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Health Benefits of Triphala Churna, Ingredients, and How to Use it

What Is Triphala Churna?

Triphala is probably the most popular remedy used in the Indian traditional medicine system of ayurveda. In ayurveda, it is believed that the right use of Triphala churna can cure all diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer.

The word triphala is formed by combining two Sanskrit words. Tri means three and phala means fruits. When you combine the two words, you get three fruits and this is what triphala powder is.

It is a combination of the three best known fruits for health. These three fruits and their individual benefits are discussed below.The Sanskrit word churna stands for powder.

Triphala churna is a cure for all diseases

Triphala churna is a cure for all diseases


The three fruits present are:

  • Amla or the Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis)
  • Haritaki or the Chebulic Myrobalans (Terminalia chebula)
  • Bibhitaki (Terminalia Bellirica)

These three fruits are dried and reduced to powder form and used for various health benefits. All these three plants are known to have medicinal value and are used separately for various health and beauty issues. When combined together, these three form the most potent medicine that can provide benefits ranging from stimulating digestive health to delaying the aging process.

Health benefits

This potent medicine is often used by people in India as a laxative. It stimulates the digestive system and is a mild bowel cleanser. While you can use it as a gentle laxative once in a while, you may also consider using it as a detoxifying agent on a regular basis. Its mild nature makes it safe to use on a daily basis without any side-effects.

Let's take a look at the three fruits separately to get a more detailed idea of the health benefits of triphala churna.


Also known as Indian gooseberry, Amla or Amlaki is the first ingredient of this healthy detoxifier.

Here are some benefits of amla:

  • It is rich in vitamin C. About 100 grams of amla contains 700 mg of vitamin C
  • A powerful immune-booster and a wonderful antioxidant fruit
  • Improves the absorption of food by improving your digestion
  • Its rich vitamin C content enhances the absorption of iron into your blood and this is why is excellent for those with anemia
  • It strengthens and stimulates the liver and gall bladder, thus, detoxifying your body
  • Amla strengthens and purifies your reproductive health and is considered to be excellent at regulating menstrual cycles
  • It purifies your urinary system
  • Clears mucus from your lungs and respiratory tract
  • Supports the cardiovascular system
  • Improves the functioning of your brain
  • Since it improves the absorption of various minerals, it will give you beautiful skin and hair and healthy nails and teeth
  • It is also beneficial for the eyes and will prevent them from various diseases
Amla is a rich source of vitamin C and is an important ingredient in Triphala churna

Amla is a rich source of vitamin C and is an important ingredient in Triphala churna


Here are the benefits of the second ingredient of triphala known as haritaki or harad:

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  • Excellent for the eyes and is believed to prevent diseases such as cataract and glaucoma
  • Promotes healing and this is why it can heal a wound or ulcer
  • Good for any type of skin disease
  • Good for the spleen and liver
  • Enhances mental clarity and memory
  • Has anti-aging qualities
  • Boosts the immune system


The third ingredient of triphala churna is vibhitaki. Here are the benefits of this herb known as baheda in Hindi:

  • Excellent blood purifier
  • Removes excess fat from the body along with harmful toxins
  • Improves eyesight
  • Strengthens the roots of the hair, prevents hair thinning and premature graying of hair
  • Possesses antiviral and antibacterial qualities
Combine your weight loss and fitness efforts with daily intake of triphala to get better results

Combine your weight loss and fitness efforts with daily intake of triphala to get better results

Health Benefits of These Fruits

As you can see, the three ingredients when combined together form a potent medicine that can provide you with excellent health benefits along with protection from various diseases. Triphala churna usually contains four parts of amla, two parts of Bibhitaki, and one part of Haritaki. However, this ratio can vary depending on the product and the needs of the individual.

Regular intake of this ayurvedic product cleanses your colon. This ratio of the three ingredients is believed to make it an excellent weight loss product. Triphala churna is good for the lungs and this is why it reduces the symptoms of asthma.

Its anti-inflammatory and healing properties are quite useful in treating chronic ulcers and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. The immune-boosting properties of triphala powder offer protection against infectious diseases.

The antioxidant properties of this wonderful herb combination prevent aging and offer protection against various diseases including cancer.

Don't forget that it is excellent for your eyes as well. Its detoxifying properties will give you healthy and glowing skin and shiny and beautiful hair as well.

How to Use

You can take triphala in powder form. However, it does have a strong taste and some people may find it hard to gulp it down. You may want it to combine it with a little bit of juice or honey if you think that you can just not handle its taste. Furthermore, triphala is also available in capsule form these days. You can give these a try as well.

