Migraines and Spiritual Awakening

Updated on July 1, 2016

Everybody Knows . . . but Nobody Really Knows

If you are a migraine headache sufferer, you know exactly what I am saying. Nobody really knows what you are going through unless they have experienced it for themselves. Being a victim myself, I have much empathy with those who are too.

I know it can be utterly frustrating when your migraine experience is misunderstood or judged. It's complete debilitating, and not just physically.

So I want to look at this experience from another perspective - a spiritual perspective.

Because if you are anything like me, nothing conventional has helped you - or someone you know.

Read on to en-lighten the pain.*

Cause and Effect

Does this sound familiar? Many individuals buy into the idea that science has put forward; that migraine headaches are the effect of either your lifestyle or some malfunctioning nerves/ blood vessels in the head. For many, that is the case and it is treatable with the right alterations or treatment.

But then there are the migraine sufferers who benefit sweet nothing from the above. They are the "energy sensitive" or "spiritual" migraine sufferers (my own describing terms), whether they are aware of it or not.

Triggers (just to mention a few) are very different for these sufferers and it needs to be pointed out and recognized:

- Full moons/New moons

- Severe global weather phenomena

- Powerful astrological occurrences

- Coronal mass ejections from the sun (solar flares)

- Geomagnetic storms

- Earth changes (volcanoes, earthquakes)

When I say "energy sensitive" I mean that these individuals are highly connected to their surroundings - not limited to this planet and what happens on it.


Spiritual awakening is about recognizing the divine purpose of human incarnation, no matter what your beliefs are. In the system of chakras (metaphysical energy centers according to Eastern philosophies), the third eye is said to be where enlightenment begins.

This is often where headaches and migraines are experienced. Coincidence? I think not.

Powerful surges of higher energies are channeled by the third eye. It is the lens that allows us to imagine and to dream. When there is too much for the body to process or a blockage, this is unpleasant and painful, misdiagnosed as a typical migraine.

Habits which make the body ungrounded also triggers an overwhelming amount of energy to be stored which could be positive in it's effects but as it is with all things, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. These habits include abuse of recreational drugs, sexual interactions, general overindulgence and disrespect for the sacredness of life. When taking things for granted, we are not grounded and focusing our energies correctly. Therefor we sometimes pay the price and learn the hard way.

What Really Helps

Forget about mainstream. Holistic is the path to healing and lasting health.

When treating a spiritual or etheric migraine, crystals are my first choice. How? Place one under a pillow and lie down to feel the healing effects. Amethyst correlates with the third eye and purple is also a soothing colour. Affirm that you are allowing energy to flow through you without blockages and listen to your body's needs for rest, food cravings etc.

Rose quartz is another wonderfully powerful crystal when energized with sunlight. It helps the body acclimatize to solar and geomagnetic activities with radiant love energy. Use your intuition when searching for crystals. With the right intentions, any crystal or gem can ease the discomfort.

Do not be afraid to ask the universe to tone down your experience - ask and ye shall receive. Often migraines are a spiritual detox of dense lower energies and you feel better off once it has disappeared. Epsom salt baths are excellent to assist the detox process and are very relaxing to have at the end of a long day.

Avoid being in contact with electronics such as computers and switch off/unplug any unnecessary appliances that could create an electromagnetic field in your living space. Auric fields are sensitive and disease is a manifestation which begins in the aura - prevention is better than cure!

If you sense the threat of a migraine, take a barefoot walk in the garden. Hug a tree - it has scientifically been proven that their energy fields are beneficial. They give us oxygen and fruits, it only makes sense. Spending time at the beach is also equally good for the soul - never forget the importance of drinking clean, filtered water.

Take care of your body.
Take care of your body.

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    • profile image

      ir 2 months ago


      you write: drink some grape juice with a teaspoon of cel to added to it.

      what is cel? is it powder or a vitimine?

    • profile image

      Vid 10 months ago

      Hi....glad I found this!!

      I have Migraines for the last 20/25 years, of late it's gotten worse !!! And mine are all energy sensitive..it's new moon , full moon..certain planetary alignment, I can sense the energy surges around ! I totally buy the idea of it burning away lower energies! Many times I feel it's opening up different areas of my brain..... During these phases I feel everything open and clear and all nerves speaking simultaneously ...I know I sound weird ...but I definitely know for sure ...this is no ordinary pain ...it has to do with something beyond...

      I some how feel it's a way of awakening.... don't know ...may be..

      Thanks guys for putting this up..

      I feel now that am not the only one..


      Love and light to all,


    • profile image

      LB 13 months ago

      I suffered with migraines for many, many years, and took an array of medications, including shots. Many times I had to go to the ER for a shot. My migraines finally stopped when I became pain stricken and could barely walk. I could not raise my arms, and I could not turn myself in the bed at night. I had to wake my husband to turn my body. To get out of bed, my husband had to prepare me by giving me multiple medicines about an hour a part. I was miserable, and one day, I asked God how was I suppose to live like that. (I was also being given steroid shots in the base of my spine). Soon after I took the matter to God, he sent me the answer to research natural substances for pain. The first thing I found on line was vitamin A, C, E, and selenium. The next day a person wrote to two doctors in the newspaper that he had had excruciating pain and was told by someone to drink some grape juice with a teaspoon of cel to added to it. The following date a lady wrote that she had been wheel-chair bound for years due to her level of pain whenever she tried to move. None of the many doctors she had seen knew what was wrong until she went to another doctor who happened to be the first female doctor she went to. The doctor told her that the first thing she was going to do was to check her vitamin D level. That turned out to be the culprit. After being on a regimen of vitamin D, the lady was healed and never had the pain or the need for a wheel-chair. I tried the vitamins, the selenium, and the grape juice with celto. Within two weeks, I awakened one morning healed, and I never had another migraine as well as the pain in my body. I had to keep taking some vitamins (multi) on and off to help me to maintain those vitamins in my system. Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      Dutchy 14 months ago

      I also suffer with migraines, how are you doing Ashley Russell?

    • profile image

      friend1 16 months ago

      boiling (with lid to cover) eucalyptus leaves in water and then inhaling the steam can help in relieving migraine headache.

    • profile image

      Ashley Russell 18 months ago

      Hi there I found this very interesting. I have been suffering horrible migraines since I was 5 years old and I am now 27. I get them 15 to 20 times a month and have been prescibed numerous medications to the point that it has damaged the lining of my stomach and weakened my liver. I have recently been trying natural remedies to help which acctually do more than medication. And lately I have been resulting to praying to take them away when nothing works, and I usually pray for sleep because if I sleep it goes away, usually. They have lasted 3 days before. I just had a thought, what if its a spiritual thing? So I looked it up and found this. Now I will try these methods as well. Thank you for sharing your experiences. These migraines are no joke crippling and disabling my life. I look forward to future discussions with you :-)

    • vkumar05 profile image

      vkumar05 6 years ago

      An interesting lens, with a new perspective.

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