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10 Ways Using a CPAP Machine Has Improved My Life

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E.B. Black is a published author who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and romance novels.

Sleep better with a CPAP machine!

Sleep better with a CPAP machine!

If you think that you might need a CPAP machine, I encourage you to get tested as soon as possible. Even if your insurance and doctor are fighting you about it, it's worth fighting back.

You get so used to sleeping badly because sleep apnea kind of sneaks up on you, that you don't realize the damage it is doing daily to your health. My health and quality of life were going downhill for years before I got my sleep apnea machine. While it didn't fix all my health problems (I struggle with several chronic illnesses), it did stabilize and improve things for me a whole lot.

They've also made a lot of progress with sleep apnea machines in the last decade. I almost got one ten years ago and trying on a mask was terrifying and gave me a panic attack, which is why I didn't go through with it at the time.

But when I got my sleep apnea machine recently, it was actually gentler, had a censor that knew exactly how much air to give me, and the mask was small and less invasive. So I want to encourage anyone who might have sleep apnea to get tested by listing the ways a CPAP machine has changed my life.

1. I Sleep Through The Night More

I used to wake-up so many times during the night because of how difficult it was for me to breathe in my sleep. I've never been someone who can sleep through the entire night without waking up, but sleep apnea made this so much worse. Getting a CPAP machine has made it so I wake-up less often.

2. I Get Fewer Headaches and Migraines

If you have the kind of migraines that I do, then you have to sleep in order to recover from them. Because I was getting low quality of sleep, I was struggling to sleep them off and I was often triggering new ones that were extra intense.

I have high blood pressure, so getting on lisinopril helped, so did getting better prescription glasses, but nothing lessened my migraines the way my CPAP machine has. Breathing at night is super important.

If you get migraines like me, especially if you snore, then it's something you might want to look into.

3. I Feel Happier

It's emotionally distressing to not be able to sleep through the night. Sleep apnea makes some people wake-up hundreds of times during the night. A lot of people don't notice they have sleep apnea and don't remember waking up because they never regain full consciousness from it.

But I would wake-up fully, sometimes gasping and sometimes choking. I'd have to sit up for an hour, struggling to breath, until things calm down.

It was torture.

I spent all my time trying to force myself to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Between the physical exhaustion and the emotional fight of trying to get a full night's sleep, I was miserable all the time. Now that I don't have to deal with these things anymore, I am usually in a better mood than I used to be.

4. I Need To Eat Less

When you are exhausted, it's extremely hard not to eat all the time and gain weight in an attempt to get more energy. CPAP machines make it easier to cut back.

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5. I Have More Energy

I was unable to exercise for years because my sleep apnea made me too tired and in pain to do much. Now, I exercise every day almost.

I have much more energy and I'm accomplishing more.

6. I Fall Asleep Easier

Because I was gasping so much for air when I slept, I'd have trouble falling asleep. Sometimes I'd jump awake all of a sudden before I was fully asleep. It was hard to relax. My body was tense because I knew I wasn't going to enjoy my sleep ever.

Now falling asleep is enjoyable and filled with deep, comforting breathing. I love how it feels to wear my mask. It's as comforting as sleeping with a pillow and blanket. I don't even like to lay in bed without my mask on.

7. I Have Better Dreams

Because I choked in my sleep a lot, I used to have nightmares all the time about it. I'd dream about drowning or being suffocated. Now that I'm more comfortable, I have less bad dreams.

8. I Need Less Sleep

Because I have to wake-up less on a CPAP machine, I sleep more deeply and my sleep feels more restful, which makes my sleep much better and more productive. This means I need less of it through out the day.

I usually need a short nap or two during the day at some point, but before I had my CPAP machine, I spent more time sleeping in bed than I spent awake.

I've stopped snoring!

I've stopped snoring!

9. I Don’t Snore Anymore

Neither does my partner. While his snoring didn't interrupt my sleep, I actually found it relaxing, my snoring bothered his sleep. Having a partner who snores can be disruptive, but CPAP machines usually eliminate all of that.

In fact, if you snore, you should probably be tested for sleep apnea, just in case, especially if you experience tiredness during the day. Those were the only symptoms my husband had and he tested positive for severe sleep apnea.

10. I Wake Up Easier In The Morning

It doesn't feel as torturous to wake-up in the morning because I feel more well rested.

My husband experienced this as well, even more than me. He used to be so drowsy all the time that he'd almost always fall asleep while we were watching television together. He even fell asleep once while driving in the middle of the day and totaled a car when he ran into the tree.

Now, he could drive in the middle of the night and easily remain awake. It made such a huge difference.

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