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A Review of LadyCare Magnet for Menopause Relief: The Pros and Cons

Kim is the mum of two young men. Her interests include reading psychological thrillers, and walking in the countryside.

The two magnets work together.

The two magnets work together.

Discovering the Magnet

While some women have little trouble during menopause, others suffer a host of unpleasant symptoms. These can include mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, breast tenderness, stomach bloating, and fatigue.

As I reached my mid- to late 40s, I happened to come across an advert for a small magnet that claimed to reduce or eliminate menopausal problems. It made interesting reading. By wearing the device against your lower belly, you could find relief from troublesome symptoms.

At the time, I had no issues but decided to invest in a magnet. Why wait until there was a problem? If I could avoid experiencing any, so much the better.

As a bonus, the magnet also claimed to reduce cramps during menstruation. It didn't sound like any bother to use. The payment was a one-off, no ongoing bills for health supplements. In my book, drug-free options are always a good thing. I placed an order.

Using the Magnets

The product arrived by post, neatly packaged. There are two magnets, the larger one around an inch and a half long and an inch across. The smaller, round "button" magnet helps keep it in place. Both are covered in smooth plastic, with a reassuringly solid feel.

Instructions are included, along with a telephone helpline number in case further advice is needed.

You fix the magnets into underwear about four inches below the navel. The larger magnet goes against your skin, while the button attaches to the outer side of the cloth. Overnight, I used them with pyjama trousers, basically keeping the magnets against my belly 24/7.

Ladies who don't wear pyjamas may need to consider panties. It's a matter of personal choice if this is a problem.

At first, I worried that the magnets might dislodge, and fall off. Yes, it did happen, but only on a handful of occasions. I have had to fish one out of the lavatory...not ideal, but at least I didn't lose it. For the most part, they stayed in place remarkably well. They did accidentally go through a washing machine cycle with no ill effect.

Considering that I used the magnets over a long timescale (roughly four years), they are robust and show no signs of age.

Did It Help?

I would say, in my case, the magnets did help reduce monthly cramps.

Time went by, and I did have a couple of short spells of hot flashes. These were mostly in the evening, very sudden, but passed quickly. Further down the line, there was a brief phase of night sweats. I kept wearing the magnets, and things settled well. It was interesting to experience in an odd way, though I'm glad it didn't go on long.

Other than that, I have little else to report regarding unpleasant symptoms. There is no way to tell if this is thanks to the magnets, or if I was going to be fortunate in any case. I remember my mother had a tough time around this stage of life, as did my elder sister, so I'm grateful not to have followed in their footsteps.

What Did Other Users Think?

Results from using LadyCare magnets for menopausal symptoms do seem to vary. The majority of reviews I read recently were positive to a lesser or greater degree. Most of the women chose to use them after experiencing difficulties and, in the main, found relief. Some had been at the end of their tether and really hadn't expected the difference it made.

A handful of users felt the product was a waste of money, as it made no impact on their lives.

One reviewer felt she had an unwanted reaction, saying the first night she wore them, she had to get up to urinate eight times. She didn't use them after that. My personal opinion is that it could well have been a coincidence, but I can see it would be off-putting.

The reviews were from people who started using the magnets fairly recently, in some cases a matter of a week or so. My input is from a long-term perspective. I no longer wear them, having passed through that life stage, with minimal discomfort.

A slimline profile means it's hard to detect the magnets through clothes.

A slimline profile means it's hard to detect the magnets through clothes.

What's the Science Behind the Magnets?

This is where things are a little vague. The magnets apparently help balance the body's nervous system.

In the video (below), a Harley Street doctor admits he doesn't know quite how they work, despite seeing good results with his patients. He says there are no reports of unwanted side effects. There is ongoing research to learn about the science behind their effectiveness.

Personally, I don't feel the need to understand how they work any more than knowing how painkillers or travel pills do.

Interviews With a LadyCare User and a Doctor

Any Problems With the LadyCare Magnet?

