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10 Hacks for Clearing Negative Energy

John Hollywood writes about pop culture with a psychological twist; his articles are practical in nature with a "how-to" approach.

Clear Negative Energy Today

Cleanse Yourself of negative Energy

Cleanse Yourself of negative Energy

Spiritual Cleansing of Negative Energy

Let's face it. Sometimes you have to do a spiritual cleansing to rid negative energy from your home and life. Negative energy generates bad karma, and also takes a toll on your health and other life areas.

Research shows that people who carry negative energy with them get sick more often than most and suffer from poor self-esteem. Individuals shrowded by negative energy also tend to live shorter lives.

If negative energy has been part of your reality, it has likely caused you a number of problems, including unwanted illnesses, financial struggles, and unhealthy relationships with others.

Negative energy can also cause you to gain weight and accelerates the aging process. In fact, wherever negative energy exists, there is a high likelihood that bad luck is not too far behind.

Spiritual Cleansing and Positive Results

I have seen first hand just how destructive negative energy can be in my own life and the lives of loved ones. It took a devastating toll on my health in the form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and lost relationships. It snatched the health of my grandmother and caused her to become a double amputee. It also caused the death of a pet dog that I loved dearly.

Making the decision to do a spiritual cleansing and rid yourself of negative energy means deciding to turn away from toxic thoughts. It means choosing to engage in activities that promote and maintain wellness. It means stopping the downward spiral of sorrow and pain and tapping into a greater force that is restorative and healing.

Finally, cleansing yourself of negative energy means limiting exposure to caustic people.

"We attract what we are. We attract what is familiar. We attract what we put into the universe. We cannot give what we do not possess"

—A collection of ancient proverbs on energy

Here are the steps to conduct a spiritual cleansing and rid negative energy from your life in 10 easy steps. Are you ready to make room for the positive? If so, let's jump right in!

Cleansing Negative Energy Steps

Spiritual cleansing requires 10 specific steps


1. Identify Positive

Negative Energy

Good Vibes

2. Practice Gratitude

Dark Thoughts

Happy Thoughts

3. Practice Modesty

Feelings of Entitlement


4. Reflect and Embrace

Toxic Thinking


5. Pick positive people

Purges Caustic Relationships

Healing Energy

6. Embrace Humor

Dark Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

7. Help Others


Positive Karma

8. Open Windows

Negative Ions

Restorative Energy

9. Chant goodness

Unhealthy thoughts

Affirming Energy

10. Light Candle

Dark Energy

Light Energy

Spiritual Cleansing Starts with Looking for Positive

Look for positive

Look for positive

1. Focus on Positive

If you want to spiritually cleanse, it starts by identifying the positive. This doesn't mean adopting a Pollyanna attitude to life. Instead, it means identifying the good things, however small, that are part of your reality. An example might be that child who smiled at you today for no apparent reason or the dollar you found on the sidewalk.

It could also mean focusing on something positive about yourself, such as the unique color of your eyes or the wonderful ability you have to make others laugh. You may struggle at first with identifying the positive but in time, a snowball effect will take place and it will be fairly easy to quickly list all of the good things happening in your life.

Not everything is “bad” in your life. Focusing on the positive empowers our next point. Gratitude.

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Gratitude is an ingredient of spiritual cleansing

Practice deep gratitude to repel negative forces and cleanse your spirit.

Practice deep gratitude to repel negative forces and cleanse your spirit.

2. Practice Gratitude With Zeal

One of the most powerful ways you can cleanse yourself of negativity is by practicing gratitude. This, however, can only happen after we focus on the positive. Practicing gratitude with zeal means not complaining about a given struggle and appreciating your greater journey.

It means believing that you are worthy of happiness and appreciative of all that has been done on your behalf. Gratitude disempowers caustic behaviors, which can translate into isolation and loneliness. Your ability to engage in gratitude fuels the next negative energy cleaning tactic—modesty.

Gratitude is critical

Focus on modesty with spiritual cleansing

Focus on modesty with spiritual cleansing

3. Practice Modesty

Modesty is truly an art form. It requires that you embrace the gifts that you have and trust that the universe will recognize them. Modesty means resisting the urge to brag about yourself or your deeds and believe that your efforts will ultimately be rewarded.

When you over-promote who you are or what you have done for others, you set yourself up in a negative trap of expectations. Nothing is owed to you. Remember, all that you have is ultimately a gift. And while you may have worked hard to obtain the position in life that you have reached, someone, somewhere helped to make that possible.

