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4 Habits To Prepare Your Morning the Night Before.

So your morning routine on paper looks like it is on point, but for some reason, you feel like you are still lacking something. Maybe there are some niggly bits that you are forgetting in the morning or tasks that are consuming more time than you would particularly like? Well then, this article could very well be for you.

As the saying goes “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This is exactly what this article is about—preparing your morning the night before. This will obviously absorb some of your time in the evening, however, I am pretty sure you can make allowances in your schedule for this.

The four habits that are contained in this article are all very simple and very basic, but I believe that in a very complicated world the basics may sometimes get overlooked. This is the reason why I have decided to create the article. I found myself on many occasions overlooking a couple of these habits, if not all of them, meaning that I was starting the day in the wrong frame of mind, essentially setting myself up to fail.


1. Prepare Your Food

For those of you who consistently prepare your meals, then hats off to you! You can go right ahead and skip this step. However, for those of you who are not quite at this stage then stick with this habit. This habit is not about being too regimented when cooking, or cooking 14 full chickens all at once, to then divide them all at a perfect portion ratio into Tupperware tubs. Although there is nothing wrong with this, I find it is just for the hyper organised folk, which are way beyond my level and potentially yours at this stage, more so if you are just starting out on your self development journey.

To really take control of your morning I would advise preparing your lunch the night before, the optimal time for this would be when you are cooking your evening meal, as you will already have most of the utensils and food out. This will mean that you are not scrambling to make something before you leave for work, or even worse heading out spending your days earnings on a Subway! Not only that, it will also mean that you can control your portion sizes and nutrition, ensuring that you are keeping yourself on track and in a healthy condition.

One potential quicker element to this habit and one that I do myself quite frequently is make a little extra during your evening meal and reheat it the next day, this can be done from left overs at a stretch if you are on a frugal budget.

Whilst things are cooking this would also be a great time for you to portion up and pack any snacks or fruit that you will be consuming the following day.


2. Prepare Your Clothes

This habit may sound simple, but how many of you out there get up in the morning looking for your work uniform only to find that it is full of creases or worse in your pile of laundry! Maybe you can’t find where you kicked your shoes off the night before, meaning that those vital morning minutes are flying by, as well as causing your stress levels are to increase while searching for things with no time to find them!

The answer to this is straight forward, lay out your required clothing the night before making sure that anything that needs ironing has been done and anything that needs locating has been found.

You can group your clothes evenly on a hanger with your clean socks tucked into your shoes and left either in your wardrobe or in front of it. If you really wanted to take this habit to the next level you could place your vitals such as keys, phone and wallet and place them within your wardrobe, ideally located directly under your pre-prepped clothes.

3. Make A List

Having a piece of paper and a pen in your bedside cabinet is vital, as this will help you to unload the thoughts whizzing around in your brain onto paper, which will in turn help you to shut off.

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I also suggest having another piece of paper and that same pen to jot down anything that you need to remember or do in the morning. You could treat this as a checklist if you will, this will then allow you to wake up in the morning when you are still half asleep and start your day the way you wanted to.

Doing this will also give you a sense of accomplishment when you are ticking the items off, thus you are starting your day in a positive way!


4. Set It And Forget It

That is your alarm, I know there will be quite a few of you out there rolling your eyes at this but you would be surprised the amount of people that forget to set their wake up calls the night before, or even switch their alarm clock from weekend mode to weekday mode.

Doing this will ensure that you are waking up in a timely manner rather than 10 minutes before you shift starts, causing you to rush around just to save your backside from getting fired. Believe me, nobody wants to start their day this way as it will only get worse as it continues.

Your alarm clock is not the only thing you should be setting, setting your social media profiles schedules should be done as well. For those of you who do not post much on social media and just scroll, then this may not be for you.For those of you who are avid contributors on social media may wish to spend 10 to 15 minutes scheduling tomorrows posts, which will free you up some time tomorrow.

Scheduling your posts can be very easy to do, particularly Facebook as when you are creating your post there is a drop down option on the 'publish now' button, which when clicked will give you the option to schedule your post for a later time or date. There is also a whole plethora of apps you can download which will sync with all your social media profiles allowing you to schedule multiple posts. On a side note, just be careful when choosing an app to do this as not all of them are free.

The other part of this habit is that you can schedule to wish anybody a happy birthday whose birthday it would be the following day. This is great for those Facebook friends who you are not too familiar with.


Well, there you have four habits to prepare your morning the night before. I know these habits are simple and self-explanatory, but it is very easy to forget to do them with the hustle and bustle of life.

If you are just getting started on your self-development journey, you may want to use these habits as your core evening routine and progress from there.

If there are any habits that I may have missed that you use to prepare your morning the night before, then please let me know in the comments box below. Alternatively, if you have used any of these habits or are going to use any of these habits, then please let me know how you get on with them. As always, thank you for reading!

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Good advice That I can take on board

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