As previously mentioned, on the very odd occasion the magnets would fall off. This never happened in an embarrassing situation in my case. At first, I didn't wear them to the gym, but once I'd gained confidence, they went everywhere with me.

The magnets did sometimes latch onto nearby metal – a kitchen drawer handle, for instance. In all honesty, this was amusing rather than a big problem. You would need to be very close to something for the magnet to make a leap for it. I think it happened once with a metal basket in a store, but most baskets are plastic these days. A quick flick of the hand sorted things out. Never once did anyone comment on anything unusual happening.

A couple of reviews suggested the magnets upset the wearer's equilibrium. Apparently, the helpline advised them to build up use rather than wear them constantly.

I read a review which said the magnet interfered with the use of an iPad, which is something to be aware of and maybe investigate more. During the time I used the magnets, I didn't own a laptop but regularly used desktop computers and mobile phones with no problem.

Update: As a test, I started wearing the magnets again recently. My laptop works the same as usual. I've been sleeping better and have more energy, so I have decided to keep using them.

The smaller magnet fits centrally to the larger one.

The smaller magnet fits centrally to the larger one.

Pros and Cons of the LadyCare Magnets


One-off payment

Science not understood


Results not guaranteed

Easy to use

May fall off/get lost

No drugs

May attach to nearby metal


May show through clingy clothes


Final Thoughts on the LadyCare Magnet

Aids to health rarely suit everyone. From a personal point, I'm very glad to have used the LadyCare magnets. Simple to wear, with only the occasional "Oops!" moment, they stood the test of time, having been dropped, sterilized, and through the washer by accident. The magnets look the same as the day they arrived.

The only way to tell whether the magnets would work for an individual seems to be by using them. This is true of medicine, health supplements and lifestyle choices in general. Having an open mind and willingness to try something a little different can bring good results.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Questions & Answers

Question: I have been using my Ladycare Magnet for a week or more, and my night sweats are back. Is this normal?

Answer: That's really a question for the manufacturer's helpline so they can give advice. I've read that some people are advised to take a short break and then start wearing it again in some circumstances. When I had increased sweats for a few nights, I kept wearing the device and things settled down.

Question: Can I buy the small magnet on the back of a LadyCare magnet? I have lost mine.

Answer: If you google "LadyCare magnet replacement button" it brings up several places you can buy a new one.

Question: Can I use tape the Lady Care onto myself?

Answer: I guess you mean using tape rather than attaching it to your underwear, which is how the instructions advise. That's really a question for the makers. In theory, I suppose you could, though I wouldn't choose to do so, since that's not in the instructions.


Moon Daisy from London on November 28, 2017:

Hello, yes that's a good point. I've read reviews where people say they tried it for a week and it did nothing. You do have to be patient with it as it takes a while to work for some people. I'm also very glad I found it, and I'm glad you wrote this hub about it.

Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on November 28, 2017:

Moon Daisy, thank you so much for an update on your experience. It's interesting to hear from long term users. I sometimes wonder if people give it a fair trial. We'd all like an instant fix, but perseverance can pay off, including taking a short break as you describe. I've always been glad I found out about this method of relief at an appropriate time.

Moon Daisy from London on November 28, 2017:

I've just come across this hub again, and my comment from three years ago when I was just about to try this magnet.

Well, to update you, I've been using it all this time, and the hot flushes have greatly reduced. I'm very happy with it. On the odd occasion where I've felt the flushes start up again I've followed the company's advice and taken a break from it for 21 days. This somehow resets how it works with your body. This all sounds like rubbish I know, especially as I usually like to understand the science behind things! But it does somehow work for me.

Karen alter on November 14, 2017:

I have been suffering 15 years with menopause. HRT great then change tablets 4 times in 6 years, then a few problems. So hospital said had to come off HRT. I was so scared.... Never slept, always had hot flushes one after another. And night sweats. My poor husband went thru it too. Very angry then cry. Didn't know which way to turn. Herbal remedies, vitamin tablets lots off. Different food, different drinks all that everyone and doctors and hospital recommended. Nothing worked.

