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Top 10 CBD Tincture Hacks

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Cannabidiol (CBD) tincture is one of the choicest and most ideal CBD products because of its speed of absorption and convenience. Moreover, it is considered to be among the easiest and quickest ways of dosing CBD. It offers various advantages to users; CBD can be used discreetly, and it has a long shelf life.

There is no one proper way of administering CBD tincture. The suitability of CBD tincture to your body and the most appropriate way of dosing yourself depend on many factors. Here are the top 10 things to know when considering taking CBD. You might have to do some trial and error to find the best way of using it, but if you're on other medications be sure to talk with your physician to avoid contraindications.

CBD is a miracle for pain relief.

CBD is a miracle for pain relief.

1. Drop It Under Your Tongue

Sublingual CBD tincture consumption is a common way of dosing yourself with the liquid, alcohol-based form of CBD. Manufacturers usually provide a built-in dropper with each bottle of CBD tincture to help users to carefully measure the required quantity of the product. CBD tincture is recommended to be consumed in small doses due to its concentrated nature.

2. Just Before Your Bedtime

Some clinical researchers focusing on CBD and its health benefits suggest consuming CBD tincture two hours prior to your sleep time. This could prove particularly helpful for people with post-traumatic stress disorder to have a good night’s sleep.

3. Morning Use Could Be Key

Not all CBD tincture consumers see maximized effects with nighttime consumption. The negative effects of caffeine can be balanced out with the use of CBD tincture in your morning coffee.

4. How About in an Evening Drink?

For a more relaxing effect, you could consider adding CBD tincture to your evening chamomile tea. The use of CBD tincture in teas and coffees has become extremely common among medical users of the liquid CBD. Consumers can experiment with the taste factor by trying out different types of tea or coffee, keeping in mind that CBD tinctures themselves come in various flavors such as lavender, blueberry, orange, peppermint, etc.

5. Add to Your Foods and Drinks of Choice

CBD tincture-infused meals are an extraordinary, discreet way of consuming the liquid CBD. Foods including salad, soup, chicken gravy, mashed potato, ice cream, pasta, and gelatin are among popular choices to incorporate CBD tincture into.

6. Importance of Dose Evaluation

Experts recommend to continue following the same CBD tincture routine for a minimum of 30 days to achieve the best results. CBD tincture users are also suggested to customize their dose on the basis of their desired effect after evaluating the way in which their body has adapted to the dose week by week.

7. Try CBD Tincture-Infused Sweets

Cannabutter and CBD-infused brownie are delicious ways of consuming CBD tincture. There are several rich recipes available online that can help you prepare the sweet CBD tincture-infused snacks of your choice.

8. Use High-Proof Alcohol in Your CBD Tincture

Whether you are preparing CBD tincture at home or buying one from the market, make sure the product is made using food-grade, high-proof alcohol. Highly potent and safe alcohols like Everclear are often a good choice.

9. Follow the 30-second Rule

Once you squeeze CBD tincture under your tongue using a dropper, hold it for 30 seconds before swallowing. Compared to CBD tincture consumption through edibles, the sublingual way of consumption allows the effects to kick in quicker—as early as 15 minutes.

10. Determine the Right Serving

The five factors that need to be considered when using CBD tincture are bioavailability of the product, your sensitivity to the product, the level of your concerned medical condition, your body weight, and the product’s CBD concentration. Before you arrive at the most suitable CBD tincture serving, you might have to do a little bit of experimentation.

Need More Information?

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Tea may help to mask the flavor of CBD tincture.

Tea may help to mask the flavor of CBD tincture.

Whether you are a first-time or experienced user of CBD tincture, you need to have a good understanding of choosing the right product and the best way to use it. This will not only save you a lot of time and money but also help you avoid the unnecessary risk of ill effects on your body. So next time you want to administer CBD tincture, you have these top 10 hacks to choose from. Good luck with your CBD tincture breakfast yogurt or nighttime tea, or whatever that suits you.

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