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5 Quick Ways to Spruce up Plain Drinking Water

I enjoy writing about experiences from my own life so that my tips may help others.

Cucumber water is quick to make and has many health benefits

Cucumber water is quick to make and has many health benefits

Water is a basic and necessary part of everyone's diet. It makes up about 60% of our body weight and we need at least eight glasses of it every day to survive and feel healthy. I find this to be especially important when taking certain medications because water is beneficial in enhancing their absorption and making me feel better. Thankfully, we don’t have to restrict ourselves to drinking 8-12 glasses per day of uninteresting, tepid tap water. In this article, I'm going to the share five quick things that I do to make plain drinking water more interesting and enjoyable.

Making Plain Water Taste Better

There are plenty of ways that we can get our daily fluid requirements without having to sacrifice taste. However, substituting water for cans of soda or other sugary drinks does not make for a healthy alternative and so when looking to make water more interesting it is a good idea to find ways of adding a little nutritional value as well.

There is lots of water available naturally in the fruits and vegetables we consume every day so drinking fruit juice is one way to help get the fluid intake we need. Be careful though. Although drinking fruit juice is of nutritional benefit to the body, juice alone is high in sugar and calories.

There are many brands of bottled water available now that are packed with extra vitamins and minerals for added health benefits. The downside to buying bottles of vitamin water, however, is that they can be quite expensive. Whenever I choose to buy store-bought vitamin water, I pay extra attention to the sugar and calorie content; there are some delicious vitamin waters available that contain 10 calories or less and come in a variety of delicious fruit flavors.

Instead then, let’s look at how water can be made more interesting by simply adding a quick burst of flavor, and perhaps some nutritional value at the same time.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

1. Cucumber

Have you ever been to a spa and been offered a delicious glass of cucumber infused water? Many spas and salons offer water with slices of cucumber as a refreshing beverage to enjoy on arrival. Cucumber water always seems to instantly soothe my soul and just make me feel healthier. Upon further research, I found that there is some good science behind the reason for this.

According to Healthline, cucumber water keeps you hydrated and provides the body with antioxidants. It could also help with weight loss, lower blood pressure, boost bone health, support healthy skin and perhaps even help to prevent cancer.

To make the most delicious cucumber water, quickly add thin slices of cucumber to a jug of water together with a squeeze of lemon juice. A pinch of salt helps to bring out all the flavors. It's a really quick way to spruce up boring plain water and turn it into something delicious and healthy.

2. Herbal Tea

Brew a nice cup of decaffeinated herbal tea and add a squeeze of lemon for extra flavor. If you prefer a cool drink, allow the herbal tea to cool, pour it over a glass of ice, and then add the squeeze of lemon as a final touch. My favorite decaffeinated herbal tea is peppermint and licorice because it is gentle on my gastrointestinal system. The natural sweetness it provides feels like an indulgent calorie-free treat.

3. Berries

Blackberries and blueberries are packed with antioxidants and burst with a sweet flavor. Additionally, they love soaking up water! Add a small handful of berries to a large jug of water and mash a few to the sides as you stir. Keep the pitcher in the fridge and reach for the cool fruity water throughout the day.

4. Mint and Lime

I think of this one as an alcohol-free Mojito! Just crush a few pieces of mint into a tall glass of ice water, and add a squeeze of lime and a lime slice for decoration. So refreshing and zingy, this water is a welcome treat on a hot day.

Mint and lime water: the perfect alcohol-free mojito!

Mint and lime water: the perfect alcohol-free mojito!

5. Honey and Orange

The delicious sweetness of honey not only makes water sweeter and more exciting, but it has many nutritional and antibiotic properties as well. Pour boiling water into a cup or mug, and stir in a teaspoon of runny honey. Squeeze in a little fresh orange juice and float a slice of orange over the top to add a citrus zing with an added boost of Vitamin C.


Water is an essential part of our daily nutrition and something we need to consume regularly to live. Water makes up close to 60% of our body weight, so when we don't drink it enough each day, dehydration becomes a problem. We must stay hydrated in order to prevent kidney issues. And while plain water can be dull sometimes, there are many different ways you can make it more exciting.

Above all, the easiest and most inexpensive way I have found to make water more interesting is by adding some natural flavoring to the tap or filtered water available in my own home. Quickly sprucing up readily available drinking water with simple nutritious add-ins is by far the quickest, cheapest, and most fun way of making water so much more interesting to drink.

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