the store you bought it from, or, if someone gave it to you, the crystal will hold any old, negative energy that came from the previous owner. If you use a crystal that still has negative energy attached to it, you will just end up attracting that negative energy instead of the positive energy that that crystal usual would emit.

Crystals can be cleansed a number of ways. You can use fire (incense), water, earth, sound, salt/rice, and the energy from the Moon or the Sun.

Cleansing with Fire (Incense)

To use incense to cleanse your crystals, first light up an incense stick or cone. Next you'll want to hold out the crystal and move the incense around it so the flame touches it. Be sure to get the whole thing and not just one side to be sure that you've rid it of all negative energy. This is a very simple way to cleanse your crystals, especially if you already have incense. You can use any incense you like, but some good ones are Sage, Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. This method is often referred to as "smudging".

Cleansing with Water

In order to cleanse crystals with water, you'll just need a bowl (preferably glass). Fill the bowl with water and gently place your crystal(s) inside. Then all you have to do is leave it in the bowl for 24 hours (or more if you want to). After you've finished with your cleansing, discard the water and wash the bowl.

If you have access to a natural body of water, such as a stream or lake, you can also leave your crystal(s) in the water. Leave for as long as you feel is necessary.

Cleansing with Earth

Another simple method for cleansing your crystals, cleansing with earth is actually a really good way to go. The idea behind it is that you are returning the crystal to its root, to the place it essentially came from. Yup, that's right, you're going to bury your crystal.

All you have to do is dig up a shallow hole in the ground, place your crystal in it, and cover it with dirt. Leave it there overnight or for a full day for best results. Just make sure you mark the spot so you don't forget!

Cleansing with Sound

This method can potentially get a bit more complicated. It's easy to do, but there are some tools you'd want to use. For this one, you'll want to use a bell, tuning fork, singing bowl, or any musical instrument. Make some sounds and allow those vibrations to surround and penetrate your crystal. You can use your voice, too, but an instrument is more powerful in my opinion. If you decide to try this method, remember that it can be used on its own or in conjunction with other methods as well.

Cleansing with Salt/Rice

For this method, all you need is a bowl (glass preferred) and natural sea salt or Himalayan pink salt. Set the crystal(s) on top of or buried in the salt. Leave for 24 hours or longer. Crystals that are more soft will be susceptible to getting scratched, however, so for these crystals you can use rice. Once you're done, discard the salt or rice and clean the bowl. You don't want to consume any salt or rice you use to cleanse because they will have absorbed that negative energy from the crystal(s).

The Power of the Sun and the Moon

My last tip for cleansing your crystals includes the two purest sources of energy, the Sun and the Moon. To cleanse, place your crystal(s) in a bowl or a window sill where they will be exposed to the Moon. A great time to do this is during a Full Moon because Full Moons are powerful, cleansing, and energizing, releasing stagnant energy. Another great time to do this is during a New Moon, which is also very powerful, and helps to focus energy towards manifestation. This is also a good time to set your intentions and goals for the upcoming Moon cycle. However, you can use the Moon's energy for cleansing anytime. Leave your crystals in the Moonlight over night, and even for a few days after if you desire.

The Sun is the last powerful source of energy for cleansing that I will be writing about today. You can use the Sun anytime you want to recharge your crystals, allowing them to continue releasing positive energy. All you need to do is set your crystals out in the Sunlight. Be careful, though, because some crystals, such as amethyst, citrine, and rose quartz, will fade after sitting in the Sun too long. You can still use the Sun to recharge, just be mindful of how long you're leaving them in direct Sunlight.

Setting Intentions

Did you know that you can actually set intentions for your crystals? You'll only want to do this on a crystal that's cleansed and charged. To set intentions, use sound or breath. You can either use an instrument, such as one I mentioned above, to surround the crystal in sound vibrations while speaking your intentions, or you can blow on it while speaking intentions. For example, if you wanted to attract more money into your life, you might set some pyrite with the specific intention of attracting money, as that's a good stone for money. Or you if you wanted to attract love, self-love, and/or self-confidence, you might use rose quartz. It just depends on what effects the crystal gives off. Intentions can be used to strengthen those attributes.

Additional Information

Anytime you work with crystals using a bowl, cup, jar, etc. you always want to cleanse it beforehand. You can scrub it really well and rinse it out with lots of water, or you can do it with incense. To cleanse any of those items with incense, simply light it and wave the incense all around it and inside.

Remember: when cleansing with incense, whether it's a crystal, bowl, or room, moving it clockwise will attract energy and counterclockwise will repel energy. I would recommend first cleansing counterclockwise to get rid of any negative energy, followed by cleansing clockwise while setting intentions. Working in a space that is free of any negative energy is always ideal.

