100 Ways to Treat Yourself

Updated on May 31, 2017
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I am currently pursing a master's degree in pastoral counseling. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder.

Why You Should Treat Yourself

Sometimes life gets so busy, we don't take a moment to just stop and relax. Take a moment now to consider, how do you relax?

Some of us relax better while doing things with others, but some of us relax better when we're alone. Some enjoy being out of the house, while others prefer the comforts of home. Still others prefer nature, and others have to have air-conditioning. Period.

Regardless of how you relax, I hope this list gives you some ideas of how to sit back, relax, and treat yourself.

100 Ways to Treat Yourself

  1. Make a cup of tea or coffee
  2. Sign up for a subscription box (wine, crafts, etc.)
  3. Buy a new outfit
  4. Take a bubble bath
  5. Go out for ice cream
  6. Light some candles
  7. Listen to the sounds of nature (birds, the rain, etc.)
  8. Schedule a lazy day
  9. Crochet/knit
  10. Bake something (cookies, cake, muffins, etc.)
  11. Go for a walk
  12. Start a journal or diary
  13. Buy new slippers
  14. Go to a local concert or play
  15. Read a book you loved when you were younger
  16. Have a picnic
  17. See a movie
  18. Add inspirational quotes to your walls
  19. Visit the pet store and hold a puppy
  20. Look at old pictures
  21. Drink a glass of wine
  22. Wrap yourself up in a fuzzy blanket fresh out of the dryer
  23. Binge on an old TV show
  24. Read some poetry
  25. Listen to soothing music (think acoustic or classical)
  26. Take a nap
  27. Wear your pajamas all day
  28. Watch the weather
  29. Soak your feet (use warm water and epsom salts)
  30. Go for an all-day hike
  31. Call an old friend
  32. Put together a scrapbook or smash-book
  33. Wade in a creek barefoot
  34. Read outside
  35. Rock in a rocking chair
  36. Collect shells or beach glass at the beach
  37. Take a day off from social media
  38. Go for a drive
  39. Color
  40. Make something new out of something old (plant flowers or succulents in old tin cans, turn a picture frame into a dry erase board, etc.)
  41. Do yoga or Tai Chi
  42. Plant a small flower/herb garden
  43. Visit a playground and swing on the swings
  44. Have coffee with a friend or loved one
  45. Go horseback riding
  46. Feed ducks at a duck pond
  47. Go ice skating
  48. Order dinner instead of cooking
  49. Play a board game, card game, or do a puzzle
  50. Go to a flea market or farmer's market
  51. Go for a bike ride
  52. Watch the sun rise or set
  53. Try a local wine-tasting
  54. Go window shopping
  55. Read a book on mindfulness or hygge
  56. Sit by a fire
  57. Go swimming
  58. Buy a new favorite blanket
  59. Fill your house with new fragrances (candles, wax warmers, etc.)
  60. Visit a museum
  61. Try karaoke with friends
  62. Find a new favorite local hangout
  63. Go dancing
  64. Buy a small fountain to help you relax
  65. Start a new hobby
  66. Take a day trip somewhere nearby
  67. Paint/sketch
  68. Buy new sheets
  69. Eat out at a fancy restaurant
  70. Hold a baby or spend time with children
  71. Have a party/sleepover with good friends
  72. Go rollerblading/rollerskating
  73. Spring clean or reorganize some of your clutter
  74. Visit an amusement park or go to the fair
  75. Go camping
  76. Sign up to take a class or lessons in something you've always enjoyed
  77. Try new exotic foods (extra points if you make them yourself!)
  78. Buy a bag of expensive coffee to brew on Mondays
  79. Get a goofy T-shirt
  80. Take a train or helicopter ride
  81. Read a motivational book
  82. Do a photo shoot and hang some new photos in your house
  83. Buy a new pair of walking or running shoes
  84. Attend a concert or music festival
  85. Go fishing/boating
  86. Subscribe to a magazine
  87. Watch some cartoons
  88. Get a new wheel or car seat cover
  89. Write a love letter to yourself - tell yourself why you're awesome!
  90. Join a gym/ join a few fitness classes/ get a personal trainer
  91. Visit a spa- get a manicure/pedicure/massage/facial
  92. Spend a night at a nice hotel
  93. Get a pen pal
  94. Change the light bulbs in your house to create softer, warmer lighting
  95. Get a new haircut - or a full makeover!
  96. Try geocaching or a scavenger hunt
  97. Adopt a pet
  98. Talk to a skincare professional about which products you should actually be using
  99. Go to a tearoom for high tea (go hungry - high tea is an intense meal)
  100. Get a jar to fill with change and save up for a great vacation

Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed this list and it inspired you to come up with relaxing ideas of your own.


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