Generally, the recommended dosage for triphala is one teaspoon or one capsule taken with lukewarm water before going to bed. Make sure to keep a gap of about 2 hours after dinner.

This is a safe dose to take with no side-effects. If you plan to use triphala churna for managing diseases such as asthma or high blood pressure, you may want to do so under the guidance of qualified ayurvedic practitioner.

You can also make a tea with the powder. Just add about half to one teaspoon of the powder in a cup of hot water and drink it. Again, if you don't like the taste, add a little bit of honey to the concoction.

You can also use Triphala as eyewash. Just put 1-2 teaspoons of the powder in a cup of lukewarm water. Allow it to stay overnight. In the morning, strain the liquid and splash it on your eyes.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your health care provider before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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BetterAlive (author) on July 03, 2019:

Hi Venkat,

It seems it is the food you eat that causes the symptoms. The first thing, therefore, would be to watch what you eat.

The best way to consume Triphala is at night. Keep a gap of at least 2 hours from dinner. Use warm water or warm milk to take it.

All the best!

Venkat on July 03, 2019:

Hello sir,

I have acidity/burning in my stomach with gas deoending on what i eat. I tried tripala powder capsules in the morning before breakfast but it seems to increase the symptoms. What is the best way to take it. Thankvyou

BetterAlive (author) on June 16, 2019:

Hi Saksham,

You can use Triphala for brushing your teeth or as a mouth rinse or gargle. It has antimicrobial properties, so it will prevent and help in curing any dental diseases. It is especially useful for the gums.

All the best!

Saksham on June 15, 2019:

How it will be helpful for teeth ?

BetterAlive (author) on February 04, 2019:

Hi Nazrul,

Take 1 teaspoon Triphala regularly for at least 15 days with warm water right before you go to sleep. Wait at least 2 hours after dinner to take this. See if that helps with your digestion problems.

If you are having constant problems, better to consult a doctor or a Ayurvedic practitioner, who can advise you.

All the best!

Nazrul on February 04, 2019:

Hi Sir,

How can I cure gastric problems because I take gastric medicine everyday.

I have no errection. please help me. I'm 48 years

BetterAlive (author) on January 17, 2019:

Hi Aleemrazu,

Triphala can help improve your digestion and help you have regular bowel movements. This will reduce your acidity issue.

But you should take a look at your eating habits too. Don't eat too much oily and fried food. Don't eat too much red meat. Make sure to eat light in the evening. Take small meals five times a day, instead of three times days. Idea is not to keep your stomach empty for too long during the day. Drink lots of water. Eat lots of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Increase your physical activity.

Take triphala before going to bed with warm water. Keep a gap of 2 hours from dinner.

All the best!

Aleemrazu on January 17, 2019:

I have been suffering from acidity for 10 yrs apprx. I had a small ulcer in 2012. But my doctor gave me pantoprazol 20 mg for 45 days. I have been suffering from BEP, prostate enlarge, low volume of urine dispatching and I am taking medicine regularly. But I am still suffering from too much acidity and IBS. Trifala can help me ? pls advise me.

BetterAlive (author) on June 10, 2017:

Hi Thirumala,

The best way to take triphala is to mix it warm water, leave it aside for 20 minutes and then drink it. But if you just can't handle it this way, you can take it with milk. Try to avoid sugar.

All the best!

Thirumala on June 10, 2017:

I am using triphala for first time. Can mix it in sugar added milk and drink it.

BetterAlive (author) on January 25, 2017:

Hi Savita,

There is no harm in taking Triphala regularly. But if she is taking medications, do keep a watch especially on the sugar levels since Triphala itself helps in normalizing blood glucose levels.

All the best!

Savita on January 24, 2017:

My mother have diabetes, BP, asthma & Thyroid problems. Can she use tripala churna regular?

BetterAlive (author) on January 22, 2017:

Hi Pooja,

I had already answered your question when you asked a few weeks back. No problems, just copy-pasting the same reply here:

You already know the reason for your digestive issues - you said you don't drink enough water and you are also under stress. You already have the reason for all the problems.

Drink at least 12 glasses of water (warm not cold) everyday. Start your days with 2 glasses of warm water. Then drink a glass of water every 1-2 hours.

Take a teaspoon of triphala every night with warm water right before going to bed. Keep a gap of at least 2 hours after dinner before taking triphala.

If you find it difficult to take it at night, take it first thing in the morning. Don't take anything else for an hour, except water.

Do something for the stress. Meditate or do relaxation or take a walk for about 30 minutes every day just to release the stress.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also make fresh juice but don't remove the pulp because that's what contains the fiber.

