Home Remedies for a Nagging Toothache

Updated on November 3, 2017
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A new way to use tea time
A new way to use tea time | Source

Home Remedies for Toothaches

At some point in time in your life, you are going to have a toothache. These are painful and can make even the strongest person squeeze out a few tears. When you get a toothache, chances are the dentist won't have an appointment available right away, so here are a few things to help you survive until your appointment. Just to make sure, none of these options are a permanent fix, and only you are aware of what you are allergic to, so please don't use any remedy without doing your research.

Now, if you have a toothache due to a filling that fell out, you have a broken molar, or a hole your tooth that is causing pain, here are some options for you.

If you have a spice rack and you have ever baked a ham or made Christmas decorations with an orange, then you probably know what cloves are (the spice, not garlic). If you have whole cloves, remove the stem and place the clove in the hole in your tooth. Press your top teeth and bottom teeth together to make sure that it is securely in place.This should help numb your toothache so that you can handle it until you get to the dentist. This is a remedy that Native Americans used to help with toothaches and I have found to work from personal experience.

Another thing you can do that will cost a little money (generally under five dollars), is to go to Walmart, or your local pharmacy, and get a bottle of Tempur-fil. This product is meant to be like a temporary filling and will last until you get to the dentist. Take the wooden stick in the package and put some of the tooth putty (not a technical name, just what I call it) on the stick by digging into the putty. Next, take the stick and put the putty into the hole in your tooth; try to make it smooth and allow it to dry. I have also used this and it does work. Sculpting a filling is somewhat hard but also effective.

This is a technical drawling of a tooth with some information about the various things that cause toothaches.
This is a technical drawling of a tooth with some information about the various things that cause toothaches. | Source

For Complex Toothaches

Sometimes, toothaches are caused by abscesses. These is the worst tooth pain that you will encounter. Most of the remedies above will not work if you have an abscess. So, in order to relieve your pain, you will have to get rid of the abscess first. Typically, you have to go to the dentist and get antibiotics, or you might be able get some antibiotics from your normal physician.

IF YOU ARE IN TOO MUCH PAIN to wait until you can get to the doctors or dentist, you can use a home remedy that people have been using for centuries. I believe that almost everyone has this remedy available in their homes. The remedy is to take a tea bag, (any tea leaf based tea, not herbal tea), wet it down with warm water, and place the tea bag on the infected tooth.

Why use a tea bag? Well, the tea leaves help to draw the infection out. Do this several times a day for the first and second day and then treat the tooth with one of the other remedies until you can get to the doctors. (In between the tea bag therapy, you should be gargling with salt water.)

None of these remedies are meant to be used as a replacement to see a dentist, but they are meant to help you feel relief until you are seen by a medical professional. If you are among those who do not have medical coverage, then I suggest that you would look into your county's Health Department as they usually have dental clinics. I hope that you have found this information helpful.


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