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How to Use Garlic to Wipe out Cold Sores in One Fell Swoop

Photo: Stephen Gibson

Photo: Stephen Gibson

Cold sores can range from small to massive. They can be on your lips, near your mouth, or not so near your mouth. Wherever they are, though, and no matter how big or small, cold sores are always painful and ugly.

I have had them on and off for years. Catching a cold or experiencing certain kinds of stress never failed to cause at lease one to make an appearance on my face. Abreva came out some years ago and worked very well for me. The only problem was the price, costing $18 for a very tiny tube.

Once, while at work, an awful cold sore began to appear on my lip. When I reached for my Abreva, I found it was completely empty. At a loss, I remembered garlic was supposed to be a good antiseptic and a holistic treatment for cold sores. In desperation, I gave it a try. The results were amazing.

The garlic stopped the cold sore immediately.

The nasty tingling feeling was gone. I know the simplicity of this method may seem hard to believe, but it works.

How to Wipe out Cold Sores With Garlic

  1. Obtain a large glove of Garlic. Any kind will do.
  2. Crush the clove with the base of a knife or put it into a garlic press, extracting the juices.
  3. Press the crushed garlic gently on the cold sore(s), rubbing the garlic juice into the sore and using new pieces of garlic once the juice is gone. This will sting! (Do not hold the garlic on the blemish for more than a few seconds. Some people have complained of swelling and redness. The cause of this may be that they held it on too long. It is better to have numerous short treatments rather than one long one.)
  4. Rinse and pat with a sterile paper towel or tissue to dry.
  5. If you have honey, dab it on the sore. (Honey is an astringent and has vitamins and minerals that will help the wound heal.)
  6. After a few minutes, rinse and pat with a new paper towel or tissue again to dry.
  7. Repeat these steps twice a day until it is gone. For a small cold sore, this treatment should only require one day to take effect. For a large one, it will take two or three days, for even when the it is dead, the skin damage takes time to heal.

After following these steps, I did not have another cold sore for four years. The garlic seemed to get rid of the virus for an extended period of time. Abreva wiped out my cold sores only temporarily, and I still got them on a regular basis. But after using garlic, I have had only one in five years. Abreva blocks the virus but garlic kills it.

Simple, but effective.

How to Crush Garlic

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jade123 on July 18, 2019:

try using the following, it helped me take cold sores away in one day. during the day i have applied garlic on my lip that burned a lot must say using earbuds and that night i have applied salt on the lip that dried it out, taking all the liquid out leaving no marks of a cold sore. Its a painful burning time to go through but it definitely works

Makayla on May 12, 2019:

It says not to hold it on for more than a few seconds but I’ll put it on a bandaid and use a scarf or something to keep it on and sleep w it... it helps tremendously!! It’ll sting but it is completely worth it

Sore on September 07, 2018:

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Has anyone tried aloe vera with garlic?

Leighann on May 11, 2018:

Okay, this trick worked perfect the first time then two days later another outbreak. The next day another out break. Then right as the current one is under control I BREAK OUT AGAIN. I'd rather have just dealt with the initial sore than go through this for literally a solid week.