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Top 10 CBD Tincture Hacks

When taken under the tongue, CBD tincture is said to be easily absorbed in the body. Nonetheless, this method may not be the ideal one for all CBD tincture users. Let's look at different ways to consume CBD tincture to get most of its benefits.


The Principles of Osteopathy

Osteopaths asses, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions in a way that works with the patient's own body, as opposed to prescribing drugs and performing surgery like conventional medicine. Read on to learn about the practice of osteopathy.


The 5 Best Super Salts for Health

Salt is healthy and very nutritious when consumed wisely in a balanced diet. However, not all salts are equally yoked and some are just plain not good for you. Find out what 4 of the best super salts are so you can incorporate them into your healthy lifestyle!


How to Get Taller Fast

After a pretty severe sports injury, I took up yoga and swimming. Much to my surprise, I grew an inch in height in my mid-20s naturally just by engaging in activities that stretched out my body. See if you can benefit.


How to Stop Excessive Sweating

How can you reduce over-sweating? Well, it depends on what caused it in the first place, but remedies include Botox treatment, medication to disable sweat glands, or using an electric current to damage the nerves that trigger over-sweating. There are also natural ways to stop over-sweating.


The Benefits of Oatmeal

The benefits of oatmeal and oats have been widely documented. To optimize those benefits, it is important to remember that not all oatmeal and oatmeal products are created equal.