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7 Life-Changing Facts You Didn’t Know About

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Our Inspirations can change every now and but what can we do?

1. Music is Mind Warm-Up

Music plays a major role in our lives, knowingly or unknowingly. Do you ask yourself why you listen to music? Most of the time you listen for entertainment reasons, as you do your stuff. But what if we include music in our daily activities? If you listened to the words, some music would connect with you. Music changes our perception, enlarges our mindset, and makes us more open-minded. It also changes your mood. You may be feeling low, due to everyday life’s frustrations, and a good slow-touching music would soothe your soul, and also motivate you, hence putting a smile back on your face. Music also reduces anxiety and depression. Even when you go to the office, bored already, and the day has not even started, try listening to some music, it will warm up your brain and give you more motivation and psyche to run the daily work activities, making you not hate your boss and the whole building, because you will be in your own little world, busy, minding your business, instead of gossiping with colleagues. Gossip is good too, though. Talking reduces anxiety and depression as well, but what would you rather do?

It is important to manage your sleep.

It is important to manage your sleep.

2. The Only Way to Avoid Fatigue Is Sleeping Enough

As a heavy and super-light sleeper, I understand this theory. Since college, I adopted the late-night sleep pattern. And then I would wake up in the afternoon for my evening class. I would always wake up fatigued and the whole day I would be lazy and moody. My mind would keep running, but my body always felt like that of an eighty-year-old woman. Later, I adopted the working curriculum, and as a freelancer, I would work any time and as many hours as I wanted. With all the pressures of work and the pressure to pay bills, I would have less time to sleep, because, most likely, I slept early in the morning, and then the noises from the outside would wake me prematurely. I would definitely end up worn out all day. I never slept a good number of hours for several years. Too much sleep makes me tired and lazy. Lack of enough sleep makes me moody and angry and having no interest in doing anything. This affects the brain too. If your body is not fully functioning, then it is probably on the brink of shutting down. And that is why we always end up sleeping earlier that day. Hereafter, we are advised to sleep just the normal sleeping hours, five to eight hours maximum.

Everything you do now will always pay out, whether good or bad.

Everything you do now will always pay out, whether good or bad.

3. The Law of Karma

The law of karma tells us that whatever we plant, we pull up. That means, you must do good to people, be there for others, and help, without expecting anything in return, because you will receive more in return in the near or later future. Our past affects our present as well as future. You may be a good guy in the present, but the past karma keeps haunting you. However, that does not mean that everything bad happening to us is according to our own past or present doings. There are always other forces playing part in our everyday life. But, be assured, that everything you do now will always pay out, whether good or bad.

Nonetheless, being too kind to others makes them walk all over us. The nicer you are, the more people will take advantage of you. But that does not mean that you should be a jerk. Be an alpha. He gives with no string attached. He does not attach his feelings to everything good he does to people. He helps, forgets, and hopes that the person is happy. The only difference between an alpha and a nice guy is that a nice guy gives expecting attention and validation in return. They might give with good intentions to help, but they also need something in return to also feel better. We all want to feel appreciated. I do, nobody wants to feel that they have been exploited. But that, from a girl’s perspective, makes one look needy. Nice guys also relate well with girls, and not most men. Who would you rather have as a friend? The alpha who comes off as rude and honest, but all they want is to improve the situation? Or the good guy who holds on to anger and emotions because they fear they will hurt you or worse, lose you? Be that as it may, they both get good karma. The Alpha only chooses to help those who are really worthy, not just everyone, because some will only take advantage of you.

Social media is a depression killer and mind opener when used in moderation.

Social media is a depression killer and mind opener when used in moderation.

4. Texting and Social Media Reduces the Dopamine of the Brain

Social media reduces anxiety. It is also a good depression remover. Every time we wake up, we check our phones. There are so many cases of depressed youth, but with the use of memes, funny clips, inspirational poems, songs, talks, and many more, people tend to forget their problems and laugh a little. When you do that every day, you will realize how much life has changed. You have changed your attitude, personality, and views, and become happier. But unquestionably, you have to choose the type of content to view or participate in. You don’t want to focus on the negativities always, do you? Because negative energy affects everything about us. Don’t focus on such content because it will slowly change you as you will carry the energy with you. Hence, social media not only reduces anxiety and depression but is also a brain opener. The more you are exposed to social media, the more you are exposed to so many things, and the more you know. Moreover, you will get anything you want on social media. Isn’t that awesome? This is also similar to junk food. Some of these outmoded philosophies are limiting us. Junk food, as well as social media, are depression killers, and mind openers, as long as you do not over-consume them because everything has its limits. The link below illustrates more about why junk food matters sometimes.

Confident people do not let other people’s achievements on social media break them.

Confident people do not let other people’s achievements on social media break them.

