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Meditation on Abundance

S.P. Austen (1960- 2020) was an independent author writing on a diversity of subjects and genres. He passed away on June 30, 2020

The Law of Attraction

We hear a great deal these days about attaining abundance, focusing upon abundance and visualising being abundant. In the currently very popular (although ancient) Law of Attraction teachings, abundance is a major key word that is heard often.

Everyone wants to feel abundant. No one really wants to experience poverty or lack—not even in small ways. We all know how good it feels to have enough of this, enough of that, to have money in the bank and to feel secure. No one wants to experience the worry that lack of money brings.

The Law of Attraction teachings talk a great deal about how to visualise receiving abundance, in all its forms, whether financial, or otherwise, and to focus on that feeling of abundance all day long.

But in order to really be abundant, we must re-train our minds to conjure up what abundance truly feels like. Now that is not necessarily an easy thing to do, so in this meditation we are going to train the mind, the emotions and the body to get into the right feeling place where abundance can be appreciated and experienced, first as a potent mental concept, then as an emotional feeling state, and even as a somatic experience of receiving.

To truly become abundant, we must first experience what it feels like mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It has to feel completely plausible before it can actually make itself manifest in the material realm.

The great secret contained in the Law of Attraction teachings is actually creating the sense of feeling good about the subject matter in hand, whatever that subject may be. Whether it be money, relationships, health, home or career, you must first feel good about that subject in some profound way that makes you feel that it can be attainable.

For example, if you believe that money is 'bad' and that only selfish people have it, then your beliefs around what money means to you, will withhold it from you. You will repel money because your innermost feelings about it create in harmony with your well-being. So if you had it then you would be somehow tainted by it. Therefore, it cannot be a harmonious vibration for you, and you will always somehow push it away from you.

Image by: pasja1000

Image by: pasja1000

If you don't feel good about the subject, whatever that subject may be, then you will never attract the necessary elements that will come together to manifest that thing you desire. Your emotional connection to the subject matter will always be the energy that goes into that subject, good, bad or indifferent. Your emotions hold the key, the very vibration that will create either what you want or what you do not want.

Sitting for Meditation

Start by seating yourself appropriately, in whatever manner you are used to, either in a straight-backed chair or on the floor. If you can perform the Lotus posture or the Half-Lotus posture, then by all means, do that seated on the floor.

You may give yourself either a full thirty minutes for this meditation, or make it shorter, perhaps ten or fifteen minutes, as part of a thirty-minute meditation session.

Sit with a straight spine and the head resting comfortably in a straight line with the spinal column. Bring your attention to the breath. The breathing is all done via the nostrils only, breathing in through the nostrils and breathing out through the nostrils. You are taking long, deep and slow breaths, and feeling that the breath itself is a fluidic energy that ascends and descends along the spinal canal.

Perform this breathing technique for a few breaths until you feel quite relaxed. On the next in-breath, imagine a thread of golden light ascending upwards along the spine and entering the top of the head where resides the Crown Chakra spoken of in Eastern mysticism. See and feel the golden light transfigure here into a golden-white sun with rays shining out in all directions. It will look rather like a halo around a saintly person's head. On each in-breath, just allow this inner sun to scintillate and radiate outwards.

Continue breathing in this way for several breaths until you feel that you are mastering it well. Keep the mental image of the golden light flowing up the spine and into the Crown Chakra. Be aware of a sense of the 'energy' contained in the breath.

I call this type of breathing the Energy Breath, as for most people, there is a sense of an energy or vibration as you visualise the golden light and feel it coursing up the spinal canal.

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Keep the mind centred at the top of the head for a few minutes.

Creating the Feeling State

Now bring the attention to your own face. Allow a sense of complete relaxation to permeate all the muscles of the face; there should be no frowning, tension in the eyes or brows, and all the muscles should feel calm and relaxed. Do not purse the lips or clench the teeth. Allow the tongue to rest softly in the mouth, not stuck hard to the upper palate.

It is well known scientifically, that the nerves in the face are ultimately rigged into the brain. When we smile or cry, the brain knows it. The brain will respond accordingly by releasing either feel-good endorphins or stress hormones respectively, which stimulate the release of adrenalin, the fight or flight hormone.

But we can trick the brain into believing that we feel good; we can do it right now, with a simple smile. I call this the Buddha Smile. It isn't a big, toothy grin, and it certainly isn't a frown. It's a smile that just gently turns the ends of the lips up, a very subtle smile of inner peace and tranquility. Sometimes, we can see such a smile on statues of the Buddha. Try to emulate that kind of smile, right now.

