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Learn How to Become Lucky in 15 Minutes



Good luck is being in the right place at the right time and doing the right action. Things just seem to go your way. Getting the outcome you want seems easy. Bad luck is being at the wrong place at the wrong time or just making the wrong decision.Things are difficult or you do not get the outcome you wanted. Luck is not totally random. What you do in the moment matters and what you did in the past matters.

Staying lean requires work. I need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to keep the fat off. However people often assume that I do not need to exercise or eat healthy because I am lean. People also tend to assume lucky people do not do anything to be lucky. If you want to improve your luck set aside some time every day and do the work. Do things to avoid bad luck and do things to attract good luck.

Four-leaf clover. A symbol of good luck.

Four-leaf clover. A symbol of good luck.

Creating Bad Luck

Making bad luck is easy. People create bad luck without trying. Watching a lot of TV can cause bad luck. Wishing for good luck can cause bad luck and worrying can cause bad luck. Making bad luck is as easy as not cleaning your room. If you don't try to get the outcome you want then you usually get the outcome you don't want. Bad things often happen to good people because most people do not work at being lucky.

If I don't work at being lean then I become fat. If I don't work at being strong then I become weak. If I don't work at being lucky then I become unlucky.

If I don't work at being lean then I become fat. If I don't work at being strong then I become weak. If I don't work at being lucky then I become unlucky.

12 Ways to Improve Your Luck in Your Spare Time

Below is a list of things you can do every day in your spare time to give yourself more good luck. You can make good luck and prevent bad luck in as little as 15 minutes a day.

  1. "People make their own luck"

    Repeat the statement "People make their own luck." or "I make my own luck.". Believe it. Say it over and over again. It is important to believe that you are in control. When people think and act like what they do does not matter they tend to sabotage themselves. They get what they don't want. A person that thinks diet and exercise does not matter is probably going to be really out of shape.

    Blame yourself. Take responsibility. Get what you want. You make things happen. So you might as well try to make good things happen. Your control is limited but what you think and do does matter. There are things you should and should not do to get what you want. People that think they make their own luck are more likely to do the things on the should do list. People that don't mostly do the things on the do not do list.

  2. Declutter Your Life

    Your environment and your computer should be clean and organized. Get rid of the clutter by getting rid of some of your stuff and organizing the rest. It should be neat and tidy. Having too much stuff and being disorganized tends to cause bad luck. Tripping, walking into things or hitting your elbow are some common accidents caused by a messy or cluttered environment. You can easily prevent accidents like those from happening in the future. A cluttered computer can slow down your computer and cause a lot of stress.

    Do you have trouble finding things? Would you rather be able to find things quickly and easily? Not being able to quickly find what you are looking for is a problem that can be fixed. Spend a little time cleaning up and getting organized to improve your luck. When you clean make sure you put things where you will be able to easily find them.

  3. Relax

    Sometimes people can't do anything right. They make bad decisions and are terrible at sports. Other times people are in the zone. They are at the top of their game mentally and physically. Bad days and bad performances are often caused by stress. It usually makes thing more difficult. Golf is a good example. Stress can turn a great golfer into a bad one. It can also cause health problems. Stress can make you feel sick and tired.

    A good way to improve your health and your performance is to relax. Relaxation makes a lot of things easier. When people are relaxed they think more clearly and they have better hand eye coordination. Meditation, tai chi and yoga are good ways to relax. I also recommend switching to deep slow belly breathing. You can breath that way most of the time.

  4. Focus

    Stay focused and avoid distractions. Finish what you start before moving on. A lack of focus leads to a lack of progress. It can also lead to accidents. Think about what you are doing and get into the habit of achieving your goals. You can accomplish more by being focused. Limit the number of unrelated thoughts and the number of goals you are working on. Working on a lot of goals at once does not work.

  5. Look for and Expect Good Opportunities

    Expect good opportunities and spend time looking for them. People that are observant tend to have better luck. They notice opportunities that other people miss. Then they take action. Sometimes they see an opportunity to avoid bad luck, like a flat tire. Other times they see an opportunity to experience something good.

    Expecting and looking for good opportunities is not enough. Go to different places and do different things to find new opportunities. Sitting at home wishing for opportunities to come to you does not work very well. You may need to go somewhere in the real world or online.

  6. Keep Learning

    Learn from your mistakes so you don't repeat them over and over again. Learn useful skills in your spare time. Use the internet to do research. Write down or type in information that you may want to use later. Test out the information to make sure it is accurate. People that know what they are doing make fewer mistakes. Getting the outcome they want is easy because they take the right action at the right time.

