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Our Precious Pets Give Us Healthy Benefits

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Improving Health

The benefits of owning a pet are numerous! What has your pet done for you lately? Maybe he barked and scared an intruder from the door? Or perhaps he fetched your slippers, the newspaper, or has just given you a loving nuzzle?

There is a growing body of research that proves owning a family pet will improve your health and reduce your stress level.

Did you know that 39% of United States households own at least one dog?


Benefits of Pet Ownership

  • Research indicates that pet owners have fewer allergies; they're less likely to be depressed, have better heart health, have fewer Alzheimer's symptoms, and often exercise more.
  • Even one cat lends further credence to the strong human-animal bond.
  • Pet owners get to experience the love and companionship of their pets on a daily basis.
  • Pets do require grooming, pet supplies, pet products and the occasional visit to the veterinarian. However, there are so many types of pets, such as, dogs, cats., birds, a hamster, a fish tank or probably several other types of animals.

When I was a child, my sister and I wanted any kind of pet, but we were not allowed. On my 16th birthday, I had a pajama party. All my girlfriends chipped in and got me a canary, a cage, and some food. I was ecstatic!

The Delta Society

There are numerous studies that prove owning a pet can improve your health. Studies have shown that owning a cat can lower your blood pressure, relieve feelings of depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety, and even boost your self-esteem.

The Delta Society, a nonprofit organization, has done research that shows:

  • Pet owners have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels than non-– owners.
  • Displaying tanks of brightly colored fish improves eating habits and curtails disruptive behavior in people with Alzheimer's disease.
  • Pet owners have better psychological well-being overall, and feel less afraid of being a victim to a crime in their home.
  • Children exposed to pets during their first year of life have a lower risk of developing asthma and allergies.
  • Pet ownership may decrease heart attack mortality by 3%.
  • Owning a pet (particularly a dog) helps children adjust better to serious illness or death of a. parent,
  • As well as enhances self-esteem, cognitive
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Research has further proved that heart attack patients with pets survive longer than those without. Another study found that pet owners made 15 to 20% fewer visits to their doctor each year.


Stress Reduction Benefits

Another amazing benefit of owning a pet is their remarkable ability to ease feelings of stress. Chronic stress can increase your number of health problems, ranging from heart disease to cancer.

Just simply petting your dog or cat raises your levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are the two feel-good chemicals in your brain. And to think I thought it was chocolate, exercise, sex, or drugs.

Just Home From Hospital

Just Home From Hospital

Final Thoughts

The above picture was taken after I had an 8-hour back surgery and I was in rehab. I had been gone for about 2 ½ weeks, and Oscar couldn’t get any closer to me. He obviously missed me!

My tuxedo cat initially required very little training. I was consistent and gentle with him. When I told him no, he seemed to understand. If not, I squirted him with a little spray of water and white vinegar. He really didn't like it, so I didn’t have to do it but a couple of times.

My big tuxedo cat brought me much joy and followed me around like a little puppy. He was totally an indoor cat. I have found it most important to begin training cats or dogs as soon as you bring them home.

Unfortunately, he has passed away, which was horribly sad.

Pets enhance your life in many ways as they make you laugh, are always happy to see you, are affectionate, and add a special quality to your life.

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