I started taking maca root about 45 days ago, right when my last period started. My period is never late and is usually between the 28 to 32-day mark (32 being at the extreme latest). I am really upset about this, how long will it take for my period to regulate or come back? My partner and I are trying to conceive, this has really put a damper on things.


If you're trying to conceive, I would recommend to stop taking maca. As I mentioned in the article, I had to stop taking it because my periods became so irregular. So I didn't stay long enough on it to know if my periods would've gone back to normal while using it. Maca can be great for some, but not so great for others. And like I said, if you're trying to conceive, it's best if you stop taking and ask your doctor about it.

Updated on April 15, 2018

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Maca Root Benefits and Side Effects
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