All the best!

pooja on January 21, 2017:

Hello sir. Sir I'm 17 and in class 12th. I've to go to coaching classes which are 4 hours long and lately I've been struggling from excess gas. And it happens mostly when I'm in the coaching classes. I thought maybe it's because of stress because other days when I don't have coaching (evening) I'm not so prone to gas. But when I have, after 1 hour or maybe 2 (not every time) I get too gassy. And problem is that the trapped gas makes whistling and gurgling noise sometimes. And even when gas is produced in the stomach or sometimes gut, I can feel that coz it happens with some pressure. I am having regular bowel movements. Earlier I thought it happens because of stress. So I reduced stress. But even now sometimes it happens. I took triphala though I think so I don't suffer from digestion problem. But sir can it happen because when I am at coaching then my mind is almost most of the time on my stomach and gut and even though I'm not stressed but because my brain is thinking about stomach and gut so sir can this psychological reason give me gas? Just wanted to know. Pls help. Coz I've been on medication and had sonography done and there's no other problem just that excess gas and gurgling when I'm in my coaching.

BetterAlive (author) on January 06, 2017:

Hi Pooja,

You already know the reason for your digestive issues - you said you don't drink enough water and you are also under stress. You already have the reason for all the problems.

Drink at least 12 glasses of water (warm not cold) everyday. Start your days with 2 glasses of warm water. Then drink a glass of water every 1-2 hours.

Take a teaspoon of triphala every night with warm water right before going to bed. Keep a gap of at least 2 hours after dinner before taking triphala.

If you find it difficult to take it at night, take it first thing in the morning. Don't take anything else for an hour, except water.

Do something for the stress. Meditate or do relaxation or take a walk for about 30 minutes every day just to release the stress.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also make fresh juice but don't remove the pulp because that's what contains the fiber.

All the best!

Pooja on January 06, 2017:

Hello sir. I don't understand what's the problem, with my digestive system. I'm in 12th so I don't have much physical work so maybe that could be the reason.. but I'm very gassy most of the days. Even if I ate healthy that day. If I exercise maybe then that day my stomach doesn't gurgle but next day it does. In the morning also my stomach gurgles ( don't know if because of gas or some other reason). When I'm in my coaching classes, my stomach starts gurgling. Don't know why sometimes gurgling is from the hips (maybe gut). And sometimes I feel bloated and heavy just in the lower left side below through belly button. Maybe because of trapped gas. What can be the reason. And it never happened with me before. It's just be some 2-3 months and I don't know why. Pls tell me the reason and can triphala cure it permanently? I take buttermilk at times and maybe that makes it little better but I want a permanent cure. It's very embarrassing. I'm thinking to get sonography done. Sometimes I suffer from acidity also. Sometimes my bowels are very hard ( maybe coz I didn't drink water much that day) but sometimes it's little too soft. Pls help. I'll start taking triphala. I hope it would cure this problem permanently. I was thinking that once I finish class 12th then maybe it'll become alright?

BetterAlive (author) on December 26, 2016:

Hi Ankit,

Yes, Triphala can help in clearing acne.

All the best!

Ankit Joshi on December 24, 2016:

does consuming triphala helps in treating acne??

BetterAlive (author) on November 12, 2016:

Hi Anonymous,

Triphala is a cleansing product and very effective in removing toxins and harmful micro-organisms from the body. So, you can definitely give it a try.

Try a teaspoon of triphala powder mixed in warm water at night right before you go to sleep. Keep a gap of at least 2 hours with meals or any kind of drinks.

If that doesn't work for you, you can also try taking it first thing in the morning. Again, wait for at least an hour before eating anything else.

Water is essential. Drink 4 liters of water, throughout the day.

Watch what you eat. There are certain foods you should avoid. Perhaps your doctor may have recommended this. If not, do a search and you will be able to find something about this.

You can try ayurveda or homeopathy for this. Do remember though that these do take time and you should carefully research for a good practitioner before starting your treatment.

Go for a complete detoxification, either through Ayurveda or any way you would like.

In the meanwhile, you can get started with allopathy until you find a good practitioner or at least you have some relief.

Do also remember that stress also plays a major role in not causing it, but definitely aggravating it. So, do some kind of activity that releases your stress.

All the best!

pateluday on November 11, 2016:

Always use branded products and not from the local Ayurveda specialist. Impurities in the combination could wreck your health. Or buy the right ingredients yourself and grind to powder and use.

Annonymous on November 11, 2016:

Hello .. I have chronic vulva problem. One of my gynae told me that it is vulvodynia. Can it be healed by taking triphala? Ayurveda has any kind of treatment for it or should I go for allopathy ? Is homeopathy a good treatment for it?

