Introduction to Freeing Yourself From Your Problems

Updated on August 3, 2017
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Tomi started practicing these techniques years ago. They have helped her clear her mind from negative thoughts and become a happier person.

Maybe Not for Everyone

These techniques may not work for everyone, but I feel they have helped me tremendously over the years—and even now to this day. I use it to deal with daily problems. You know the saying WIP (work in progress); that is me. Releasing, or letting go, has even helped me write this article.

Maybe some people don't need help letting go of something or someone, but I do—and I think others might, too. Some people may have the natural ability to let go of people or emotions such as fear (e.g., feeling anxious), anger (e.g., feeling frustrated), apathy (e.g., feeling forgetful), grief, lust, etc., but I was not able to easily access my natural ability to let go of unwanted thoughts or feelings. Once I started releasing or letting go of the negative feelings, it really helped me become happier. I think it can help adults and kids alike.

Negative Thought Patterns, Not Big on Self-help?

I am very passionate about this and feel it could benefit everyone even if only a very small way—I know it has benefited me. Isn't it worth a try? I just want to spread the word since it has helped me over the years to let go of negative feelings or thoughts. I like helping others, especially if I feel it is something where I have some experience and/or self-knowledge.

Well-being, Clear and Open Your Mind

I have always enjoyed reading books and articles about self-help. I started practicing these techniques years ago and I highly recommend others practicing them. These techniques have helped me clear my mind from negative thoughts which helps me remember things better since my mind is not so cluttered. It has also helped me sleep better.

You may be a skeptic at first because the process will seem so simple. However, I have used it and it works to make me happier. Why not give it a try if you are struggling with anything? Everyone could possibly benefit from this. It is actually a simple process to let go of your feelings by doing this, and in fact, can be quite a powerful tool to use.

Make Peace With Your Past


Insecurities, A Program to Help

You can learn these techniques which can be used in place of some medications to help with the stress of everyday life or even emotional trauma. These techniques can help you with any problems or any blocks you may have in your mind that keep you from enjoying life. You may have heard of some of this before or maybe just similar techniques being mentioned. I was able to learn these techniques by going through the program of the Sedona Method.

Letting Go Poll

Are you able to easily let go of negative emotions, feelings and thoughts?

See results

Release Techniques, Letting Go of Negative Thoughts

There are different ways to release that I know of. I am only going to give you my favorite way at this time. An example would be if you picked up a pencil and gripped it tightly. Hold it in front of you. Pretend the pencil is one of your negative emotions, feelings or thoughts and that your hand represents your gut or what you think in your mind. If you held onto the pencil long enough, it would start to make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable. Yet, it would be familiar, correct? Notice you can open your hand and roll the pencil around. You are the one holding onto the pencil (or your negative emotions, feelings or thoughts). It is not attached to you just like your feelings. Feelings are as attached to you as the pencil is attached to your hand. Just drop the pencil. You dropped the pencil which represents your emotions, feelings or thoughts so you just let it go, right? Letting go of negative emotions, feelings or thoughts is just as easy as dropping the pencil. A technique similar to this was highlighted on The Big Bang Theory.

Let It Go

Letting go or releasing can be as easy as thinking about the negative emotions and what feelings arise and simply asking yourself five questions repeatedly on one emotion or feeling at a time. What is your NOW feeling? Could you welcome/allow that feeling? Just allow the feeling to be there. Could you let it (the feeling or emotion) go (even for just a moment)? Answer this with yes or no only. Would you let it (the feeling or emotion) go? Answer with yes or no only. Then ask yourself, when will you let it (the feeling or emotion) go? That is an invitation for you to let the feeling or emotion go now like the pencil you dropped and therefore, you are releasing or letting go of that emotion and feeling. Simply let it go.

Again, the key is concentrating on a negative emotion like fear. Maybe something is making you feel anxious (fear) so for about 20 seconds or more you would concentrate on those feelings of being anxious or the emotion of fear. You would then begin asking yourself the five questions one at a time by concentrating on how you feel at the moment (now) on being anxious. Keep repeating these questions by pausing and thinking of each emotion or feeling before each question. Also, keep repeating the questions until you no longer have that negative feeling of being anxious (or having fear). You can shorten the last two questions too using less words such as: Would you? and When? You can also ask the questions in the first person such as: Could I? and Would I?

