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Following Your Own Path

I am a travel writer, who loves adventure. I believe in the overall wellness of living your best life possible.

Prioritizing your happiness is essential in life.

Prioritizing your happiness is essential in life.

Your Own Happiness

With all the things going on in the world, following your dreams may feel like a difficult task. It's the small steps that matter. It's your happiness that counts, and your decision that is important. No one can tell you what should be important in your life unless you allow them to.

Years ago, I realized that the world is full of options. Options that I may or may not agree with, and that's okay. If you have a different belief than I do, we can agree to disagree, move on, and still come together as friends or family. We can all choose different paths. That's the beauty of the world, everyone sees from their own unique perspective. Your path should always be based on what you feel is best for you. You would never want to live in someone else's dream.

There are many things in life that are important, though what will impact your life the most will almost always be the choices you make. Failing isn't a sign of something bad. It simply means you've tried, and found a way it wouldn't work. Of course you should go ahead and try again.

Remember to take one step at a time.

Remember to take one step at a time.

Take Small Steps

You may feel frustrated, tired, and like quitting would be easier. You'll always wonder about the chances you didn't take. Many people don't regret the things they've done, but the things they never had the courage to do. The things they've always wanted, and never got around to. The times when you may have only had, one more small step to take.

So if your feeling like giving up, consider taking a break. Relax, and take as much time as you need. If you're well-rested and positive you may come up with a new approach. Planning is needed for big ideas, and nothing is truly impossible. All you have to do is believe you can.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart

— Confucius

Be sure to think about those in your life who you consider friends.

Be sure to think about those in your life who you consider friends.

Making Time for Your Friends

We all have responsibilities, jobs, kids, homework, or the occasional needy dog. I promise you will never regret making time for your friends. I hear you, "What if I don't have any time left?" Now, I know this will be difficult at first. You know all the time you spend watching TV, movies, or Netflix. Even if there are episodes you absolutely cannot miss, record them.

You may need to look for other moments where you can carve out some time, maybe getting up earlier. Yes, I agree, none of this sounds particularly exciting. Anything that you want, will require a sacrifice of time, even if it's an enjoyable hobby you want to start. You'll get used to it after a while, we promise.

It's okay to not be perfect with everything in your life. Perfection is often an illusion. Look for those moments where you can genuinely admit to wasting time, and make use of them. It will only help you with your end goal. Time has tried my patience as a friend all week, though I'm still taking small steps to reach where I want to be.

In search of happiness, we all must find our own path with our own unique situations. This is why no one can tell you how to get there. Only you know, and even if you fail many times. You'll figure it out. All you have to do is keep going.

Life is all about choices.

Life is all about choices.

All About Choices

When it comes to doing something you love, it really is all about the choices you make. Do you believe someone else, when they say it cannot be done? Do you have faith that everything will work out eventually? Choosing your own path is always the best option. You may not know how to accomplish your goal, but the only way you will find out is to take small steps in the right direction. The choice is always up to you. You have to decide what is best for you, and how much you're willing to work for it.

Yes, It will be work. Even when you have something you truly want in life, it will always take work to get there. Sometimes it will take more work then what you thought. This is why others may not take the same path.

It will be difficult to choose whether to go out with friends, and relax at the end of the week or to finish the chapter in that book you've been writing for the past six years. No one has ever said that it would be easy. They only said that it would be worth it. The late nights, the practice, and the sacrifice.

It's up to you to make that choice.

Following your own stream is the best way to achieve your dreams.

Following your own stream is the best way to achieve your dreams.

The Journey, Not the Destination

When we see the goal we are trying to reach, we usually only see the end result. We see that finished book, the song, or finally learning to play an instrument. Sometimes we see financial freedom, or more time with our loved ones. This is not our fault, its human nature. All though, we must always see the journey. The journey to get there is important.

We must all live for the journey. You need motivation, and inspiration to get to your desired destination. You need passion and faith. Otherwise, you will never make it. You must find joy, the humor, and even embrace the struggle. You must always keep pushing forward, even if it's not as quickly as you'd like. The truth is, the harder you work for something, the greater the gain, and you may fail many times. This does not mean that you won't succeed.

The journey somewhere is just as critical as the destination.

The journey somewhere is just as critical as the destination.

When It All Comes Together

When it finally happens, you won't be expecting it. It will come as a surprise, and will make you smile in ways you can't even imagine. Honestly, you may not even believe that it's happening. You will see how far you've come, and how many hours you put in. This is the moment when you see the journey as being important. You'll see that your success didn't come overnight. No one could ever claim that you didn't work hard for what you have.

You'll see all the difficulties and your accomplishments clearly. You'll see moments where you could have given up. The darker times when emotions and frustrations were unbearable. You will even see that you had fun in the process. It will all become clear, and you know that it was all worth it in the end. You've found a new level of confidence, and this will always help you in future journeys, or hard times threw out your life. Trust and belief in yourself will last forever.

So, next time you have a big dream and think ain't nobody got time for that — make time, and keep pushing it through.

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Savanna Riley (author) from Pennsylvania on September 10, 2020:

Very true, and Thank You so much.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 10, 2020:

Very thoughtful and interesting. "Friend" can certainly apply to many.