BetterAlive (author) on October 13, 2016:

Hi Amie,

Yes, Triphala is great for diabetes. You can take it regularly. But do keep a gap of 3-4 hours from any medications you may be taking and also keep a watch on your sugar levels so that your medications can be altered with the change in sugar levels.

Take Triphala powder (preferred form) with lukewarm water (1/2 a teaspoon) before going to bed at night and if you want also first thing in the morning. Just mix it in hot water, let it cool down slightly and drink like a tea.

All the best!

BetterAlive (author) on September 13, 2016:

Hi Bhavika,

If you have these problems and these are related to hormonal or digestive problems, Triphala can indeed help.

Try taking it daily before going to bed.

All the best!

BetterAlive (author) on August 04, 2016:

Hi Sunil,

Both Zandu and Himalaya are equally good brands. Just choose any one and stick to it. Don't change brands too often. If you are using Zandu, continue using it.

All the best!

sunil on August 03, 2016:

i am using Zandu Triphala powder form one week , is it good to for regular use or shall i buy from himalayan products

BetterAlive (author) on March 15, 2016:

Hi Nish,

Triphala can be quite useful for all these three conditions and there is no harm in taking it. People with these conditions will only benefit from Triphala and with no side-effect

But if you are taking a medicine regularly for these conditions, it is advisable to keep a gap of at least 8 hours, and also to consult your doctor or an Ayurvedic practitioner who will guide you.

All the best!

Nish on March 15, 2016:

Hello, could triphala churna be consumed by a patient who has ovarian cyst, sciatic nerve issue & a herniated disc issue?

BetterAlive (author) on September 23, 2015:

Hi Hima,

Triphala can be helpful for you if you take it regularly. You can also consider taking guggul. You will find information about this here:

You can also use a combination of Triphala guggulu.

It will be better if you consult an Ayurvedic doctor, who can take your history, find the cause, and advise the proper treatment.

All the best!

Hima on September 23, 2015:

Ihaveheavy,prolonged and irregular periods for last three years .my biopsy is ok,altrasound report is normal ,uterus isbulky,no cyst no fibroid.suggest me is trifla is beneficial for me

BetterAlive (author) on September 03, 2015:

Hi Sarmohit,

Triphala improves your digestion and is a blood purifier. So, if your dandruff and acne problems are due to these issues, it can definitely be helpful for these conditions.

Even if your problems are not because of these stomach or purification issues, there is no harm in trying Triphala. There are no side-effects and it will only help in the long run to improve your health.

All the best!

sarmohit on September 03, 2015:

Is thus herb is beneficial for acne problem and dandruff problem.

BetterAlive (author) on August 29, 2015:

Hi Bithika,

There are no side-effects of Triphala. You can use it safely.

All the best!

BetterAlive (author) on May 31, 2015:

Hi Anjana,

I am afraid Triphala will not turn white hair into black. If your hair is already white, it will remain white and the only option you have is to color the hair.

What Triphala can do is work internally, cure any health problems that may be responsible for premature greying of hair, and prevent the rest of the 60% from turning white.

So, please do try it so that it works internally to give you beautiful hair!

All the best!

anjana on May 29, 2015:

How much time will triphala churana take to turn white hair into black.....

Presently my hair is around 40% white ....

Pls tell me.......

BetterAlive (author) on May 17, 2015:

Hi Jazmine,

If you have double vision, you should first consult a physician to find out its cause. Without identifying the cause, nothing will help.

You can use Triphala as an eye wash early in the morning. The way to do this is given in the above article.

You can also take 1 teaspoon of triphala powder before going to bed. Steep it in warm water, allow it to sit for 10 minutes and then drink it. Keep a gap of at least 2 hours after dinner.

All the best!

jazmine on May 16, 2015:

Hello... I have double vision.. Can i take triphala ? And pls give me proper doses ... Thnks

BetterAlive (author) on May 14, 2015:

Hi Nitin,

There is no harm in using Triphala even if your digestive system gets habituated to it. It doesn't have any side-effects. You can also stop it anytime you like.

But still, if you don't want it to become a habit, use it a couple of times a week or as and when you need it. But if you want benefits in terms of other health issues, it is advisable to use it for at least 3 months to see an effect.

All the best!

nitin on May 13, 2015:

But sir,if triphala is used regularly,can our digestive system get habit of it??

BetterAlive (author) on April 19, 2015:

Hi Jayanthi,

You can continue to use Triphala for as long as you want for losing weight.

But please do note that you will need to exercise, avoid fatty and fried foods, drink lots of liquids (mostly water), and eat fresh fruits and vegetables for losing weight and maintaining your ideal weight. Then only Triphala will be beneficial for you.

