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3 Ways I Deal With My PTSD

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Aaron loves to write extensively about work-life balance and PTSD. He was a military cadet and has first-hand experience with PTSD.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is difficult to deal with, but the symptoms are manageable.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is difficult to deal with, but the symptoms are manageable.

According to, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is defined as a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event. Symptoms can occur either from experiencing the event or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

The magnitude of PTSD varies from person to person and this also affects how well they manage their condition. Some seek solace from significant others and others seek absolute closure from the outside world. This article will be about my first-hand experience as a military cadet in a helicopter crash incident that claimed the lives of 12 unfortunate personnel, leaving two survivors, and how the survivors deal in our everyday lives with PTSD.

How I Deal With PTSD

Others suggest to me to consult Professional Psychologist, however, the effect from that incident has left me with fear to express my personal experiences. Despite my permanent mental state, I have found a way to lessen the effects of PTSD in my everyday life.

1) Spiritual Consultation

I have found that whenever I am all alone, all these fears, flashbacks and traumatic experiences would appear in my head at random times. However, if I talk to religious leaders with regards to my PTSD, they would recommend me to meditate since I am the only who can control my fear. Surprisingly, meditation actually works and it helps me to be in control whenever that flashback is about to break loose.

2) The Birth of My Daughter

Somehow, the face of my daughter can be very much therapeutic. Whenever she cries, smiles, and chuckles; it soothes my heart and without me knowing it, all those flashbacks have reduced and I finally have a good time sleep now.

3) Spend Time With a Supportive Community

Nothing can beat with a vibe of positive and supportive people who are there to provide solace and motivate us whenever we are feeling under the weather or unstable.

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In conclusion, the effects from PTSD will always be there, though we are still able to mitigate its effects through a number of ways; that is, by embracing our reality and forgetting our past.

Dog Tags of Military Personnel

Dog Tags of Military Personnel

How PTSD Became a Part of My Life

After an intense and vigorous military cadet exercise in the primary jungle, we were told that we will be going home and that a helicopter will evacuate us from our exercise area to a dedicated "RV", or rendezvous. Knowing that the capacity of our helicopter would not fit us all, we were being grouped into seven "flights" and everything turned out to be normal at first. We were happy and all because we knew our parents would be waiting for us at the barrack and that we had a lot of stories to share from our gruesome military exercise.

Little did we know our fate would soon change. It happened so fast and the next time I knew I was there, lying on the ground with blood all over my face and the voices of my colleagues shouting for help that slowly faded and then, there was silence.

How PTSD Affects My Life

A few months after that incident happened, I joined back the military cadet training despite my injury. The other survivor discontinued his military service and now works as a civilian. I thought that being in the military would help me overcome my PTSD, however, it just got worse.

Every night, I would suffer from the random flashback of that crash and the voices of people calling for help. I would just cower and cried alone in my room. Whenever I see any glass material like my mirror, my car windshield, I would find myself inside the helicopter again. And this has been ongoing for years and years, even after I got married. I couldn't get the imagery off my mind.

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