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Easy Health Mantras

Liis brings a refreshing new consciousness to health, beauty, and wellness providing proactive, fun, easy ways to live a mindful life.

Positive thinking is vital for our overall wellbeing and incorporating easy health mantras into our lives is an excellent way to boost our mind, body and soul wellness. The cells in our bodies hold vibrations and so do our words so when we alter one, we affect the other. If we want to improve already good health or to aid the healing of a health condition, illness or injury, creating a healthy mindset is as important as food and exercise. Health mantras have been a vital part of my autoimmunity healing journey and I recommend them highly for those wanting to maintain good health or improve a current health situation.

Mantras help us put mind over matter

Mantras help us put mind over matter

What Exactly is a Mantra?

A mantra is a simplistic word, group of words or sound repeated in order to help one in meditation. It can also be an important tool to boost energy and mood, create positive thinking, alter misguided or outdated belief systems within our minds and bodies and help us improve mind over matter when faced with difficult issues. The more we can believe in something, and repeat that it is in fact true, the deeper it sinks into our subconsciousness and the more possible it becomes to make real.

How to Use a Mantra

Mantras are often repeated in one’s head during silent meditation. However, the more the practice has expanded, the positive reinforcement of mantras can be incorporated into daily living in several ways that are thought, said or seen often in order to bring more peace and positivity into one’s life.

"I AM" mantras are very powerful especially for health matters as the person thinking or saying them is making a declarative statement of truth. When saying these (there are several examples below) put the emphasis on the word "AM" to truly make a statement of truth.

Sometimes if we are in a very challenging physical or mental mind space due to health issues, it is very difficult to feel something so powerful to be true. Saying something like "I AM strong" when you can't get out of bed might ring false throughout your mind and body because you literally cannot get out of bed. Remember that classic saying "fake it until you make it?" In simple terms, think of the "I AM" mantras the same way. What the mind believes, the body will follow. And the more you repeat the positivity, the greater the impact will be and the more you can shift your subconscious belief system.

"I AM" mantras are powerful when written on sticky notes to help us change our subconscious beliefs

"I AM" mantras are powerful when written on sticky notes to help us change our subconscious beliefs

We can change our mindset with positive thoughts and words

We can change our mindset with positive thoughts and words

Ways to Incorporate Health Mantras Into Your Life:

  • In silent meditation
  • Out loud either alone or in a group
  • Out loud to yourself in a mirror
  • In silent meditation with a hand or hands on the affected body part/s
  • Out loud while looking at or with a hand or hands on the affected body part/s
  • Listening to guided health mantras albums/digital downloads
  • Written on sticky notes around your home
  • Written on a piece of paper then tucked into a pocket or your wallet
  • Written within your books or day timer
  • Through mantra messaging in art in your home
  • As a screensaver on your computer or cellphone
  • Written on jewelry you wear
  • Through words on clothing
  • Through symbolism or words on a tattoo

Easy General Health Mantras

Whether healthy or on your way to improved wellbeing from an illness or injury, repeating general health mantras can be a strategic part of your wellness plan. Rather than focusing on a specific health issue, mantras like this take whole health into consideration.

An easy health mantra to make a mind, body and soul connection

An easy health mantra to make a mind, body and soul connection

My mind, body and soul are nourished with light and love.

Repeating a  simple "I AM strong" health mantra can help you shift your mindset

Repeating a simple "I AM strong" health mantra can help you shift your mindset

Health Mantras For When You Find it Difficult to Shift Your Mindset

Often times when we are in a very difficult health situation, it can be hard to shift our mindset. It may feel like a giant leap to make such definitive, positive statements. Having experienced severe health issues for many years, I get it! This is when it's important not to give up but rather use positive mantras about what we are becoming versus the declaration of already being there. I personally call these "bridge mantras" helping us cross over to a more positive way of thinking and feeling.

If you feel discouraged trying to create a more positive health mindset, instead of abandoning reciting health mantras all together, please try some of these "bridge mantras" that will celebrate where you are on your healing journey and what you are becoming.

10 Bridge Health Mantras

  1. I AM getting stronger every day
  2. I AM becoming healthier every day
  3. My health improves every minute of every day
  4. I AM on my way to becoming healthier
  5. I appreciate every small gift every day as I heal
  6. My (insert health issue) is improving every day
  7. I AM grateful for every health improvement in my life
  8. Positive health changes are happening throughout my body
  9. Every cell in my body is open to receiving positive health changes
  10. (Before going to bed) As I sleep, my body heals and grows stronger
An easy health mantra to recite aloud or in your head before you go to sleep

An easy health mantra to recite aloud or in your head before you go to sleep

Using Easy Health Mantras For a Specific Health Issue

Often times when we are sick or injured, it is easy to be angry or frustrated about our health status. It is also very easy to send negative energy, thoughts and words towards our situation, condition or the body part at the root of the problem. Positive health mantras change this energy and reframe our way of interpreting and seeing our current situation. There is always a way to turn around a way of thinking to put a more positive spin on it.

When creating or reciting your own health mantras, be conscious of choosing positive healing words like healing, changing, growing, becoming etc. on top of using the "I AM" type of mantras. Refrain from using combative words like fighting, battling and conquering. As we need to love and respect every part of ourselves, this includes the parts of ourselves that may not be currently working optimally. The more positivity, the better!

10 Easy Health Mantras for a Specific Injury or Condition

  1. My (condition/injury) is healing and I AM growing stronger daily
  2. I send all the love I have to my (conditions/injury) as my body heals
  3. Every cell in my body supports my (condition/injury) as my health continues to improve
  4. My (condition/injury) is a part of me and I love every part of me
  5. I live in gratitude for the gifts on my (condition/injury) health journey
  6. My positivity helps heal my (condition/injury)
  7. I know and appreciate my (condition/injury) is healing in ways I often cannot see
  8. I send my (condition/injury) light and love
  9. I AM brave and strong as my (condition/injury) heals
  10. I AM filled with courage having (condition/injury)

Make Health Mantras Your Own

As you move through your healing journey or aim to increase aspects of wellness in your life, experiment with health mantras to infuse your mind and body with greater levels of positivity. Feel what words and phrases resonate with you, or which ones feel uncomfortable. Feel free to use bridge mantras to increase your comfort level as your energy shifts. Experiment with repeating one word or several if that resonates with you or put short phrases together as well.

There is always room to change up what you say and how you say it depending on where you are on your wellness path. Just remember, every cell in your body is listening and absorbing what you say. Be kind to yourself. You are so worth it and every positive step forward helps and matters!

© 2018 Liis Windischmann


Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on May 31, 2018:

That saying at the top of your article — “You are what you think” — is very meaningful. It is so true. The repetition of montras can definitely help by reprogramming the cells in the body for better health.

I didn’t realize there were so many ways to say montras. This article is very complete with all the methods that anyone can use under various conditions, and for various conditions.

Liis Windischmann (author) from Toronto, Canada on March 18, 2018:

So happy if any of the health mantra ideas in here can help you reframe your thinking Roenia! They have helped me immensely through my health journey. Every step no matter how small helps.

roenia Simmons on March 18, 2018:

I love to join I need this need to learn how to reprogram the subconscious mind

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