All the best!

jayanthi on April 19, 2015:

I want to reduce 15 kgs ,how long to use triphala.

BetterAlive (author) on March 28, 2015:

Hi Nilesh,

If you are talking about triphala helping in new hair growth, it surely can. But it does take time. If you have bald patches with no signs of hair follicles, then it may not be possible for the hair to grow back.

All the best!

Nileshk on March 28, 2015:

Is it new hair growth for bald patches ?? how much time it will take??

BetterAlive (author) on March 21, 2015:

Hi Roopa,

If you want to consume Triphala once in a while, it is fine to use it. But please don't use it regularly, that is, on a daily basis.

With all the hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy, you never know what may cause a reaction. So, if you use it once in a while, it is OK. But not daily.

All the best!

Roopa on March 21, 2015:

Hello sir, can a pregnant or lactating women consume triphala powder, pls suggest

BetterAlive (author) on March 09, 2015:

Hi Rajeev,

Triphala is quite useful for diabetics. So, you can easily take it.

But if you are taking a medication for your diabetes, make sure to keep a watch on your sugar levels. Taking both the things together may cause undue drops in your sugar levels. It's like taking 2 medications for your diabetes.

So, watch out for your sugar levels and discuss things regularly with your doctor. Triphala can help you cut down the dosage of your regular diabetes medication.

All the best!

rajeev on March 08, 2015:

I`m severely diabetic with heart disease. can I take triphala powder.

BetterAlive (author) on February 22, 2015:

Hi Kanica,

Yes, Triphala can help clear up acne by cleansing your blood and your body of toxins and by improving your digestion. But please take it for a few months to get good results.

All the best!

kanica on February 22, 2015:

i have an acne problem since a very long time now

do u think triphala would help me attain a clear skin?

BetterAlive (author) on January 05, 2015:

Hi Dax,

Harad is a part of Triphala. If you read the above article, Haritaki and Harad are the same thing.

All the best!

Dax on January 04, 2015:


Is it same as Harde? I am confuse between Harde and Triphala.

Please, describe both.



BetterAlive (author) on November 30, 2014:

Hi Jaswinde,

If you are looking for a replacement for multivitamins, chyawanprash may also be an alternative to consider. With it, you really don't need to take any multivitamins.

With triphala, you can continue taking your usual multivitamins or stop it, the choice is yours. You could try discontinuing the multivitamins if you have covered the usual 3 months course and try out just triphala.

Keep in mind that triphala will take some time in showing its effects on your health. So, you may want to continue the multivitamins for some time at least. Again, the decision is yours.

All the best!

jaswinde on November 30, 2014:

I am reading quite a bit on this powder and seems to be interesting.

I do have stomach problems, indigestion annd hopefully the powder will help. Should i stop taking vitamins which I take every morning since I will be using TP. Pls.advice.

BetterAlive (author) on October 31, 2014:

Hi Sravani,

Hair fall can occur due to many problems. So, first try and find out what the reason is. Try this link for more info:

Triphala can help by improving your digestion and boosting your immunity. Just take one teaspoon at night.

Besides this, if you are not eating a nutritious diet, you should look at what you eat. Try taking a good multi-vitamin supplement. It will help with both white hair and with hair fall.

Lastly, avoid fried and spicy food, drink lots of water, and massage your hair with a good oil (bhringaraj is good

All the best!

sravani on October 30, 2014:

i have a so much of white hair and hair is falling very hugely so want to know how triphala is used formy problem

BetterAlive (author) on October 21, 2014:

Hi Uday Patel,

If someone is allergic to any of the three ingredients, he or she should surely stay away from it. However, their combination as such will not cause any allergy. It will only cause irritation if you are allergic to one or two or all three ingredients.

All the best!

BetterAlive (author) on October 21, 2014:

Hi Rajni,

It will be better if you get in touch with an Ayurvedic practitioner since your child is quite young. You may be able to get some good advice on managing these multiple allergies.

However, a child that young should not be given more than half-a-teaspoon of the churna. You will also find recommendations of the dosage on the pack that you buy.

All the best!

Rajni on October 20, 2014:

My 5 yr old son has multiple food allergies (Wheat/Egg/Peanut/Corn/Soy/Dust mites) and Bronchitis Asthma. I heard about triphala churna. Could you please advise me the dosage for 5 yr old and any other recommendation for curing his allergies?



Uday Patel from Jabalpur, MP, India on October 19, 2014:

Keep in mind irritation caused by these combinations?

BetterAlive (author) on September 14, 2014:

Patange c k,

Thank you for sharing your personal experience about the health benefits of triphala churna!

