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Hey! You Should Know You Have a Banging Body!

Tashaney Hibbert-Jones is a student studying fashion interested in helping others love their bodies by sharing her personal experiences.

Embrace that beautiful body of yours!

Embrace that beautiful body of yours!

Your Body Is Unique

Look around. You'll see that no one else in this world possesses the combination of each intricate detail that makes your beautiful body yours. Ranging from the sleek lines of evidential growth known as "stretch marks", or raised bumps on the skin, revealing the hormones that your body releases, to one less limb that creates a delicately new definition of the word "perfection", each body is unique.

Social Media Platforms sometimes cause us to believe otherwise, due to the agenda of conforming to society's definition of "beauty". However, this attitude towards our bodies creates toxicity that is unwanted.

This can create a negative tole on the perspectives of our bodies. However, I'm here to tell you that your body is something that should be celebrated rather than torn apart by harsh societal agendas. You are allowed to feel comfortable in your own body no matter the trauma or turmoil it may have experienced.

Body-Positive Influencers

A great way to help untie negative belief systems and replace them with positive ones is to follow body-positive influencers/celebrities. Here are a few that you can follow on Instagram:

You define your own terms of beauty; you are the definition of perfection, and no one can tell you otherwise.

"Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings, and emotions"

— Will Smith

Look At What Your Body Can Do

The way your body moves can only be recreated by you. Each ever so slight movement, the roll of your tongue, sound released from your lips, bend in your neck, raise and fall of your chest, the softness of your stomach, divine dents in your hips, bend in your leg, to the curl in your toes. It's all of these things that are unbelievably beautiful.

The colour of your skin compliments the earth, and the texture of your hair resembles the textures found in the enigmatic woods. You think like no one else; your mind is vast and incredible.

Society can sometimes cause us to believe we have no value unless we physically and mentally conform to toxic mindsets, but I'm letting you know that you do not have to think this way. Your body is capable of a variety of things that can be seen as naturally beautiful.

For Example: Flexibility, Sight, Hearing, Speech, Movement, Strength, Muscle, Stamina.

These are all things that others may not be able to physically see, yet you know within yourself you may have at least one of these aspects that makes you uniquely beautiful.

The definition of a beautiful, banging body does not just have to be defined by physical aspects. This is because the internal structures of yourself make up your whole body. From today, learn to focus on the positive things about your internal bodily traits, then allow this positivity to stem towards your outer external bodily traits.

"I finally realised that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself."

— Oprah Winfrey

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Your Body Loves You

The thing is that your body is built to aide your survival in multiple ways. From your nervous system, homeostasis reactions to your pumping heart and lungs. Your body is exceptional and continues to show its loyalty towards you by trying its best to keep you living.

The nutrients you feed your body are reflected in its performance. It takes one thing and creates it into another, like a chef in the kitchen. You are your body, and your body is you. Your body is brave, which therefore makes you braver.

Since you were a child your body has grown with you; it has experienced all of the trials and tribulations you have endured throughout your life. You and your body have come this far in life. Loyalty is real.

So what I shall conclude with is that, if you are having a hard time accepting your body, possibly consider these 3 points to help guide you to a much more positive mindset. Your body is such a beautiful vessel that is connected to your mind. Look after it, knowing how precious it is. You are unique in so many ways that you may have not even discovered yet.

Loving your body is a learning process, as so many outside factors easily affect how we think. But just know that your body is BANGING!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Tashaney Hibbert-Jones


Tashaney Hibbert-Jones (author) from London on September 28, 2019:

Thank you Louise, it's really nice to know that you appreciate the ultimate message of my article.

Louise Elcross from Preston on September 27, 2019:

Tashaney this was a truly lovely message. Well done for your first piece of work. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next piece. Thanks for sharing.

Tashaney Hibbert-Jones (author) from London on September 22, 2019:

LMAO, no problem at all, I'm glad the article resonated with you.

Blessing Awujo on September 22, 2019:

After reading your article, I can definitely say I can see my body in a positive light and know it is banging, thanks a lot for sharing your viewpoint and encouragement

Tashaney Hibbert-Jones (author) from London on September 22, 2019:

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comment as it's my first attempt at writing an article on here

Kathy Henderson from Pa on September 21, 2019:

Love this and your positive attitude. I have written a few on this topic and love seeing a young vivacious person echoing my feelings. Way to be an encourager, keep up the good work.

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