    Learning new skills opens up new opportunities for good luck. Two weeks after I learned how to meditate my seasonal allergies started to go away. A few weeks after that they were gone. What are you planning to do in your spare time? Is the list of possibilities long or short? Learning new things can increase the number of options you have.

  7. Fix Problems

    You can fix problems or live with them. Many people choose to live with problems because fixing problems takes work. They tell themselves that they will deal with it later and watch TV instead. The problem may not bother you that much but it still bothers you. If you notice a problem fix it when you get the chance. Do not procrastinate. Fixing problems improves your luck.

  8. Prevent Accidents and Problems

    Accidents are waiting to happen. They are like traps. Ignoring potential accidents and potential problems does not make them go away. Look for potential problems and make a list. When you have some spare time find ways to prevent the problems or ways to deal with them. Do it as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more likely it is that something bad will happen.

    You can prevent a lot of problems or make them less of a problem by being prepared. Getting virus and malware protection is a good way to prevent computer problems. They look for threats. A virus could mess up your computer or it could be destroyed before doing any damage. Spend some time looking for potential problems and dealing with them to avoid preventable accidents and problems that could have been avoided.

  9. Work at Staying in Shape

    Staying in shape can lead to a healthier, happier and luckier life. Try to maintain a healthy body and mind by exercising on a regular basis and maintaining a healthy diet. Exercise your body and your mind. Getting in shape and staying in shape takes work but it is worth it. When you stop taking good care of yourself you cause problems. The body needs regular exercise to function properly. One of the reasons people get sick more often in the winter is because they exercise less. Your brain benefits from physical and mental exercise.

  10. Practice

    First attempts are often failures. If at first you don't succeed try again and again until you do. People get good at doing things by doing them over and over again. They fail over and over again until they gain the knowledge and skill they need to succeed. Opportunities come and go. You can't go back in time and try again. That is why it is a good idea to practice ahead of time. Don't be afraid of trying new things and failing. You can get better with practice.

    The obvious things to practice for are sports, games, tests and speeches. You can also practice for your day off, your vacation or your night out. Think about what you want to do. Then practice doing it. You can prepare yourself mentally and physically. Planning to behave differently is not enough. By practicing over and over again you can change how you react to different situations. You can program yourself for success using repetition.

  11. Use Positive Thinking

    Some people confuse positive thinking with wishful thinking. Phrases like "I can do it." are positive statements. When you believe in yourself you are more likely to take action and you are more likely to succeed. I told myself I could bike 60 km. After training for 2 months I biked 60 km or about 37 miles. Wishing implies that the person is waiting for something to happen. They expect to get something without working for it.

    Negative statements are a form of self-sabotage. You hold yourself back and set yourself up for failure. By using positive statements and positive thinking you can improve your luck. You can be happier and more successful. Positive statements and positive thinking inspire people to take the steps they need to take to get what they want.

  12. Work Smarter

    Try to find the best way to do things. Work smarter. Working hard or working long hours may not be enough to give you the results you want. Think about it before you take action. You might be able to save a lot of time and effort. People often make things harder than they need to be. It takes them longer to get what they want and they are more likely to give up. See how other people do things and experiment. Figure out what works the best for you.

    Don't assume it should be difficult or resent successful people. If you are trying to lose weight don't go on a popular diet or use a popular workout routine because overweight people are using it. Try it because lean people use it. Working smarter often means doing what successful people do. Try things that worked for other people to see if they will work for you.

I was lucky to see a deer at the park. I was at the right place at the right time and I had my camera ready. It was not completely random. I made choices and took action.

I was lucky to see a deer at the park. I was at the right place at the right time and I had my camera ready. It was not completely random. I made choices and took action.

Making Your Own Luck

Transform Yourself into a Lucky Person

People that are lucky do things differently than unlucky people. It is their thoughts and actions that make them lucky. You can transform yourself into a lucky person by taking action. Do at least one thing every day to improve or maintain your luck. Think of something that could improve your luck. Then do it. Little things can make a big difference.

Stop wishing and hoping for good luck. Make good luck by taking action. Spend 15 minutes a day improving your luck. Do the work and reap the rewards.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Theresa on September 15, 2015:

So true Michael and well put. I really enjoyed this article! I am new to Hubpages. The first article that I read by you, was on your exercise and t.v. dilemma and how you reconciled the two. this is the second article that I've read written by you. Inspiring, thoughtful and helpful.


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