It isn't long before you start to feel good. The brain is already responding automatically to your smile, and is releasing the necessary hormones which will increase this feel-good mood.

Now you have set the scene and have created the desired feeling-state necessary in order to begin your visualisation.

Feeling Abundant

Begin by visualising the object of your desire. We can use anything to focus on that we might truly want, such as a new home, location or job. In this example, let's use money as the needful object, as it is one of those essential things that everyone seems to need, and frankly, we can't get much else without it!

Let your creative mind feel what having money is like; don't be excessive in detail, just try and really feel what having a good sum of money will feel like emotionally.

So, we are now seeing what currency looks like. You can see coins of all types, and you can feel them; their weight, the light shining on them, they're all new, freshly minted coins. They're slowly filling up around you, where you sit, and you can put out a 'mental hand' and touch them with the 'fingers of the mind' if you wish. What does that feel like?

Image by: geralt

Image by: geralt

Now visualise thick wads of banknotes coming down and piling up around you. See the colour, and any other details if you are able to, but don't strain at it. Let it feel like it's easy and flowing. Can you see large figure notes? Can you feel what these nice crisp notes feel like? All fresh from the printing, they are yours. Really experience what the coins and the notes look like and feel like as they surround you.

Sit with your new-found fortune, maintaining the Buddhic expression of peace and well-being on your face. Ah, that feels good. You are feeling abundant; the sense of relief and well-being that comes from this source of abundance feels just great. Sit with this feeling of security and well-being for a few minutes. Perhaps you can feel how you will be able to share this abundance with others or support some good cause that is dear to your heart.

Don't try and work out the hows, the whys and the wherefores of how you are ever going to attract the financial support that you need. The Universe doesn't work that way. Your only job is to feel good in relation to the subject matter, in this case, being money. The Universal Law of Attraction will find the hows, whys and wherefores for you. It will match you up with the set of circumstances that will attract the needed sums into your material life, and whatever active steps you take in your life towards that end will be guided to help this aim to be achieved.

The moment we start to work out the hows, the whys and the wherefores, we are setting up doubt in our minds and our emotions which then puts us out of alignment with the object of what we actually want, and brings in the element of the impossibility of attaining it. Then, we become like the apostle Peter, when he saw Jesus walking on the water, and began walking towards his Master on the water, but as soon as he saw the waves around him, he began to sink, and Jesus had to rescue him from drowning. We must not doubt.

So just sit with the sense of trust that the method of attainment will be shown to you. Feel as good as you can about receiving the abundance that you need.

Open to Receiving

Now allow your hands to rest with palms facing upwards, perhaps on your knees or upper thighs. The hands are just in an open-handed gesture of acceptance. This is a type of body language, that sends out a message to the Universe that you are open, and willing to receive abundance into your two open hands.

Maintaining the Buddha smile and visualising the financial support around you, feeling the sense of security and abundance that comes with all of that, now really feel that your hands are allowing the money to flow into your life. Let this flow for several minutes, feeling really, really good about the whole process. If any previous inhibitions about receiving money were present before, just let those prohibitive feelings dissolve as no longer serving your highest good.

Know that you are allowed to receive. This will feel most liberating, and possibly revolutionary for many people.

Image by: unclelkt

Image by: unclelkt

Manifesting Your Request

Still in the receptive mode of meditation on abundance, be aware of how physical the money feels to you. You could actually plunge your hand into it and feel it between your fingers. Breathe into the physical sensation of having this abundance, using the Energy Breath.

Sense how the money feels emotionally for you. It will solve a lot of problems. It will help with so many things, both for yourself and for family and the causes you believe in. As you receive, so shall you be able to give. That feels wonderful. Breathe into that feeling, using the Energy Breath.

Now feel the money mentally, the concept of abundance, of security, of solving many troubles, of opening the door to other opportunities. Breathe into this feeling too.

Now, feel the abundance spiritually. Feel how you can do so much good with it. How many others can be helped through this attainment? Breathe the golden light of the Energy Breath into this abstract concept.

You now feel abundance on every level, and immerse yourself in the truest sense of that feeling. You pledge to be unselfish with it. You know that it is coming to you, as surely as the sun rises every morning.

You are Abundance itself. All is well.

Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.

— Jesus


Liliane on July 21, 2020:

so good to know.

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