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Odd Case of a Peripatetic Mind


Val is an out-of-the-box writer often questioning the validity of many popular tenets of cultural paradigm..


What the Heck Is Peripatetic Mind?

Google defines peripatetic as travelling from place to place -- and I tend to add a gypsy image to it. Even as I am using the pronoun "I", my mind is not staying at the conversational meaning of it, but wanders over possible other meanings.

Like, along with those much smarter than me, I don't know what "I" is. If I say that "I" am this consciousness, I am saying nothing, because nobody knows what consciousness is.

And even less am I this body, because one that possesses body cannot be that possession.

And then, as I am using this "I" while addressing others, it's like I am assuming that they will know who this "I" is -- which is ridiculous, because even I don't know who this "I" is, so I am just playing a conversational game of identities. Otherwise, why would I keep using this "I" if I knew that no one has a clue who that "I" is -- except extremely superficially for the purposes of interactional conveniences.

Here, that was one example of my peripatetic mind.

Another one would have to do a lot with beliefs. I don't have any firm ones, they are all a part of my department of collective consciousness -- not taken seriously by my more pronounced individual consciousness.

Meaning that I can play all collectivistic games -- about politics, cost of living, religion, literature, music, diets... whatever, but it ultimately doesn't mean a shit to me, because I am not taking the whole cultural paradigm seriously.

And why is that? Because my peripatetic mind is solely relying on my intuition which always offers its out of the box logicalness.

How far "out of the box" can I drift away? It's hard to tell, but never too far, so that I would lose a sense of the factual reality. In a dance of all variables, I never forget for a moment where I am and what's going on, and it's never contaminated with all those variables.

So, where does that "intuition" stem from"?

Well, let me grab your hand, as we are going down this rabbit hole -- not that you don't get lost in there, but for you to know that I am feeling your presence and not forgetting the reality that we share.


Intuition, the Source of Mental Gypsiness

I already mentioned it in few other posts -- but I am not naively assuming that you are reading each and every post I write -- so here it is again.

When I don't think something else about it, I think that we humans were genetically engineered by some incredibly advanced civilization of more than hundred millennia ago. Not necessarily in a sense that Zecharia Sitchin was proposing it -- namely, "to become their intelligent slaves in gold mines", or in a petri dish of some super lab.

I think our "consciousness" was programmed telepathically, and then it created some advanced genes in the ape which they used for the "raw material". Over some generations, the ape evolved into homo sapience driven by those genes, while preserving its animalistic genes side by side.

History is the story of animalistic genes hijacking some lower of those advanced ones for their purposes of greed, arrogance, territoriality, and need for power. In other words, it's the history of beings expressing their animalism in intelligent ways.

Here and there, by some fluke of nature, those genes at the upper part of the advancement scale protruded through the animalistic model of survival producing a genius and a savant.

The story gets much, much longer, but let's stop it here by introducing intuition as that strange mental force -- which we also like calling gut feeling.

So, here we have arrived at the point where my peripatetic mind stems from. Not from a gene of a genius, because my worldly "achievements" say nothing of that level of excellence -- and yet it's a whisper loud enough to quiet down the beast in me and guide me through the mazes of coexistence with others in a harmonious way.

When I don't think otherwise, I think that the whole cosmic community -- of which we are also a part -- is communicating telepathically, through the bands of frequencies.

With our level of consciousness evolution, we can tune into only a lower range of programs, with which we are collapsing our virtual reality from infinite field of potentiality.

My peripatetic mind is operating somewhere "between the stations", that's why I can't "buy" much of the cultural paradigm; and that whisper is only making me aware that there are other ways of looking at things than it is being suggested by the consensus in the collective consciousness.

There are many people with peripatetic minds. Not all of them are lucky to possess flexibility, so they are suffering, some to the point of going schizoid and torn between "different realities".

As for me, I feel enormously grateful for this innate phlegmatic / sanguine temperament which allows me to "dance around the box, inside the box, over it and under it" -- enjoying different panoramas of the world. For a moment it's incredibly humorous, then romantic, then pathetic, then stupid, then wondrous, simple and complex, and I -- whatever "I" is -- play an MC on that inner stage.


Once Upon a Time In a World of Magic

My love for archaeology is inspired by my intuition which places me back into those ancient times one way or another. So, for an example, I am intuiting that most of those architectural marvels -- that are unrepeatable with our level of technology -- were not built in a conventional way, stone on top of the stone, so to speak.

In my mind it looks so clear that their complete structure, with all incredible details were collapsed from their quantum design into a manifest form -- by minds advanced enough to do it.

You see, when we want to decode that part of history, we are using our own "technology of thinking", so we mention "gods", we mention "rituals", and then go naive to picture something like thousands of workers working days and nights for decades, to shape Great pyramid with their bronze chisels. And all that just to please an old fart of a pharaoh to deposit his mummified bones once he croaks.

We judge the spirit of other epochs by our own ways of reasoning. Sometimes I call it "intellectual arrogance"; and sometimes I just shrug it off, not calling it anything.