Patange c k on September 14, 2014:

I read about triphala n started taking (tea)powder,night & morning within a month my wt reduced by 3.5 kg,ankle, knee,n wrist jt pain minimised consider ably eye sight improved by 15% and high bp reduced ,exercise

BetterAlive (author) on September 12, 2014:

Thanks for reading and sharing your comments with us, Ratnaveera!

Indeed, triphala is very rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C. This is why it is considered to be one of the best herbal combinations.

ratnaveera from Cumbum on September 12, 2014:

Very interesting to know about this medicine called Triphala Churna and its amazing health benefits including preventing diseases like diabetes, cancer and hypertension. Naturally the combination such things will yield better results as things like Amla contains good level of Vitamin C which can work against cancer like diseases. A very nice informative Hub! Thanks for this great article ! Better Live! Thumbs Up!

BetterAlive (author) on August 21, 2014:

Hi fpjher48,

You surely won't be disappointed with triphala. It has absolutely no side-effects and it is wonderful for the digestion and great cleanser for the skin.

Thanks for stopping by!

Suzie from Carson City on August 21, 2014:

I a always interested in learning of natural products that are beneficial to health. I am especially fascinated with Ayeurvedic medicine. This particular product is very impressive and I'm sure I am going to purchase the capsules.

Thank you for this thorough explanation. Up+++

BetterAlive (author) on July 21, 2014:


Triphala can help with all digestive problems. Just use the powder in the usual prescribed way, that is, once a day before bed. Keep a gap of 2 hours from meals.

Your mouth ulcers are most likely due to your digestion as well. So, work on digestion and these will stop appearing as well.

Also watch what you eat. Avoid fried, spicy food and coffee.

Drink lots of water.

All the best!

Jaydeep baman on July 21, 2014:

I recently heard about triphala churna, i am suffering from degestiv problem with mouth ulcer and acidity some time so pls advise me

BetterAlive (author) on July 14, 2014:

Hi Ankur,

Triphala does help in losing excessive fat, so yes it will help. However, please do note that you will need to make changes in your diet and lifestyle to get rid of excessive weight.

Also, triphala works on the whole body. So, if you are looking at just losing fat around your belly, you should also look at doing exercises that tone up your abdominal muscles.

All the best!

ankur on July 14, 2014:

hi sir

if i take triphala churan at night with warm water right before bed so is this help me to reduce my belly fat

BetterAlive (author) on June 27, 2014:

Hi Parth,

Yes, you can take triphala with warm milk before going to bed at night.

All the best!

parth on June 27, 2014:

Hi sir,

Can I take triphala powder with warm milk right before going to bed at night

BetterAlive (author) on June 26, 2014:

Hi Ravishankar,

Homeopathic medicines are generally safe to use. So, there shouldn't be any problems.

However, to be on the safe side keep a gap of about 4 hours between the medicine and Triphala. Best would be take the medicine in the morning and Triphala at night, or something like that.

All the best!

Ravi shankar on June 25, 2014:

Hi sir

thanks for your advice, i have one doubt that i am also taking phytolacca berry (homephatic medicine) for reducing tummy fat, so i have question i.e is it safe to take triphala churan also please advise me ..

BetterAlive (author) on June 25, 2014:

Hi Rajani,

Triphala is usually used as a gargle for swollen tonsils or sore throat. Otherwise, it is taken orally, that is, take it before going to bed at night.

If possible, try giving your son chyawanprash since it helps in improving immunity and overall health. It will be quite useful for adenoid glands and tonsils. You can read about it by clicking on the link in the "read more articles" section above.

All the best!

Rajani on June 25, 2014:

My son has adenoid gland problem. and few times tonsilites problem. Allopathy docter has suggested for operation. I heard about triphala churna. but somebody told me to apply thin paste of it on the nose. taking to stomach or applying it on nose which is better?

BetterAlive (author) on June 23, 2014:

Hi Neha,

Use Triphala Guggulu for PCOS. It is a combination of guggul and triphala. Read about guggul here:

Please do consult an ayurvedic doctor near your house for further remedies.

All the best!

neha on June 22, 2014:

Hello sir, i am suffering from pcos,plz suggest some remedy.

BetterAlive (author) on June 14, 2014:

Hi Ravi Shankar,

Yes, triphala will help you since it is a wonderful digestive aid.

Take one teaspoon of triphala powder with warm water right before going to bed. Take it 2-3 hours after dinner.

Also, make sure to watch your diet. Avoid fried foods and eat more fresh fruits and drink lots of water.

All the best!