Reflect upon your life

Reflect upon your life to identify spiritual cleansing areas

Reflect upon your life to identify spiritual cleansing areas

4. Reflect, Embrace, and Accept

There is an old saying that suggests we attract what we are. If constantly deny certain truths about yourself, you create a negative paradox that is fueled by guilt and shame.

Embracing who you are means embracing all of who you are, including your mental health issues. Embracing who you are also means recognizing that you are not alone on this journey called life and that others just like you are working through different life challenges.

Example: If you have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), know that you have nothing to be ashamed of. Did you know that many celebrities have struggled with OCD? It’s true! The same holds true if you are challenged by depression.

Reflecting on the different aspects of your personality, embracing who you are and accepting all of you is an essential aspect of cleansing yourself spiritually.

Spiritual Cleansing Energy Chart

How Negative Energy and Positive Energy Can Impact Your Life

Negative Energy AttractsPositive Energy Attracts





Bad Mood

Positive Outlook

Unhealthy People

Healthy Relationships

Money Problems

Wealth and Prosperity

Weight Gain

Healthy Weight



5. Choose Positive People

All of us to some extent have the ability to choose whom we associate with. When you choose to surround yourself with positive people, you paradoxically attract positive things in your life—including money. Choosing to be around positive people means letting negative people go. Never try to keep someone around who doesn't want to stay

If you are not able to distance yourself from negative people, you can choose to limit exposure. This means not allowing your deep empathy for others to turn into a situation where you end up becoming emotionally drained.

It means recognizing the signs of people who engage in learned helplessness and being OK with allowing them to walk their own path. Finally, it means knowing which personality types you are most compatibleth with.

Cleansing Repels Negative Energy

Repel negative and attract positive energy

Repel negative and attract positive energy

6. Embrace Humor

Finding humor in various life events a sometimes be challenging. One of the best ways you can begin embrace humor is by allowing yourself to laugh—particularly at yourself. Rather than channeling negative energy towards yourself through self-criticism, try giggling.

By taking yourself less seriously and recognizing that mistakes are part of life, you help to repel the darkness and usher in restorative and healing light.

Help others

Helping others clears negative and cleanses spiritually

Helping others clears negative and cleanses spiritually

7. Help Others

When you are in a dark, negative place, it is difficult to do much of anything. This is particularly true if you are feeling depressed or highly anxious. One of the best ways to detoxify yourself of the negative energy you are holding is to help other people.

When you help other people, you channel the powerful energy of love. This is one of the most healing and forces in the universe. You don’t have to do anything herculean either to offer assistance to those who might be in need.

An example might be offering to help an elderly person cross the street or holding an elevator door open for someone in a rush.

You can also help others by volunteering your time to causes that you care about and by donating money to people who are truly in need. When you help others, you paradoxically help yourself and attract harmony.

It's a powerful pathway to spiritual cleansing.

Open windows

Opening windows clears negative energy

Opening windows clears negative energy

8. Open Windows

Opening your windows allows you to become closer with nature—a life giving force that is all about positive energy. Even when it is cold outside, it is good sometimes to let in fresh air. The act of opening your windows will require that you also open your shades.

Combined, the light (even from nighttime stars), combined with restorative planetary winds will cleanse your environment of stale oxygen—something that negative energy likes to dwell in. Finally, opening your windows creates a symbiotic relationship mother nature, which is a force that pushes you towards the light.

Peace chant is spiritually cleansing

9. Chant Goodness

Chanting is a commonly used spiritual practice that has rhythmic elements. You don’t need to speak a foreign language to engage in a chant that is designed to cleanse yourself of negative energy. All you need to do is pick a group or words or a positive phrase to help chase away the darkness.

If you are struggling with creating your own chant, consider partaking in a basic “Om Shanti Om” chant that is designed to clear your mind, purge yourself of negativity and attract positive energy.

This is a very powerful way for you to spiritually cleanse the dark forces that live in your home and hover around your life.

Candles are cleansing

Lighting a candle assists spiritual cleansing

Lighting a candle assists spiritual cleansing

Spiritual Cleansing Poll

I am including a poll below that asks how negative energy has affected your life. There is just no way that I can list all of the potential ways negativity has impacted you so I have included general themes.

Pick what best fits your lifetime situation.

Spiritual Cleansing Poll

10. Light a Candle

A final way to pathway to spiritual cleansing to remove negative energy from your life is to light a candle. Darkness cannot exist if there is any form of light. Even if there is sunlight outside, a candle can help your situation. You may be wondering how?

When you light a candle, you have the ability to attach a thought to the burning flame. What many people do is identify the one negative thought that seems to be a constant in their life and then mentally project that thought onto the candle flame.