5. Confident People Rarely Let Their Fears Go Unnoticed

Confident people are not those who think they are the best. No. Confident people are individuals who feel the need to stand up for their rights, and those of others, regardless of any circumstance, whatsoever. These kinds of people do not feel embarrassed to express their emotions or fall. They let their fears get noticed because they want help in creating a barrier that would lead to more failure. They know that “We do fail sometimes because maybe we needed some improvement on that area”. Not the usual phrase, “In order to succeed, you need to fail first”. I totally disagree with that. When we put our focus on doing something and keep pushing towards doing it, we may succeed on the first try. Not every entrepreneur fails on their first attempt. Perhaps they are more skilled in company-building skills. Or they have good marketing skills or good interpersonal skills with clients. Or their services are better than yours. Hence, you must not compare your progress to that of others. Or compete with them in a field that you may not be best at. And then challenge them to fail as you failed, because you think things should also be harder on them than they are on you. No, focus on your end goal first, whatever is happening with their progress should not bother you.

Confident people learn from experience. And when they fail, they are not ashamed to be deemed a failure in public. They view it as either a challenge, or a mystery that will bring more success in the future if they uncovered it, or they deem it as something not worth working on. They do not care what you think of them. This is because their life experience serves as an example. As a leader, you have to show your people your strengths and weaknesses, right? Failures and successes, right? It is to teach them which way to go and not go. Your lessons will serve as their lessons. And when you succeed, they will be happy for you because they saw your struggle. And they will follow the path you followed to succeed. More so, showing you their fears and weaknesses is a way of showing you that they are humans too and we are all free to do what we want and learn from our failures and successes.

Confident people do not let other people’s achievements on social media break them. They use their achievements as inspiration. Confident people are not afraid to stand up for what they want. They do not need anyone’s permission to act on something, because they know their permission is all they need. They are not afraid of being cut out, of rejection, or of failure.

And high chances are, they get what they want. But hey, it’s always lonely at the top. You’ll get used to it, and you’ll get new people that are supposed to be there with you when you get to the top. Because life is a journey and you will have to leave others behind and keep moving.

Emotional underminers ridicule others for expressing themselves in a healthy way.

Emotional underminers ridicule others for expressing themselves in a healthy way.

6. Emotional Underminers Treat Your Intelligence as a Weakness

Emotional underminers are always in denial and, seeing you express your vulnerability, fantasies, wishes, hopes, and perceptions, makes them think you are insane. They will ignore and disregard your feelings because you have the guts to express the things they would not express in public. Emotional underminers also joke about your intelligence, which they deem lame, in an effort to avoid having to confront their own inner issues. These types of people have a hard time getting in touch with their feelings and expressing themselves.

Most people rely on validation for their esteem.

Most people rely on validation for their esteem.

7. Your Self-Esteem Is Built On A Foundation Of Values And Achievements

The majority rely on validation for their esteem. We all come from there. But as we grow older, the more we get to learn this pattern of self-esteem. However, not everyone will get to learn from experience. Doing things you would not normally do because you enjoy doing them in order to be accepted in society or accepted by a group of friends implies that you do not accept yourself and love yourself for who you are. After a series of back-stabbings, which never ends, I learned the value self-love. My good and bad. No matter what someone said to me or treated me, as long as I am not attached to their words or actions, it would hardly affect me.

What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

Final Thoughts

Swift people are able to detect when someone wants to tear them with their words or actions or throw them under the bus. But this person would only want to put you down because of their own inner problems and not you. If you realize this, you will not get affected by their words. And that is one of my survival enigmas. However, some actions and words catch me off-guard and I get hurt really bad, and would want to go back to ask them to apologize and tell me something good in order to feel good and for my soul to rest. But after cooling down, I would recollect I was not the problem, and my esteem gets back in shape. Certainly, if it was positive criticism I would be able to recognize and rectify my mistakes.

If I think something is of value, even if someone opposes it, I will relish it. Maybe because I see the values and beliefs having better outcomes, through observation, experience, and perception. If I value this kind of life, I will work hard to achieve it. And it will increase my self-esteem because my happiness is achieved in the process. If I want to achieve something, and I achieve it, my self-esteem augments. My self-regard only lowers when I have failed to achieve the kind of life I truly wanted for myself. I try not to let other people disrupt me unless they are upsetting one of my values or hoped achievements. Success is not about just achieving money, but money can be there. Success is not just material things, but material things can be there. It all depends on your definition of success. But when you know what you truly want, you will not let other people’s success affect your esteem. What is your success? What makes you happy?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Diana (author) on June 20, 2020:

@Eric, wow thanks a lot for your discernment.

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Hey this is real good. I was intrigued by your accuracy of emotional underminers.

Diana (author) on June 20, 2020:

@Farrah, thanks a lot, I appreciate

Farrah Young from Lagos, Nigeria on June 19, 2020:

You give good points. I love the one about karma paying you back in your own coins and being an Alpha who is nice but doesn't get walked all over.

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#Ivana, you welcome, and thanks too.

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This is a very interesting read. Thank you for sharing!