Ravi shankar on June 14, 2014:


I have gas problem in stomach(bloating) is Triphala will help me and please suggest me how to take

BetterAlive (author) on June 11, 2014:

Hi Vivek,

Triphala does help in weight loss. So, if you are overweight, you can try this.

However, since you are only looking at losing belly fat, you will need to incorporate exercise into your routine. Exercises that target the belly area will help you cut down the fat in the area and tone the muscles there.

So, exercises is the answer to your problem and not just Triphala.

All the best!

vivek mehta on June 11, 2014:


I am suffering from belly fat and I want to reduce my belly fat only and I don't want to reduce my whole body fat so please advise me is Triphala churna will help me? and please

suggision the best time & how to take.

BetterAlive (author) on May 25, 2014:

Hi Lucky,

It will depend on what kind of stomach problem you have.

Triphala does work for all sorts of digestive issues. However, if you have too much stress, don't sleep well, are overweight, or don't eat a healthy diet, triphala's effect will be limited.

So, make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle and triphala will surely help out.

All the best!

Lucky on May 24, 2014:

i Have Stomach problem

i am daily use trifala churna but it may not iffect on me.

BetterAlive (author) on May 18, 2014:

Hi Rameshwar,

You should a consult a doctor for the treatment of fistula. If you want to go the Ayurvedic way, consult a Ayuervedic doctor.

Generally, a combination of triphala and guggulu is considered to work quite well for treating fistula. So, if you can find this combination, use it.

I will still advise you to consult a doctor since it is very difficult to give advise without knowing complete details about your fistula.

All the best!

rameshwar on May 18, 2014:

My problem is fistula plz suggest medicine

BetterAlive (author) on May 18, 2014:

Hi Kumar,

Try to keep a gap of at least 2 hours between taking the vitamins and the Triphala churna. Anyway, Triphala is supposed to be taken around 2-3 hours after dinner. So, just stick to that and you will be fine.

All the best!

kumar on May 17, 2014:

I'm started taking Baidyanath Aswagandha churna 1 tsp in the morning empty stomach. At nights, usually I take multivitamin pill.

So, can I start taking Triphala Churna in the night along with multi vitamins or should I stop while using triphala, pl confirm.

BetterAlive (author) on April 12, 2014:

Hi Jannat,

As I mentioned, the best time to take Triphala is at night, right before going to bed, 2 hours after dinner.

Triphala is not likely to interact with your medicine if you keep a gap of about 12 hours. However, the best person to ask here will be your doctor. He or she knows exactly the problems you have and has therefore, put you on a medication. So, you can just ask your doctor if it is safe to take Triphala. He or she would probably not stop you from taking it. Even if you do take it, keep a close watch on any possible side-effects. There will probably be none. But it is always good to be safe.

You may also want to contact a Ayurvedic practitioner near your home, who can also suggest Ayurvedic medicine for your hormonal problems.

Losing about 3-4 kgs weight will help you. However, you are not fat.

Jannat on April 12, 2014:

Thanks for mudra clarification.

my doctor told me that i am having thyroids problems, imbalance hormones, she gave me Euthyrox medicine to balance them and i have to take that empty stomach so i can't take any other thing in the morning.

I want to ask if i take triphala at night then will it react with my thyroids medicine?

Am 20 years old, 1,57 height, and 61 kg, am I fat?

BetterAlive (author) on April 10, 2014:

Hi Vivek,

Triphala will work great if you want to lose weight. However, if you are aiming at only belly fat, you will need to do exercises that tone up your abdominal muscles. Joining a gym is a good idea. If you don't want to do that, there are many exercises that you can do at home. Just search the net or learn from an expert.

All the best!

vivek mehta on April 10, 2014:


I am suffering from belly fat and I want to reduce my belly fat only and I don't want to reduce my whole body fat so please advise me is Triphala churna will help me?

BetterAlive (author) on April 04, 2014:

Hi Mac Neely,

Thanks for stopping by.

Triphala has a positive effect on all the endocrine glands, especially the thyroid glands. So, any kind of hormonal balance within the body can be corrected with the help of regular intake of Triphala.

Studies have also found it to be quite useful for diabetes since it is quite effective in reducing blood glucose levels.

Triphala is cleansing, detoxifying, promotes better absorption of nutrients and all these factors combine to give you a healthy endocrine system.

All the best!

Mac Neely on April 03, 2014:

How does triphala help w/ the endocrine system?

BetterAlive (author) on March 31, 2014:

Hi Jannat,

The ideal time to drink triphala is at night, before bedtime and 2 hours after dinner, but yes, you can take it empty stomach in the morning. The only problem with morning is you should ideally keep a gap of about 1/2 to 1 hour before eating anything. This proves to be a little difficult for some people. If you can do this, it is fine.

