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My First Oatmeal Bath and Why I'd Do It Again


Everybody has a story, and everyone can learn from one's story. I like to reveal such truths.

The Light Bulb Moment

The other day, in the morning, when I went to take a bath, precisely when the bucket had been filled half with pouring water an idea crossed my mind.

I quickly turned the tap knob off, with the wet soles of my feet, I rushed into the kitchen and started rummaging the cereal-and-spice closet to find one special ingredient.

There they were. OATS!

Having an oatmeal bath was an idea that had crossed my mind earlier, and I was prepared to experience the DIY.

I let the oats soak for fifteen minutes - the water had turned milky by then, and the oats had settled at the bottom of the tub.

In excitement, I ripped my clothes off and started having my bath. The description below explains what happened next and how I felt.

Oats are worth trying!

Oats are worth trying!

The Effect of Oats on Skin and Hair

  • My whole body was breathing gently all-day. The oatmeal bath truly surprised me. My skin became smooth and silky just after one use. There was newness and there was something unusually different - I felt wonderful.
  • I constantly felt ticklish when the clothes that I donned brushed against my skin - That's how silky the touch was.
  • I felt fresh and clean even after perspiring.
  • My skin became soft and was glowing the entire day.

Oats had a terrific effect on my hair too. There was shine in every strand. My hairdo looked neat and nicely styled. The liquid acted like a styling gel, and it amazed me to discover this new feature. My hair had a glossy look and it remained in place without messing up.

How to Prepare Your Bath

  1. First, grind the oatmeal.
  2. Second, dissolve it in a small container (jug).
  3. Third, fill another bucket of water.
  4. Fourth, don't pour the whole potion from the jug into the bucket - Stop pouring when you are about to reach the end. This will help you to separate the oats from the water. You can also filter the remaining ingredient with the help of a cloth or a strainer.
  5. Fifth, add the oat water to your bath without all of the oat silt.

Do's and Don'ts (Learn From My Mistakes)

  • Ground oats are better than the rolled or steel-cut versions as the powder should easily dissolve in the water.
  • If not in the ground form, the pieces can stick in your hair causing irritation.
  • As oats settle at the bottom of the water, be careful that they don't stick to your body in the tub. Otherwise, you might end up littering the whole floor of the bathroom as you exit the tub. I've made that mistake. I had to spend a lot of time cleaning the mess.
  • Gently rub the whole body with the liquid. Don't rub on your skin roughly.
  • If you have used a cloth or a strainer for filtering, use the remaining residue to massage your body.
  • Let your skin absorb the nutrients for at least five minutes. Don't wash off at once.
  • The mixture must not be hot. Never use boiling or hot water on the skin for healing and repairing. Always use lukewarm water.
  • Keep the use of soap to the minimum. Try not to use the soap at all. Just clean your body with fresh water.
  • Another option is to make a thick paste and tenderly rub it all over your body.
  • It's paramount to allow the body to absorb the mixture in any case.
  • Don't exceed your bath for more than fifteen minutes.
  • Be careful, the floor might get slippery.
You'd be surprised how lovely oats are for your skin.

You'd be surprised how lovely oats are for your skin.

Know Your Oats Well

  1. Oats eradicate excess oil from the skin. This quality could help deal with acne removal. My skin's surface is oily. No wonder the largest organ of the human body - the skin of the face and body - looked clean and nourished post usage.
  2. Oats have Vitamin E, Amino acids, Antioxidants, and Minerals that cure pigmentation and also fight awful and confidence-wrecking conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rashes, and other scarring illnesses.
  3. It also has Vitamin A that must help soften and lighten pigmentation and discoloration.
  4. Oats help to remove dead cells and exfoliate and moisturize the outer layers. That is what I meant by the newness that I could see on my skin.

Vitamin A and Oat Usage

I know a person who had a skin allergy that caused chronic flare-ups all over her body. In the first line of treatment, the dermatologist asked to consume vitamin A capsules along with other medicines - Oats are naturally rich in Vitamin A.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, it's a home remedy to control itching, burning, and reducing the growth and spread of skin infections.

A Word of Caution Around Oats

Science says there is insufficient evidence to prove the efficacy of Oatmeal for point number 2, but still it's highly recommended to try the oats remedy. Even websites like Healthline, WebMD, Medicalnews mention the usage.

Happy Realization

Truth be told, after the bath, I indulged in day to day activities and didn't specifically look for changes. I had assumed there wouldn't be a notifying difference, especially after a single-use.

Most of the day passed without noticing. In the evening, while in the supermarket, I happened to look into the mirror while ascending a flight of stairs.

I looked different in the mirror. I could see an unusual glow. Then I started pondering what I had done differently that day. It was in that moment I realized I had taken the oatmeal bath. So, I made two decisions. First, to regularly use oats for skincare. Second, to share it with others.

Soaked in Oats . . . Hurray!

Soaked in Oats . . . Hurray!

Yes! I'd Do It Again

You cannot entirely depend on oats for your skincare and skin glow, but you can use them to bring out the vibrance. Like how I have done! I have found the use of oatmeal safe, economical, and convenient. Therefore, I would do it again.

Everybody has this magical ingredient lying somewhere at home. All you need to do is, use it effectively in the right quantity. My advice is to start with a spoon or two and be consistent.

Using oats is not tough at all. It doesn't consume much time either. It easily gets crushed even without a mixer grinder. You can use a big spoon or a ladle or a rolling pin for crushing. To top it all, it quickly dissolves in water.

I will be exaggerating if I say a single use is enough for a big change. Natural remedies take their own sweet time to bring glorifying changes. Three months is how long it takes usually for excellent results. What I can confidently say is, your skin will feel healthier than before right from the first usage.

Secondly, this was my experience, and it was a pleasant one. You might feel differently. Try it and find out.




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