Saw advert on TV for Lady care Magnets. WOW.... this has changed my life... I have had my Lady are for 9 weeks now. On average 3 very small hotel flushes in the day. The last 3 weeks no night sweats. Good night sleep, which I had forgotten what that was like. My skin has gone good and loads more energy and much happier all round. So I myself would HIGHLY recommend LADYCARE...give it a chance. After about 6 days of wearing it 24/7 you do see a difference. Not uncomfortable and does not get in the way. . So if like me you were at your wits end, doctors , hospital hot all the time with no sleep, TRY IT. Well worth the money.

Robin Parish on November 08, 2017:

I have been struggling with hot flashes and night sweats for about a year and a half. not sleeping good. I am 54 years old. I have taken supplements. Black cohosh, femmeness, Harmony. All not helping very much. I found lady care on facebook. Got in the mail today. Feeling very hopeful. I will repost in a couple of days.

Desiree Alleyne on June 29, 2017:

I started using Lady Care on Tuesday 27th June 2017 in the evening. Before that I was on HRT which eased the symtoms but caused painful swelling of both breasts which resulted in me having to buy larger and firmer bras with bone. I stopped using it and started using the herbal black Cohosh which helped. But I had to use at least four tabs a day to get relief until a friendin the UK told me about Lady Care Magnet. After receiving one I used it the same evening. It now two days and I have stopped using the Black Cohosh, the hot flashes, tingling in the toes have all stopped. I am getting a better sleep and feeling my energy coming back. I can honestly say that for me it worked instantly.. My only regret is that Ivdid not know about it before because I have been suffering for 15 years. . #feelingbrandnewthanksladycare.

Natalie on June 29, 2017:

I had my lady care for just over a month, it's the best thing ever. Within two days of wearing it my hot flushes stopped. I now have a decent nights sleep. It's the best thing I've purchased in a long time. I would recommend this to anyone going through the menopause. Thank you for inventing this.

Rebecca on January 01, 2017:

I have been suffering with night sweats for over 12 months now (generally 1-2 per night) and whilst I haven't tried anything else my google search today brought this up. I am sure my interrupted or lack of sleep is contributing to my moodiness and the ability to cry at the drop of a hat while becoming a total stress head. A sceptic to say the least but an open minded one so I've taken the plunge and ordered the ladycare plus (I lead a stressful life at the moment with a lot of issues going on that are contributing to this so think the extra money should be well spent). I am eager to try this and will repost in a few months with my results. For reference I am 42 and have sailed through every aspect of womanhood and childbirth so to suddenly find myself appearing to have jumped straight into menopause is a surprise but I guess we can't have it all plain sailing! Will keep you posted.

Beeboo on October 15, 2016:

I started using this magnet a month ago and within the first week I passed lots of urine but what I did was to drink more water within a couple of days no more hot flushes no more night sweats finally no more waking up for urines I finally slept all through the night without waking up till morning to pass urine very good product no aches and pains more energy I'm even thing of buying the plus to see what that does too I really thank who ever invented this helper horrible menopause symptoms no more

Karen Smith on October 06, 2016:

Iv been using this product for a month now and I can honestly say its worked for me.I was getting terrible hot flushes during the day and night sweats at night.well done to the makers.

Sally Robers on October 04, 2016:

This is worth a try. I have used it for a week and already feel better. Reduced flashes, better mood , less anxiety and more controlled appetite! I do not know how it works but it really seems to. Like other reviewers I wear mine 24/7

Good luck.

Karina on September 24, 2016:

I started using one in July and it was amazing but now in September I find that my night sweats & day time flushes are beginning to return has anyone experienced this?

Hild on September 22, 2016:

I've just started using this ..on the boots site it says wear it 4inches below the naval and a few inches to the left or right ..probably where the ovaries are situated..but I see women are wearing it 4 inches below the naval what do I do xx

Janice Wheeler on September 17, 2016:

Well after having no symptoms to suddenly 6/7 a day and 3 a night within a month,,I decided to try this ..was very sceptical but actually after a week I noticed the difference...blooming amazing!!!!

