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How to Manifest Your Hopes and Desires

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Manifesting in its general sense means to make something clear and obvious. In the context of this article, we talk about making something happen and making your dreams come true.

Your Aspirations

Do you feel that parts of your life are restricting or draining? If so, it is the time for you to start manifesting your wishes and desires.

Start by believing and remembering that miracles do happen and that it is time for you to aim high, to find out what it is that you really desire.

When you release limited thoughts, your cup becomes filled with the possibilities and opportunities that the Universe sends your way. You replenish your stores of mental, emotional, and physical energy. Have courage and let go of all limited and archaic beliefs. Remain aware that you are manifesting what you desire at every moment of the day. Stretch your vision of yourself and you will receive what you ask for.

Use visualization to manifest your dreams and make them come true. Widen your perception of yourself and of your self. Refrain from letting other people’s perception of you influence your perception of yourself.

When in action, your Higher Self does not focus on limited thinking patterns. When you doubt if something is of the highest good for you, ask the Universe. You may do this in meditation or in moments of silent reflection. You might be surprised at how little you seek. Instead of asking small questions, think and ask big.

All is accessible to you, but you have to ask. At times, this is a challenging course of action, but it is the most important bit that you can do. Because without asking, you do not develop into the next level. Focus on areas in your life that you want to grow and develop. Write down your thoughts and explore your reality and your dreams.

Ask for the highest good for yourself and for your loved ones. The highest good will come to you when you let go of your attachment to the form this will take and to the outcome.


Manifest What You Carry in Your Heart

Modern challenging times require a new type of human being to find the way through the turbulent waters of challenges and to generate solutions based on the spiritual principles of harmony, balance, and respect for life. At present, many souls are awakening spiritually and have come to understand and experience their own unique and divine spiritual roots.

A new path is forged in the body, mind, emotions, and consciousness when souls, embodied in human forms, awaken and realize their intimate connection with spirit. The awakened human being starts to experience greater closeness with spirit.

For some people, an inner understanding of divine soul purpose develops early on in the spiritual journey. These people will be guided in the direction needed for optimal growth.

For other people, knowledge of the divine soul’s purpose confounds the human embodied self for a long time. This may ignite the experience of a “dark night of the soul” with a barely perceivable outer or inner support.

The period of seeking may cause suffering to the embodied human self, who might feel empty, meaningless, and worried to be taking the wrong direction.

Manifesting your divine soul purpose is unique and precious. To discover the guiding essence of your life's purpose, you will have to realize the needs, desires, dreams, aspirations, hopes, and longings that you hold most dear to your heart.

Spirit created you for the sacred spiritual purpose you personify.

How do adults who grew up in less-than-ideal circumstances, where their spiritual predispositions were not supported, discover their divine soul purpose? The yearnings of their hearts do not get snuffed, even in the most difficult of circumstances. This eternal quality of the soul will help them to manifest their soul’s purpose.

Manifesting your soul’s purpose implies understanding and embracing the qualities required to make your life meaningful in whatever work you do.

If you feel uninspired or disconnected from your divine soul purpose, you can re-connect by praying for this and creating a sacrosanct intention to reconnect with your inner being. Prayer and intention initiate a healing path that will lead you toward what you desire.

If you have been disconnected from your divine soul’s purpose for a long time, you may experience strong emotions of grief or pain, as the connection is re-established. Breathe and be with these emotions without curbing them and hold them in the divine light. This will lead to freeing up inner space in you.

The discovery of your divine soul's purpose lies within your heart’s desire.

Expand Your Vision

It is vital that you practice expanding your vision. By jotting down your dreams and thoughts, you will have something to work with even if it means dealing with negative thoughts or doubts. This would be a good time to re-examine them. If you feel that a part of your dream is not coming to you, it could be because you are not allowing yourself to receive it.

Open yourself to receiving the abundance of the Universe. Allow yourself to receive the energy of unconditional love without fear, and accept the energy and the true love and healing of who you are.

The Universe is bringing you all that you need. All you have to do is ask. What you ask for, will be brought to you. Be clear about what you want and be specific about the ask.

Laughter—Over and over in your life, you will see small-scale ways in which your wants and desires come true, and you will laugh. Few things are nicer than laughing at how things fall into place. Laughter will help you shift your perspective on life, allowing you to see situations in a more realistic and less intimidating light.

Without asking, you cannot expect to expand into higher levels of consciousness. Most of us ask so very little of the Universe. Have the courage to realize your deepest wishes and desires and dare to ask big, and then open yourself to receiving all that the Universe has to offer.

Explore your dreams. Become aware of your needs, wishes and desires, and record the gifts of the Universe. Keeping a record of what you received from the Universe will serve as a reminder if you ever feel discouraged or disappointed.


Use the Manifesting Mindset

Success comes to those who use the manifesting mindset, which is a way of thinking that is in harmony with the universe.

If you subconsciously believe that you can have wealth in your life, then your mind will let you manifest that wealth. If you subconsciously doubt the possibility of ever attaining wealth, then your energy will vibrate at a level that will not draw wealth.

If you spend your time focusing on a problem with your conscious mind you will never find the optimal answer, but if you sleep on it, it will often come to you as a revelation.

Daydreaming—Many great ideas come to us when we let our mind relax and let our thoughts wander. How gladly we feel when we realize that we have just solved a problem that has been bugging us for years. This is what it means to be in harmony with the Universe.

We are only beginning to appreciate and harness the energy of the universe. While there is much more for us to learn, we do know that knowledge is power, and understanding the mindset required to manifest will allow you to succeed and get what you ought to have.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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