This process will help you use your natural ability to let go of any unwanted thoughts, negative emotions or feelings on the spot. This is called releasing or letting go. It really works, but it does take some time and practice just like exercise for it to become easier and to get the full benefit. It will become easier the more you practice the releasing.The more you release, the easier you let go of negative emotions, feelings, or thoughts.

Smile, Freedom Now, You Are In Charge


Shocking Truth About Your Health by expert, Lissa Rankin, MD

What You Could Gain by Letting Go or Releasing

  • Better Health
  • Better Sleep
  • More Happiness
  • Freedom of Fears, Bad Habits and Traumatic Events
  • More Satisfaction
  • More Productivity on your Job
  • Positive Changes in your Life
  • Better Relationships

Nine Emotional States

The table below gives the nine emotional states and some examples of how you could possibly be feeling. For example, if you are feeling discouraged, you would find that feeling under the emotion of apathy so you would need to let go of apathy by concentrating on the feelings of how discouraged you are. Then, by releasing that feeling of discouragement, you would be letting go of the emotion of apathy. Another example, I can let go of the emotion of anger by focusing on how I feel when I'm frustrated. By releasing the feelings of being frustrated, I am able to let go of the emotion of anger.

Nine Emotions and Some Examples of Associated Feelings

Above reproach
Can't win
Can't wait
I want
I am
Must have it
Never satisfied
Portion of chart from The Sedona Method book by Hale Dwoskin on pages 106-107. There is a more complete chart listed in the book.

Being Calm, Time Heals Things



Another thing that really helps me is thinking of a positive goal in positive words. For example, if you have trouble sleeping, maybe your goal could be: I will allow myself to sleep peacefully until a certain time, like 7:00 a.m. for example, and awake refreshed and well rested. You would then concentrate on that positive goal and think of what emotions and/or feelings come to mind (now) and try to release the emotions and feelings one at a time. For instance, maybe you would feel skeptical about that positive goal so you would release on the emotion of fear by thinking about how skeptical you feel. I have been practicing this technique and it has helped me fall asleep faster.

The positive goals on this could be never ending. This is just an example of one positive goal. Also, you can be working on one certain goal, and all of a sudden, you will realize it has helped you in other areas that you have not ever released on.

The Sedona Method Book

The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being
The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being
I bought The Sedona Method book which gives you all the basics and more, regarding my article. The book teaches you more in depth techniques of letting go, and the book also gives you examples of people going through the method. The book has a lot of information with lists and charts. The book gives you examples of goals. Some of the information may seem repetitive, but sometimes, that is what we need to learn something. If you are told something numerous times or in different ways, eventually, it will stick with you. Just reading the book was uplifting to me with all of the positive reinforcements in it, and the book really helped me write this article with more details of the method and techniques that I have been practicing. This book is well worth the money because it teaches techniques that could help you improve in so many different areas of your life.

Positive Thinking

All feelings or problems come from four basic wants: wanting approval/love, wanting to control, wanting security/survival, and wanting to be separate. This program will help you release or let go on all of these.

You can use this program along with Weight Watchers or any program to help you lose weight by releasing emotions and feelings. You could try letting go of your emotion of lust of wanting a certain food by concentrating on the feeling, I want. By releasing on, I want, you are letting the emotion of lust and your feelings go.

I have used the program over the years to help me in general. I can use it to get as instant moment of happiness, to let go of stress, or to release a negative thought. You can also release positive emotions/feelings, but that is for a future article. You could possibly start getting positive results on the first day that you start releasing or letting go of your emotions and feelings.

Further Reading

You can read more about these techniques in The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being, by Hale Dwoskin.

Come on Back

If this is interesting to you and something that you think you would want to try, please keep visiting. I plan to write more articles in the future on this.

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions in the comment section and I will try to answer them. Thank you for your interest.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2017 Tomi Smith


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    • tomsmithnow profile imageAUTHOR

      Tomi Smith 

      2 years ago

      Venkatachari, thank you so much for reading and commenting! I appreciate it!

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 

      2 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      It's a good article providing some simple tips to free oneself from tensions and live a happy life.


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