A Healthy Balance: Law of Attraction and Mental Health Care

Updated on August 30, 2019
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Holley Hyler is a freelance writer and has been published in Adelaide, Buck Off Magazine, Rebelle Society, and The Urban Howl.

Choose Happy?

For several years, I have struggled to find a way of living that feels balanced, whole, and true to myself. I got into law of attraction (LOA) in 2014. I have since created a cross-country move, several publications of my writing, a new job that I love with incredible coworkers, and financial abundance. All of this was done with the help of a magnificent LOA coach, spirituality, books, and my own determination and magic.

However, I have also seen the effects of chronic depression and alcoholism within my close circles. I have looked at life through that lens. A lens where sometimes, feelings and thoughts are extremely difficult to control or shift due to chemical imbalances. I feel it is cruel to say, "Happiness (or insert any emotion) is a choice," especially when someone is clearly suffering.

I am not entirely married to either of these ways of approaching life, at least not as a singular approach. On the one hand, I know from firsthand experience that not every emotion is a choice, and yet we can choose how we engage with that emotion. We can choose whether or not to help ourselves work through that emotion. On the other hand, LOA has worked extremely well for me. While some may not agree with its principles, I can see truth behind them and apply them in ways that work for me. I understand that some things can be harder to manifest than others, especially when we have trauma in the aspects where we have difficulty. This is why I feel a balance of both LOA and mental health awareness and help are essential to my well-being.

How can you stay true to your practice of LOA when some emotions are overpowering and really not a choice? And how can you be more gentle with your suffering and that of others when you believe in LOA? Is it still okay to seek out help for mental health or go on medication? I'm sure you may have all these questions and more, so I will cover them here.

I know all too well that sometimes, this is what it can feel like to practice LOA when you have depression, anxiety, bipolar, or any other imbalance.
I know all too well that sometimes, this is what it can feel like to practice LOA when you have depression, anxiety, bipolar, or any other imbalance. | Source

The Importance of Sitting with Overpowering, Difficult Emotions

With LOA, there is a lot of emphasis on feeling good and shifting the not-so-great feeling states into ones of relief and joy. I think maybe there is not enough emphasis on the fact that we don't have to get to feeling good right away. We can honor the time it takes to get there. Of course, it is only natural to want to feel better when we're down. We want to fix our problems. But sometimes, there is a lot to be said for sitting with a feeling, especially a more challenging one.

As I write this, I have been dealing with severe anxiety for over a week. There have been several times that I wanted a quick fix for this anxiety. My anxiety was giving me anxiety! When I tried to get that fix, I only got more anxiety. Unfortunately, that is how LOA works. You can't resolve a problem while in the same state that created it.

"But it feels like I will never solve this problem, because I will never get out of this state!" I know. I've thought that, too.

In my time of learning how to consciously create my life, I have made many mistakes. Many of those mistakes were made at times that I was trying to escape a feeling – rejection, sadness, heartache. As much as we may not like it, sometimes we have to let these feeling states play out in our hearts and minds, and know that we will not be in them forever. It is important not to identify with a feeling or let it define you. I was diagnosed with bipolar and a few other things, and for a time, I used those to label myself. I got very wrapped up in and attached to these labels. The truth is, I may suffer from these things, but they are not who I am.

We can also get into trouble when we try to go back over our childhood and "figure out" what is wrong and how to break the pattern. It can be helpful to know where wounds come from, but ruminating on this isn't necessary and creates more of a feeling that something is wrong and it will take forever to shift out of it.

You don't have to figure anything out right away or resolve what's bothering you instantly. I am a big believer in taking action from a balanced state of mind. If you are not yet in that balanced state, don't rush yourself. One of the most amazing and occasionally heartrending truths about life is that everything is temporary, including this hard emotion you are working through.

Seeing LOA as a Useful Tool in Your Journey

It can take a lot of willpower to work through a trying emotional state. By "work through," I mean sitting with it, seeking the right kind of help for it, and making balanced and logical decisions for your future. I understand how hard this can be, especially if you struggle to do simple things like get out of bed. I understand why people might feel put off when someone says, "Happiness is a choice."

LOA is a tool. Tools are neutral. They can be good or bad, depending on how you use them. If used for good, LOA can be a tool that vastly improves your way of living and your outlook on life. These improvements can occur little by little or in leaps and bounds, depending on how much resistance you have. Any resistance you have is not your fault, and LOA coaches and teachers with the best intentions and understanding will never try to convince you that anything is your fault. They are trying to make you see how this is a tool that you can use consciously.

We grew up not understanding this – we saw our parents, teachers, and friends reacting to life or drudging through it. Why? Because this was the best they could do. It was all they knew. We are using LOA all the time, but the difference is that some use it consciously, while others do not. If you've stumbled across this information, trust that your inner guidance, God, your Higher Self, whatever you believe in, has guided you to it for a reason. That reason is not to encourage self-blame; it is to encourage self-empowerment!

Those who practice using this tool are not trying to shrug off chemical imbalances or other things that cause you to struggle with your feeling state. Someone who truly wishes to help you will never discourage you from what you feel is right for you.

Engaging with tough emotions in a constructive manner is not going to attract bad outcomes or confuse the universe. In fact, this is deeply spiritual. It is also responsible and intelligent to prioritize your mental health and get the help you need, whatever you feel that is.

I spent so long believing that it was wrong to tend to my mental health with therapy or medication if I really believed in LOA. I felt like I was supposed to magically shift on my own. That belief created a great deal of pain for me. I am here to tell you, so that you don't also have to experience that pain of needing help and feeling afraid to pursue it.

Never be ashamed or afraid to get the help you need.
Never be ashamed or afraid to get the help you need. | Source

Helping Yourself

It is absolutely not anti-LOA or a waste of money to find a good therapist or doctor for you and take medication if you are experiencing an emotional disorder. It can take a bit of searching and time to find the right person to help you. Some will offer free consultations, but don't feel obligated to stick with them if they don't resonate. Don't make yourself sit through sessions with someone who makes you feel bad in any way about yourself or whose way of helping you isn't the way you need. Keep in mind that everyone is human, no matter what their credentials.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. It's not necessary to go back over your entire childhood or try to "figure out" anything. Being able to tell someone about your overwhelming feelings can be helpful and help you draw in solutions. It is not necessary to ruminate or call up everything that has ever made you feel bad. A little support and listening ear from a compassionate person can go a long way.

To take care of yourself, you have to get into the habit of being your best friend. Treat yourself the way a loving family member or compassionate friend would. You will need to rely on your own inner wisdom and discernment to find the path that is right for you, the people who are able to help you.

The time, positive intention, and energy you put into prioritizing your self-care will send a signal out to the universe that will attract others treating you with this same utmost care and attention.

In this way, LOA and mental health care can go hand in hand and empower you in the way you approach your life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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