Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Right Now!

Updated on March 6, 2017
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Rohan quit a job as a copy editor to become a musician. He finds the going tough but has no intention of giving up just yet.

You are meant for victory. Mediocrity is for losers!
You are meant for victory. Mediocrity is for losers! | Source

Building castles in the air is all well and good, but unless you get to work on the ground, your castles will exist only in your imagination.

You need to get out of the rut. Build your reserve of energy. Be active during the day. Be tired by bedtime so you get a decent amount of sleep. Eat filling meals. Get out of your comfort zone, and go out and talk to people. Throw away thoughts of messing up. It's okay to mess up; if you don't mess up a few times, you will never develop into a more mature and emotionally grounded person. Be willing to fail, and don't take things personally.

From time-to-time, be willing to take chances.
From time-to-time, be willing to take chances. | Source

Once you build up a decent reserve of energy, start going to the gym. Work out and make your body stronger and more resilient. Be proud of who you are, even if you keep failing at whatever you try. Enjoy the process. Learn to love it. The journey matters. You can't just hop, skip, and jump to your destination.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and you will not taste success without some degree of toil. Get out of your comfort zone, and make your presence count!

Does the author of this article practice what he preaches?

Yes, he does. At the age of 25, he quit a fairly well-paying job in the copywriting/copy editing industry so that he could pursue his passion of creating music that inspires people. He has not yet had the kind of success that he was hoping to enjoy, but he won't give up anytime soon. When you are on the ground, the only way to go is up! It makes more sense to underachieve than to not do anything at all!

Know that if you don't get out of your comfort zone, you will live the rest of your life in a mundane way. You will become irrelevant and faceless like billions of people around the world. You will be average. No one will think much of you. You will not cause much of a change in the society you live in.

Make the most of your life. Like everyone, you will die in a matter of a few decades. Don't waste your life. Don't merely exist like a vegetable on the face of our planet. Be brave! Be the champion that you are capable of being. Be victorious. Work passionately with your goals always in your line-of-sight. Keep yourself motivated at all times and as much as possible. Build up a fire and keep it burning. You are meant to rock your time here on Earth.

Throughout history, the ones who stood out and were loved were always the ones who threw caution to the winds and got out of their comfort zones. They didn't live an existence of mental and emotional sedation. They were always on fire for what they loved. Take risks. It's seriously okay if you lose now. When your victory comes, all those who laughed at you and derided you will be forced to eat the humble pie without your uttering a word. When your moment of victory comes, your doubters will become your believers. Those who believed in you and supported you all along will cherish your victory as much as you will.

You are meant to do more than merely hack it in the world. You are meant to conquer your weaknesses and moments of humiliation. Your day of vindication will come, but only if you work toward it. Get up, get out into the real world, and be yourself. The world needs you as much as you need it.


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