Peoples of those times were thinking with differently "wired" minds. My peripatetic mind is only sensing something like the "spirit" of those epochs, not anything detailed -- but surely different that the mainstream archaeologists and anthropologists are giving us.

I can say that I even feel a sort of nostalgia about those times. During our visiting Chichenitza, the ruins of the Mayans on outskirts of Cancun, I was touching those walls with an almost choked up sensation of missing those people who built that El Castillo pyramid, that observatory, those temples. With all those tourists around, the place felt ghostly empty to me.

But then, as much as my mind may drift to those ancient times, it suddenly shifts into a nostalgia for the future. I get this very pleasant creative curiosity about what I may be like in five years time.

Maybe dead, but not for a moment am I considering it as a realistic factor in my computations of my future. I mean, it simply makes no rational sense to insert into the equation of future that possibility that we may croak in the next five minutes.

So I am enthusing myself with this or that new mental technique which I am practicing and which may create a different mental landscape in my processing of reality.

Of course, I will always stay "present" in the one which all of us are collectively sharing -- but my gypsy mind derives no f-n pleasure from politicizing, worrying about crazy viruses, and even being concerned about the polluted state of our food, water, soil, air -- and yes, our minds.


Uncomplacent Freedom of Self Expression

So, is peripatetic mind the same as "open mind"? No. We can have an open mind within a range of proposed alternatives, whereas peripatetic mind goes outside of any of it.

It's like you ask a little kid what he wants for his breakfast -- a French toast, cereal, or boiled eggs -- and he says: "I want an ice cream".

At times it feels like exploring the unknown from an unknown platform. I can ask questions "through regular channels", or I don't know who wants to know, and it's perfectly fine with me -- with that sense of intellectual adventurism.

Which brings us to my writing at this Hub Pages Network. The only word I could use to explain my motive is playfulness. For example, take this post that you are reading now. I am perfectly aware that to most of readers it will be completely weird.

Geez, can't I write anything informative? Why bother writing if I know that the readership will mean a couple of those who just need this one more proof about my weirdness?

Really, back there I wrote something resembling poems, mentioned flowers, and love, and romantics -- why do I have to spoil it with this outlandish crap?

You see, when I was a little boy, and I came out to play, I was not always joining other kids in their game -- sometimes I did things which I found amusing, and then, if they wanted to join -- fine -- if they didn't, fine again.

So, who says that I have to follow what is "appropriate" on this website? Why wouldn't I have my own fun by expressing something of my nature -- and then, if others care to understand any of it -- fine -- and if they don't, fine again.

I admire the works of my fellow writers. My peripatetic, gypsy mind, can so nicely fit into the literary groove of others' inspirations. You guys are one lovable bunch, but that doesn't mean that I will insist on always appeasing your expectations.

Let's everybody be what we are -- and -- LOL -- like I said it somewhere at the very beginning, good luck at succeeding to disclose anything other than our literary images. Cheers!

© 2021 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on April 25, 2021:

Brenda -- It's easy to be "simple and understand the actions and words of other people". We just need to use our empathy. On the other hand, it's much harder to be ourselves, when much of it is merely a program instilled by society. It gives people that warm feeling of "belonging". Imagine if I suddenly picked up some "how to" books and started giving advices here how to fix things. Suddenly I would be "more at home at HP".

Well, I am a "drifter", which makes me feel more like "me", not just a copy. I am not saying that all "how to" writers are "copies", I am saying that I would be one, since it's not my niche.

Oh, my mind is not actually "jumping around", my friend, it's a smooth and easy process of observing things from different angles, and a very satisfying fun. But you did a right thing by understanding it your own way, my friend. That's all we can really do -- see others through lenses of our own ways of observing. We are all strangers to one another here, selectively displaying fragments of who we are and how we like to appear. Some call it a "public image".

I certainly appreciate your kind words. They are always kind to me, because yours is a very noble and generous heart, which comes out in every verse you write. It's a pure pleasure to empathize with your heart's literary expressions.

You have a great weekend as well. Funny, at these retirement years, every day is my weekend LOL.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on April 24, 2021:

I totally agree; we should be true to ourselves irrespective of what others may think or expect. You have amazing thought processes about life and things in this world; this makes life exciting and filled with many possibilities.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on April 24, 2021:


Every time I need a dose of reality, you are there to make me smile.

I did think that once upon a time you claimed you were from an alien force, not that of a primate like an ape.

I seem to remember you saying that we all have wonderful things locked inside our brains, if we ever took the time to figure out how to touch them..how to use that part of our brain.

This one tells me that your thoughts jump around constantly.

It's good to know that I'm not the only one who does that one.

I don't think my mind can ever just have a single thought.

Sometimes...I wish it could. That I could just be simple, so I could understand the actions and words of other people.

Yet, I am happy being myself.

If you didn't think out of the box, we would believe something has taken you ill.

Your style of writing makes us think.

It's also alot of fun.

So be yourself, enjoy your life, and keep postimg these fantastic little wonders.

Take care and have a great weekend.

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