10 of the Best Unintentional ASMR Videos on Youtube

Updated on October 22, 2017
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I have been an avid consumer of ASMR content, both intentional and unintentional, for three years now.

What Is ASMR?

ASMR is a sort of pleasant tingling in your head in reaction to certain stimuli. Many people get it from having others draw on or tickle their backs, having their scalp massaged, or having someone play with their hair. Some people are "triggered" by soft voices or other sounds.

Many people who don't experience ASMR find videos soothing and use them as a sleep aid or stress reliever. So even if you've never experienced tingles, give it a go, you never know what you'll find.

An Introduction

I found most of these videos over the years on r/unintentionalASMR, on playlists, and found some myself while perusing Youtube. All of the videos were on YouTube at the time of posting. So, let's carry on and I hope that you like these videos as much as I do!

10. The Legend of Zelda (Live Action | Extract) HD

This video is an extract from a fan-made live action Legend of Zelda movie. I'm not a gamer, so I can't account for accuracy or faithfulness to the game, but it's definitely triggering.

Triggers: Soft-Speaking

9. Pen Tricks: Pen Spin #1 Tutorial

A young guy explains how to do a pen spin. He has a soft voice, with a faint American accent. It's the mouth sounds and lip-smacking that really do it for me in this video. They're very subtle, but that's how mouth sounds are supposed to be, so if you don't like them you shouldn't worry.

Triggers: Soft speaking, male, mouth sounds, lip smacking

8. World's First RAM Chip (Memory Plane)

A man talks about his time as a graduate student on a project developing Random Access Memory or RAM. He has a very gentle, monotonous voice that I find perfect to fall asleep to. It's quite grandfatherly.

Triggers: Soft Spoken, Male

7. Double Bill: The Washing machine is shaking/The Shelf Needs to be Put Up

More ASMR gold. An elderly sounding Irishman describes how he would fix a shaky washing machine and put a shelf up. I read a comment where he said that he made the videos because his grandson was upset, so he told him these little household fix-it stories would relax him, and he recorded them so that other people might use them for the same reason. I know that's kind of ASMR, but I'm calling it.

Triggers: Irish accent, soft-spoken

6. Tracking in the Sierras

Another video I absolutely love and a great one to fall asleep too. The (American?) man documents some Sasquatch trails that he's found. This is the only video that he made with that lovely voice though. Disappointing, but at least we have this.

Triggers: Soft-speaking, rustling, some nature sounds, American accent (I think).

5. PodRide pitch v1,1

This is actually a really interesting video by a Swedish guy who has created a sort of bike-car. His voice is so soft and that accent is so triggering. There's some gentle music playing in the background, but it's not at all distracting.

Triggers: Swedish accent and soft speaking

4. to say hi and answer some questions.

This pianist answers some common questions that she gets on her youtube channel. This one of my favourites. Hence, why it's in my top 4 and I come back to it again and again. I'm terrible with accents, but I think she's Russian (I'm fairly certain she has an eastern European accent, but I could be wrong.)

Triggers: Russian Accent, soft-spoken, lip smacking

3. Facit 1126 - Early Digital Calculator

A guy shows off his 50-year-old calculator while talking in a gentle Swedish accent. He also presses the buttons on his very old calculator which I found to be a really nice, soft, and relaxing sound. His voice is fairly monotonous, but he sounds passionate—I guess you could call it. He's really into that calculator, and even if you aren't, it should send you straight to sleep.

Triggers: Swedish Accent, male, button pressing

2. Twitchcraft Minecraft - Episode 1

Another video with a young girl with a light and airy voice. It's just such a good video. She has such a gentle voice. This was actually tied for first place with the next video, but this is the only video on her channel that really gave me tingles.

Triggers: Female, Soft Spoken, Minecraft sounds

1. Lush Review: Volcano Foot Mask

This is without a doubt my absolute favourite video for ASMR of any kind. This girl has the most relaxing voice of anyone that I have ever listened to. If you only watch one video on this list, I would have to recommend this one. All of the videos on her channel are worth watching, and she has some longer ones too, so check those out.

Triggers: Soft Speaking, but like, out of this world wonderful soft speaking.

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© 2017 Emma Jane


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