About the mudra, you place the left hand middle and ring finger together and place the left hand thumb on top of it and the same with the right hand.

All the best!

jannat on March 31, 2014:

Alright, i ll do this mudra but am not getting if i have to bring left hand middle and ring finger together, and the right hand thumb to place on them. Is like this?

N another question is if I can take triphala with empty stomach at morning. Some one told me to add one teaspoon of triphala in water at night and drink it in morning.

BetterAlive (author) on March 25, 2014:

Hi Jannat,

Please don't stop any treatment without first consulting your doctor.

The second thing is that Triphala is quite useful in regulating hormonal issues, however, it can take anywhere from a few months to a year. There is no harm in taking it.

Continue the medications that your doctor has given you and start taking Triphala at night as well. However, don't take these together. Keep a gap of a few hours. It will also help with belly fat.

You should also consider joining a nearby yoga class and learn some yoga stretches, mudras and pranayam. These are quite useful in regulating hormonal imbalances. However, make sure to consult a yoga practitioner who is qualified and can suggest exercises that are specifically meant for irregular periods.

Try this mudra:

Bring the middle and ring finger together and place the thumb on top of these two. The other two fingers should be straight. Sit for about 15 minutes in this position and do it 3 times a day.

All the best!

Jannat on March 25, 2014:

Hi, i am having irregular menstruation since many years. I liv in france, My gynecologisted told me that my hormones are unbalanced. She recommended me some kind of anticonceptive pills to regulate my periods, but problem is whenevr i leave this medi I start having irregular periods once again. Sometimes with gap of 5 months. I have done my all tests. My ovaries are healthy. I just have hormones pb. Can Triphala help me out in this matter? Im so worried.

BetterAlive (author) on March 03, 2014:

Hi Arun,

It's a method of trial and error, that is, try it out and see what works best for you!

However, you can try Triphala if you have too much of a digestive problem. It will help strengthen your digestive system. Chyawanprash is also good for the digestion. But some people report feeling heavy after consuming it.

You could switch to chyawanprash after about 6 months and see if you feel fine with it.

All the best!

Arun on March 03, 2014:

HI I have eye problems (retinopathy related) which has also weakened my eyesight, and have bloating, gas, burping. which is better for me Tripala or Chyawanprash?

BetterAlive (author) on February 27, 2014:

Hi John,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Firstly, if you think protein shakes is the problem, you should probably avoid it, even in the future when your digestion gets better. Since you are vegetarian, you should look for fruits and vegetables that are high on protein.

Secondly, Zandu Pancharishta does indeed have an impressive profile since it contains quite a few good herbs good for digestion. However, in my opinion, you should go for Triphala, since the three important herbs are present in the right quantity in this product. Sometimes, it is usually better to stick to 2-3 herbs that can help you, rather than go for a lot of these. So, go for just triphala rather than anything else.

Since you are into fitness, you may want to try chyawanprash. It will not only provide you with the energy you need for your workout but also work on your IBS. You can read about it here:

Please do give at least 2 months to any Ayurvedic product to start working. These products work on bringing about a change in all your body processes, so for them to start working, it will take at least 2 months to notice any difference. You should also take the product for at least 6 months.

If possible, consult an ayurvedic professional near your place.

All the best!

John on February 27, 2014:


I really need your expert advice. I am suffering from bowel disorders for the past few weeks. My bowels have always disturbed me from my childhood; being a fitness fanatic I took protein powders for the past 2 odd years and for some reason back then I was able to gulp everything but now I am facing real tough time taking them which is eventually stopping me from working out. I am consulting a Homeopath who seem to have understood my problem but his medicines are not working, I am trying to find a solution to my problem and in the process landed up in an allopathic doctor's clinic and he said I have IBS. :( For now I am not taking any protein powders, I am vegetarian and that happens to be my only source of protein but I have cut that as well nevertheless. I am taking Zandu Pancharishta which has an impressive profile.. it has Trifala, Trikatu, Guducci, Ashvagandha etc however as per my analysis the content of Trifala and Trikuta is very low so I am thinking of taking Zandu Pancharishta once (30ml) and starting Trifala as well. My question to you is, can i take trifala and trikuta medicine at the same time considering the former treats lower GI disorders and later treats upper GI.

My homeopath has also given me something called a Gastrobin drops. I WOULD REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD SHARE YOUR INSIGHTS HERE, my bowels are not good... I am constipated mostly but then sometimes it's diarrhea followed by constipation. I need to correct my metabolism and get back to my work outs and gulp those protein shakes. PLEASE HELP!

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