LotsOfCats on July 04, 2016:

I started using one a few years ago, and my night sweats went from 10-12 a night to 0-2. My daughter uses one for cramps. The only electronic interference I've experienced is that my Kindle Voyage will shut off if I place it near the magnet.

Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on February 25, 2016:

That's great to hear, Linny, I'm glad you're finding benefits. I've not heard of the LadyCare Plus, but would give it a go if needed, I was so pleased with the original.

Linny. on February 25, 2016:

This has worked wonders for me! Started wearing mine about 2 months ago and right from the word go, the majority of my symptoms diminished. I started sleeping better, hardly have any night sweats, (I was getting about 2/3 a night) and only the occasional hot flush during the day, (previously around 6/7 times a day). It's been a godsend! I still have loss of libido at times and moodiness, but not to the extent I was getting them. I've heard of the LadyCare Plus, which I may invest in to get even better results, as I believe it helps with anxiety issues too?

Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on April 07, 2014:

Hello Moon Daisy, I'd be very interested to hear your views once you've tried the magnets. Hopefully yours should arrive soon. Yes, it's funny how results vary, but well worth a try.

Moon Daisy from London on April 06, 2014:

Hi innerspin, I'm glad this product seemed to work for you, and thanks for the interesting review. I especially like your list of pros and cons, very well thought out!

I've actually just ordered one of these, and I've been searching out positive reviews in a bid to justify my purchase! I'm due to receive it in a few days time, so I'll let you know how it goes.

I've been having a lot of peri-menopause type symptoms for a few years, and hate the idea of taking HRT. I've tried a few herbs, but they didn't agree with me, so I am very keen to try this.

In truth the reviews I've found are a bit mixed. For some people it works really well, but for others it does nothing, so I'm really curious about whether it will work for me.

And I'm wondering why it works so well for some women, and so badly for others. I'm wondering if it depends on a person's hormone levels. Perhaps it works better for women who are producing insufficient estrogen, for example? I'd love to know the mechanics behind it, but in truth, nobody seems to know. They need some proper research on this!

Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on March 29, 2014:

erorantes it's good to know there are different options available, thanks for commenting.

Ana Maria Orantes from Miami Florida on March 29, 2014:

Thank you for writing about Review Of Lady Care Magnet Drug Free Relief For Menopause Symptoms. It is agood thing to know for ladies that have pain , and no medicine works for them. It is a great idea for to wear the magnet and be safe.

Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on March 28, 2014:

Hello Meisjunk, sorry your mum is having such problems. I've seen magnets used in bracelets before now and heard good reports about them, so thought this variation was worth a try.

I wrote the hub after hearing a couple of workmates comparing notes on their experiences of being menopausal. Anything that helps can only be a good thing.

Jennifer Kessner from Pennsylvania on March 28, 2014:

Very interesting hub! My mom is the first of her siblings to go through menopause (her siblings and even her mother had hysterectomies), so she's had a long, hot then cold, awful menopausal experience. She's tried everything out there.

Except magnets! I'll have to tell her about these. I used magnets when I was a teenager. There wasn't much science behind the bracelets either, but I'll tell you what, I was always in a better mood when I wore mine!

Whether it's a placebo or not, I'll use it if it works!

Voted up. I'll be sure to share it with my mother. Thanks again! =)

Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on March 28, 2014:

Thank you, awordlover, I appreciate the share and comment. It was the non invasive aspect that made me try the product.

Kim Kennedy (author) from uk on March 28, 2014:

FlourishAnyway thanks for reading and commenting. I only discovered them by chance.

awordlover on March 28, 2014:

This was an interesting read. I'm on the far side of menopause now, but wish I had known about something like this when I started. I used Black Cohosh after years of trying many other remedies. I would have liked to give this a try, less invasive and no side effects.

Thank you for presenting this. It can help many other women who are now dealing with menopausal symptoms. Voted up and shared.


FlourishAnyway from USA on March 28, 2014:

I have never heard of these and read your review with interest.