Solutions for the New Year From a Life Coach

Updated on February 12, 2019
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Deborah is a writer, healer, and teacher. Her goal is to help people live their best lives every day by sharing her joy and love of life.

Now Is the Right Time
Now Is the Right Time | Source

Live Your Best Life Today

Now is the perfect moment. It is the perfect time to begin again. Whenever you are reading this is the right time. You are in the perfect place, at the perfect moment. You are here because it's time to start again. It's time to begin living your best life today.

You don't have to wait for a new year, a new month, the beginning of a week or your birthday. You can start now. You can begin right where you are and change your life. You can live your best life today.

Steps to Live Your Best Life Today

  • Evaluate Where You Are
  • Decide Where You Want to Be
  • Take One Step in That Direction
  • Repeat as Necessary

You Are Not a Victim

You are the creator of your life. You are exactly where you want to be. Although this might be hard to believe, try to wrap your head around the idea that you are in complete control of your life. You are in control of the things you think, say and do. Beyond those things, you have no control.

You are not in control of anyone but yourself. You are not in control of your children, your spouse, your employees, your friends, or anyone else. You can only control yourself.

Not only are you in control of yourself, your thoughts, words and deeds, but you are not a victim of anyone else. Regardless of how you like to perceive your world, you are not a victim. You have choices.

If you don't like the way someone treats you or the way someone speaks to you, you have choices. You can distance yourself from the person. You can ask them to be kind. You can stop talking to them. You can whine and complain to your friends. There are lots of options, but the truth of your life is this: You are not a victim.

Evaluate Your Life
Evaluate Your Life | Source

Figuring Out Where You Are

The job of a life coach is to help you figure out where you are right now, where you'd like to be, and how you can best get there. A life coach helps you develop a strategy to live the life you love. A life coach holds you accountable and keeps you focused on your ultimate goals. A life coach offers encouragement, support and suggestions.

But, when it comes to changing any aspect of your life, the hardest part is up to you. You have to do the work. Every day, you have to show up and be the best version of yourself. That's how you'll find yourself living your best life today.

The life assessment worksheet is self-explanatory. It lists five areas of life to consider:

  1. Finances: This includes your job, your investments, your savings and your spending habits.
  2. Spirituality: Spirituality is about a relationship with your Higher Power. However you define that, are you feeling connected? Do you work on your own personal growth? Do you spend time in quiet, praying or meditating?
  3. Community: Your community includes your friends and co-workers, your volunteer and community involvement as well as your social life.
  4. Relationships: Do you have satisfying relationships with your partner, your parents, children and friends?
  5. Health: How do you feel? Are you at a desirable weight for you? Do you eat well and exercise? Do you find down time to relax, do you laugh?

For each of these areas, rank your satisfaction on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being completely unsatisfied, and 10 being completely satisfied. Do you notice any patterns? Is there one area that stands out more than others for you? Do you feel motivated to work on one are more than any others? In the area you feel motivated, what would it take for you to move closer to a ten?

Time to Take Action

Your assignment:

  • Choose one area to work on
  • Think of one thing you can change this month
  • Every day, be a little better than yesterday
  • If you fall, get back up

Though a righteous person falls seven times, he will get up

— Proverbs 24:16

Finding Your Way

Resolve to Think Differently

People love making resolutions. The problem with resolutions is they are easily broken. Instead of promising yourself that you'll change everything bad about yourself, lose weight, volunteer, get a better job and write a book, maybe you should go easy on yourself.

Sure, change is good. Guilt is not good. Guilt freezes people in place. If you set a high goal and fall short, chances are you'll feel guilty and give up. If you start a diet and then eat a candy bar, you might just throw in the towel on the whole thing.

Don't give up on yourself. Think a new thought. Now is the perfect moment to begin again. You can start over right now. In this moment, you can make healthy choices. You can act differently. You can think new thoughts. In this moment, you can be the new you that you choose to be.

As you begin to see yourself differently, your external world will reflect that change. When you begin making new choices about what you think, say and do, you will see changes in your life.

You don't have to wait until calamity strikes, or the month changes, or your kids graduate. You can begin today. Take one step in the direction of your dreams. Just one step.

Namaste, friends

© 2018 Deborah Demander Reno


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