5 Tips to a Better Morning

Updated on August 15, 2017
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If you're like me, then chances are you have a hard time waking up. But, by making these simple changes, I became a happier morning person!

My Personal Experience

From years of struggling to stay awake in those early hours of the morning, I decided to make a list of what worked best for me. Firstly, I had to make a habit of waking up earlier. This is definitely easier said than done as the snooze button was my best friend for those first couple of days. Then, I incorporated some habits that I enjoyed in the morning such as yoga and meditation. When the blood got flowing, I definitely felt more energized! I also tried other methods such as reading and journalling. However, I enjoyed that routine in the evening a little bit more. Read more about the tips that actually stuck with me and helped me become the morning person I am today!

1) Don't Hit Snooze

As tempting as it may be, do not press that snooze button for those 5 extra minutes of sleep! Research shows that those extra minutes of sleep can actually be bad for you because your body and brain will be confused. Also, the body's natural internal clock can be thrown off schedule which in turn can negatively impact your rest of the day. Instead, throw open the shades and allow the bright light of the sun to naturally wake you up.

How NOT to wake up
How NOT to wake up

2) Yoga and Meditation

Take those few minutes in the morning to stretch your muscles and slowly wake up. Some exercises may include high knees, plank position, and butterfly stretch. Yoga will help energize your muscles helping your body get ready for the day. Meditation helps to clear your mind and can get you mentally prepared for those rigorous tasks of the day. Find a quiet place within your environment to start meditation. Close your eyes and take deep breaths in and out while listening to your natural surroundings or nature sounds. If you prefer to listen to nature sounds such as the ocean or rain, a good app to check out is NatureSpace.

Add in some of your favorite items to give a boost to your meditation!
Add in some of your favorite items to give a boost to your meditation!

3) Jog it Out

If you have ever felt too tired after a long day of work and skipped exercising, try to move your workout to the morning. The air is fresher in the morning and the scenic views can set the tone for your whole day. If this is still not motivating, make a running group so that you cannot skip out on the run! Exercising in the morning helps to increase alertness and also your metabolism. This will help you burn more calories throughout the whole day. Talk about a win win!

Join some friends for a jog and finish strong till the end.
Join some friends for a jog and finish strong till the end.

4) Grab a Drink

No, we don’t mean a cold beer! Instead, grab a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Some people also recommend drinking apple cider vinegar with water. These drinks can help balance pH levels in your body and help your digestive system throughout the day. If you’re someone who needs a caffeine fix, try out some ginger tea with honey. This comes with a load of health benefits including antimicrobial activities. Also, it is important to drink at least 8 cups of water throughout the day. So, get started with a couple of glasses in the morning!

A fresh glass of lemon juice in the morning to wake up!
A fresh glass of lemon juice in the morning to wake up!

5) Relax with Some Tunes

Music can instantly brighten up your mood and give positive energy for the start of your day. Listen to your favorite playlist while going through your morning routine. Music releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine which makes your mood happier. It also is a great stress reliever, which is often needed in those early mornings!

Jam it out to your favorite song
Jam it out to your favorite song

So, there you have it. These are some tips that can definitely help you become a morning person, or if not at least a happier person after you wake up. Take the poll below and let us know which other tips you use to wake up below!

Which tip will you start using today?

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