Let the heat of the burn from that candle slowly disintegrate the negative energy your dark thought has been holding over you.

Some people who believe in a higher power like to weave in prayers. Others who subscribe to humanistic and Karmic principles use elements of astral-projection. Finally, people who are of certain zodiac signs tap into various forms of celestial energy.

The choice is yours but candle burning can help to reinforce a positive intention while destroying dark toxicity.

Summing Things Up

Negative energy is perhaps the most caustic force in the universe. That's why spiritual cleansing is so important. Bad energy is is insidious in nature and can rob you of things like hope, joy, happiness and love.

It is vital that you find ways of spiritually cleansing yourself of negative energy so that you can live the life you are meant to live.

Many believe it is important to conduct a spiritual cleansing ritual using the steps mentioned here at least four times a year. If you need to do it more, that's OK.,

Thanks for stopping by.

© 2014 John Hollywood


Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on August 29, 2017:

Very well written and presented article!

Negativity is indeed bad and we must do a conscious effort to eliminate it from our lives.

Yes it does require lot of effort but we must do it for our well being both physically and mentally!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful and inspiring hub!

DanaRiashi on June 01, 2017:

Bravo Mr. Hollywood, this definitely has a Wow factor in easy practical practices. I recently use Tai Chi more & more as it has its magical balm strength too. I look forward to giving your advice a practical try - thanks again much -

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on April 24, 2015:

Thanks Akriti!

Akriti Mattu from Shimla, India on April 23, 2015:

I wrote on a similar topic, a while back on my blog (though shorter). I loved your post. Very well written. Negativity should never be a part of one's life. Drains you down.

Life should be lived with affluence and positivity :-)

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on April 17, 2015:

Thanks, Pagevoices - truly. I am glad that you enjoyed. I truly believe in the power of positive energy. Thanks for the mention of The Secret! Good book!!

Dennis L. Page from New York/Pennsylvania border on April 17, 2015:

I am so happy I came across your post today and accordingly, voted you up, useful, awesome, beautiful and interesting. When I was younger I hung around a variety of people with different personalities. Some people were intoxicating with their positive energy. Some were extremely negative and then there were those who could go either way. For me, part of maturity is the realization what is and isn't good for the mind, body and soul. I'm at peace with myself now and only surround myself with like minded and positive thinking people. After all, everyday above ground is a good day.

I incorporate much of the suggested items mentioned in this post. It is second nature now and I just act this way subconsciously. On a personal level, I would highly recommend "The Secret" as good place to start on changing the negative to a positive.

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on February 16, 2015:

Ha:) I can relate. Thanks for stopping by!!

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on February 16, 2015:

Thanks Temiogers!!! I will be following you too!!!

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on February 16, 2015:

Thanks and I am glad you liked!!!!

peachy from Home Sweet Home on February 16, 2015:

No wonder nothing goes smoothly for me, thanks

Tami Rogers from Seattle, Washington on February 15, 2015:

I love this well written and so try. Voted up and interesting..I will be following you @misterhollywood

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on February 15, 2015:

Singling out one of these as being more powerful than the others just would not work....all of them together fill our lives with the positive energy our lives crave.

Toxic people and situations bring nothing good to our lives as you have carefully demonstrated here.

Angels are on the way to you ps

Voted up++++ and shared

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on January 03, 2015:

Thanks so much Smilealot!

Smilealot on January 03, 2015:

Lots of must follow advice here...thanks for sharing it:-))

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on December 30, 2014:

Thanks, Eddy! I loved positive hubs as well! I can't wait to read more!!

Eiddwen from Wales on December 30, 2014:

A brilliant hub mister Hollywood and the bright and beautiful images also add to the positive energy. Great work which I vote up and share. Now looking forward to many more by you.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year.


John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on December 23, 2014:

Thanks, Jean! I really appreciate the kind words. I'll check into sage for sure now that you have told me this. Have a WONDERFUL trip to Antigua and safe travels!

I hope you have a wonderful and health New Year!!! :)

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on December 23, 2014:

Fabulous hub! I saw my life turn completely around about 10 yrs. ago, when I began exercising, gardening, learned to read tarot cards, and stopped drinking. It was amazing how good things and new people I liked kept coming into my life. And I lost a lot of weight, so felt I looked good too!

This is all great advice. I notice you have written on white sage, I smudge my house everyday and am getting more serious about my meditation practice. My son and I are escaping the holiday season and leaving for Antigua tomorrow, so I am excited and feel the change of scenery will be a positive thing. Have a great Christmas, John, and all the best in the New Year. xo