Common Crystals

Below you will find information about some of the more popular crystals. Many of these can easily be found in gift shops, stores at the mall, and stores specializing in spirituality and/or witchcraft. They also can be ordered online at many different stores. Any pictures of the crystals mentioned are my own!

While there are so many more types of crystals and rocks out there that can aid in your spiritual journey, I only have a handful and I'd like to be able to post about the ones I have personally used. I will certainly be expanding my collection and posting about them!

Nani Saiko
Nani Saiko


Properties: clarity of thought, relief from grief, protection, wisdom

Used for: healing, bringing clarity to the mind, relieving stress, soothing sadness, anger, and anxiety, balancing mood swings, focusing, stimulating motivation, concentration, and memory, balancing hormones, strengthening immune system, stimulating metabolism, sobering up, promoting peaceful sleep

Aids in: intuition, psychic abilities, meditation, attracting justice, headaches, tension, blood-related problems, diseases in the lung

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Virgo

Element: Water, Air

Planet: Jupiter

Nani Saiko
Nani Saiko

Clear Quartz

Properties: Protection, healing, harmony, energy, clarity, calmness

Used for: harmonizing, balancing, purifying the spirit, mind, and body, enhancing mental abilities, programming with intentions, protection, amplifies positive energy and thoughts, relaxation, amplifying effects of other crystals

Chakra: Crown

Zodiac: All

Element: All

Planet: Sun

Nani Saiko
Nani Saiko

Rose Quartz

Properties: Romantic love, self love, platonic love, unconditional love, deep care, compassion, happiness, forgiveness, friendship, self-confidence, self-esteem

Used for: encouraging all forms of unconditional love, soothing nervous system, decreasing stress levels, increasing happiness, trust, and harmony, stimulating peace, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, inner peace, and tolerance, increasing one's ability to love oneself and others, healing emotional wounds, increasing user's sense of self-worth

Aids in: healing and strengthening physical heart, stimulating circulatory system, increasing fertility, protecting against radiation, reducing wrinkles, protection from miscarriage during pregnancy

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Scorpio, Libra, Taurus

Element: Water, Earth

Planet: Venus

Nani Saiko
Nani Saiko


Properties: vivid dreams, channeling, altered states, visualization, loyalty, honesty, serenity

Used for: aligning all chakras, balancing yin-yang energy, dispelling blockages, moving energy gently through physical body

Aids in: meditation, attunement, stimulating energy, encouraging perseverance, supporting strength, connecting to spirit guides, inducing dream recall, promoting healing dreams, treating urogenital system, adrenal glands, and parathyroid glands, treating disorders of the throat, brain, and muscular system, healing infections, lowering blood pressure, natural pain reliever

Chakra: Blue- throat, Black- base, Green- heart

Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Libra

Element: Air

Additional information: doesn't retain negative energy and therefore doesn't need to be cleansed, repels negative energy

Nani Saiko
Nani Saiko

Smoky Quartz

Properties: serenity, calmness, positive thoughts, calms fear, lifts depression, stability, practicality, intuition, pride

Used for: grounding, neutralizes negative energy, detoxifying on all levels, protecting against radiation, promoting positive thoughts and actions, alleviating suicidal tendencies, dispelling nightmares, manifesting dreams

Aids in: concentration, communication, dissolving cramps, strengthening back, fortifying nerves, relieving headaches and back pain, easing muscular spasms, benefiting reproductive system, heart, muscles, and nerve tissue, regulating liquids in body, assimilating minerals

Chakra: Base, Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Scorpio

Element: Air, Earth

Nani Saiko
Nani Saiko


Properties: uplifting, calming, mental clarity, harmony

Used for: developing gifts of prophecy, sharpening mental faculties, stimulating spiritual and psychic gifts, calming anger, creating patience and serenity

Aids in: contacting angels, accessing higher transpersonal chakras, opening eighth chakra via crown chakra, ascension, supreme enlightenment, discovering spirit guide(s), dream recall

Chakra: Throat, Crown, Brow

Zodiac: Gemini, Cancer

Element: Water, Air

Thank you all so much for reading this! I hope you enjoyed it and possibly learned something new. I also really hope you all will start your own spiritual journey and continue reading my articles!

Peace and Love Always,

Nani Saiko

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Nani Saiko


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    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Great article, a lot of information and easy to understand and absorb. I will definitely continue to learn about crystals and hopefully obtain some soon!

    • Juliet Acedera profile image

      Juliet Acedera 

      7 months ago from Valenzuela City

      I don't know why but I'm really attracted to crystal things. I even searched those types of crystal. Very informative article. Thank you for sharing.


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