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Effective Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem


I have been suffering from a low self-esteem. I consulted a lot of doctors until I found the solution which was a mix of 2 options.


Start Challenging Yourself

You can get rid of your low self-esteem just by making a decision to do so. You are hanging on to it for some reason. Why? Why can't you get out of your comfort zone and be free and love yourself? What is so scary? Your self-esteem will rise if you let it. Get your confidence back; you deserve it! Is your self-esteem not in top shape? Would you like to feel confident and happy with who you are? People who have confidence and self-esteem are magnets for love and luck.

This is how you can train yourself towards better confidence. Don’t say “I have low self-esteem,” and then look down on the ground and feel sorry for your self. Why not try to change instead? You can feel better, get confidence and self-esteem in an instant!

Here are 5 steps you can follow to start challenging yourself and improve your self-esteem:

  1. Buy a notebook (a “good book”) that is small enough to carry with you.
  2. Now start writing down everything that is good in life. Make it a mixture of big and small things. For example: great coffee, lady smiled at me, I managed to run 8 kilos without stopping, found jeans that look hot on me, a friend invited me to dinner, I got a kiss on RSVP, my boss is in a nice mood, etc.
  3. Also write good things about yourself, like “I look good in this dress” or “I made my friends laugh today.” It should be achievements that you are proud of.
  4. If you have personal goals like “I want to be a sociable person,” then reward yourself when you are improving. “Today I smiled and looked the clerk at my local shop in the eyes.”
  5. Force yourself to write at least five things every day.

It could be the same things as the day before; there is no harm in repeating, as long as you write something! Compliment yourself, pat your back and be your best friend. This will make you less dependent on others appreciation, and you will be aware of your assets. You will feel stronger and more focused on what you actually have in your life. Enjoy the happy moments and be proud of you.

So, what is the first thing you will write in your book?

Boost Self-Esteem With Hypnosis

Here is another way you can use to improve self-esteem. Maybe you have heard about using hypnosis to build your confidence, but are wondering if this can really work.

If you think about hypnosis, I’ll bet you have a picture in your mind of someone waving a watch backward and forwards in front of you while chanting ‘you are feeling sleepy’. Luckily modern day hypnosis is completely different from this outdated view!

Contrary to what you may have read or heard, hypnosis does not involve being put into a deep sleep. You are not under the hypnotist’s control, as you remain fully aware of where you are and the fact that you are being hypnotized.

Hypnosis is thought to work by accessing the creative right side of the brain rather than the analytical left side of the brain, thus awakening your subconscious. The subconscious mind controls our behavior to a certain extent, so if we want to change our behaviors we need to reprogram this.

Using hypnosis can help to erase some of the deep-seated negative beliefs we may hold about ourselves and reprogram our subconscious mind in such as way that we automatically develop new behaviors and habits which will help us to get to where we want to be in life.

Some experts believe that everyone is born with good levels of self-confidence, but then events happen to us which affects the way we view ourselves on a subconscious level.


Often, we will not even be able to remember these events—our conscious minds will have long forgotten them, but our subconscious mind will remember every one and will send signals to our consciousness that we are undeserving. This then compels us to act in accordance with this belief, and we may behave in ways which consistently demonstrate our lack of confidence and sabotage our efforts to change.

This has the effect of constantly reinforcing the belief that we are not good enough and doomed to fail. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help us to pinpoint the cause, relearn our lost confidence, and move forward towards what we want. You can gain the advantages of hypnosis without actually going to see a hypnotist.

Hypnosis sessions can be purchased in CD or MP3 format so that you can listen to them in the comfort of your own home or your car. This is a lot cheaper and more convenient than visiting a hypnotist—you can listen at your leisure and your pace. Low self-confidence can affect all areas of our lives, and can even be the cause of other problems such as phobias, excess weight, and poor self-esteem.

By increasing your self-confidence, you should find yourself much more able to tackle these other issues. Using hypnosis will help you to work on building your self-confidence in the first instance, as this is the key to changing your whole life.

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