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Oregano and Frankincense for Warts: Results and Pictures

In health care since 1977, but keenly aware of Western medicine's shortcomings, Rose Mary began exploring natural health in the late 1990s.

I Lost My Beautiful Skin

There was a time when I was regularly complimented on my skin. Even as I approached 50, I remember what was possibly the last compliment I got on my skin. A very sweet, elderly female patient of mine complimented me. I guess I was ungracious and unintentionally dismissive, in the way we tend to be when we are uncomfortable being complimented. She replied something to the effect that despite her age and declining eyesight, she still knew beautiful skin when she saw it.

Somewhere shortly after 50, my nice beautiful skin abandoned me. I started sprouting varieties of warts, skin tags, lumps, and bumps on my arms, legs, and even on my scalp. I didn’t enjoy them, but most were covered with my clothes. Then, horror of horrors, I started getting them on my face. No more hiding. I started using ART cleanser, toner, and moisturizer from Young Living, famous for the purity of their line of essential oils. That seemed to help. The ART line contains frankincense. I supplement with frankincense oil diluted in vegetable oil that I apply across my forehead and into my hairline.

Ugly Hard Black Wart Near My Ear

I was home for an extended visit with family one year and noticed something on the right side of my face, close to my ear. It felt hard to the touch. I checked it out in the mirror, and it looked black. It reminded me of something I had seen on my granny’s face. Oh no! I have old age blemishes!

I searched for “Young Living oils” and “warts, moles, skin tags.” The preponderance of returns indicated oregano or Frankincense, both of which I had, as did my sister. I started putting oil on the spot four to six times a day. Sometimes I used oregano, sometimes I used Frankincense. We get our oils from Young Living because we trust their purity, but you can buy oils at health food stores, Whole Foods, and some large grocery chains.

The oregano is a “hot oil” and is to be mixed with four drops of carrier oil, such as coconut oil, or Young Living V6 (vegetable massage) oil. I found that the 1:4 ratio with oregano still made my surrounding skin burn, so I mixed mine about 1:6.

Ultimately, I made myself a mixture in a roller ball bottle. I get the roller bottles from Amazon. It took about two weeks for the black thing to drop off. Once it was off, I looked at it under magnification, and it definitely looked like a wart under mag.

You can see the progression of this wart with the application of oils below.

Large Wart in my Hairline

About two and a half months after my ugly black wart, I noticed a large pink circle in the hairline of my right forehead. Within the circle was a smaller more irregular-shaped raised area. It didn’t look like the typical wart, but it was raised and rough. If you look at the pictures below, you can see multiple lesions around that same area. I used my diluted frankincense in a rollerball bottle and applied it several times a day over the entire area. You could use a clean cotton-tipped applicator (Q-tip) for each use of the oil.

This one took a lot longer to get rid of, almost three months. Having done multiple warts and other skin lesions now, I can tell you the oils seem to pull additional bad tissue from under the surface, because some of these lesions get bigger before they shrink and finally fall off. This forehead lesion got huge and red. Given the dark red color, and the extended period it lingered, I’m guessing that I started using some oregano on this lesion too.

See my pictures below for the progression of treatment.

Good Witch Glenda Nose Wart

My next major facial lesion was a wart on the left side of my nose, right where my reading glasses sit. This one did not start out looking like a wart. It was reddish and slightly raised, and had been there for a week or two when it occurred to me that it looked a lot like a couple of my mom’s facial basal cell skin cancers. At that point, I started using some frankincense. After a week or two, the oil started drawing it out, and it began to look like a filiform wart. Images of Halloween witches on brooms came to mind because Halloween classroom decorations in elementary school seemed to favor witches with warty noses riding brooms.

For obvious filiform warts, I use oregano in a rollerball bottle, and diluted five or six drops of carrier oil for every drop of oregano. I tried to apply as often as I could remember, three to five times a day, always being careful not to get too close to my eye. This wart definitely got bigger before it started to shrink and took a while to get rid of. It had several of those finger-like projections. It was quite ugly. I covered it with a small round spot band-aid when I had to be in public. Near the end, it got a really long tentacle, which turned dark, and finally dropped off.

See photos below for the evolution of this wart.


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Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on September 12, 2018:

This is an interesting way to treat those skin problems that occur as we age. i am going to try your method as it seems to work well. Thanks for this information.