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The Sad Clown: The Process of Emotional Purification

Updated on August 28, 2017
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Cage J Madison is an author with a diploma in psychology and experience in confidence, gender issues, and fitness.

As human beings, we all have a body and a mind. We use the body to move and complete work. With the mind, we think and experience emotions. Take a moment to consider a human being without any emotions whatsoever.

This person would only be a thinking machine that could only make scientific analysis and never be able to react to anything emotional. Imagine trying to tell this type of person a joke! Do you think they’d get the punch line? No, not at all; in fact, they’d either ignore it all together or try to analyse the joke. Where’s the fun in that? A person without any emotions could most certainly make life difficult for those around them. After all, what is a person without feelings?

Why Do We Even Have Feelings?

Actions practically run all emotions
Actions practically run all emotions

Think about your computer or your phone. Both those devices are perfect machines to analyse, think and give results. They have no emotions. They are only intelligent machines or devices. So why are we, human beings, not like those machines?

Let me ask you this, do you think life would be better without emotions? Of course it wouldn’t be better; we would lose all the appeal of living if there were no trace of any emotion in us. Imagine for me if you will, the situation of someone’s death. Here we’d gather, complete the ceremony and then just leave. There’d be no tears, no moments of remembrance for the departed soul, and absolutely no sense of loss. Those who are born have a death that they must owe; this is the simple law of nature, so imagine only having the intellect to understand this law of nature but no feeling of the loss. Can you picture the scene I’m talking about here?

And then there is love. What is love if not an emotion? Without emotions, there would be no love. We’d only meet, reproduce an offspring or two or three or more, and then simply leave one another. No love, no romance, no family. Okay, perhaps there will be a kind of family for the children to grow up in, but without emotions, once the children are old enough there is no more family. The family would just separate.

How about achievements or discoveries or even inventions? A person without emotions wouldn’t have any feel good feelings or even get excited by achieving something or when making breakthrough discoveries. There would be absolutely nothing great inside them, and basically, only the lowest form of existence would ever be lived by a person like this.

Actions practically run all emotions.

Simply put, we have emotions because we are not animals on the lower level of the scale. Even dogs and cats have emotions. We have emotions because they make us live life with enjoyment, make us perform great things and, well, they make us human.

Placed upon us is a profound negative process that we are in the midst of right now within the world, and it fuels the pain cycle we already carry within ourselves into a raging inferno

— Cage J Madison

The Process of Purification

At the most accelerated speed ever, the world around us is changing, and these changes affect our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits. Most people you talk to will tell you, in their own words, about how their lives feel more intense nowadays because many people are now feeling a heightened sense of emotional intensity. We are witnessing a lot more incidents of chaotic frenzies and behaviours. On the other hand, we are also seeing and feeling more positive emotions related to expanding love. These feelings inspire people to take more risks within their interpersonal relationships and within their critical life choices.

On a much more spiritual level, the human heart is growing and beginning to expand beyond its supposed smaller limitations of focusing on the self. The behaviours of our previous concerns relating only ourselves have made it evident that the addressing of various global disasters is a must. We are all being called to step forward into more responsible roles with a greater willingness and awareness to join forces with others to discover new solutions to many common problems.

It is an impulse of spiritual evolution that continues to transform us into something more, and the hearts of humanity are beginning to open wider. However, on the flip side of that statement, sadly we are also witnessing an increase in the acts of humanity at its worse.

Shocking negative examples express themselves in both large and small ways, which appear more monstrous to us all the more we become spiritually aware and sensitised to the world around us. This harsh and difficult process is known to us all as the process of purification.

Acts of terror and murders regularly flood our awareness, and at times it feels like it will never end. Placed upon us is a profound negative process that we are in the midst of right now within the world, and it fuels the pain cycle we already carry within ourselves into a raging inferno.

Our inner pain cycle has already enough to deal with without adding these atrocious acts to it. Many of us hold pain within ourselves that we endured when we were younger. As the process of purification continues throughout the world and we begin to become more aware of it through the media, we start to feel emotions in a more intensified way.

Portrayed through a constant sense of anger, or despair or grief these emotions seem to infuse our consciousness no matter what is going on in our daily lives. It may be that little has changed in our outer lives, but suddenly we are beset by all these feelings which seem to emerge from an endless well. Or, we may have endured unexpected life crises which trigger deep and painful wounds that feel as if they will never heal.

Emotions and Terrorisom

The Sad Clown

A certain feeling of sadness and compassion is both attracted and evoked within us that are spurred on by this Sad Clown
A certain feeling of sadness and compassion is both attracted and evoked within us that are spurred on by this Sad Clown

This larger movement happening in the world right now is the cause behind these intense emotions we feel surfacing inside of us. Your inner self is pure and innocent, and it carries within it the knowledge of what you need to begin the healing process. The emotions you are feeling right now are a part of a natural healing process created by this pure and innocent self you have inside, and as soon as you can become aware of this fact, you soon begin to find it easier to breathe whenever you witness monstrous acts. You also begin to understand that you are only feeling these emotions, but you are not the emotions. The feelings belong to another a part we all carry within us, and I call this part the Sad Clown.

A certain feeling of sadness and compassion is both attracted and evoked within us that are spurred on by this Sad Clown. Let me ask you this, whenever you feel sadness and compassion, have you ever noticed if it feels as if it was for you?

Our suppressed emotional experiences live through external situations, as in the case of terrorists’ attacks we see through the media. Once we are safely tucked away in a secure setting, we begin to feel that it’s okay to let these emotions out. The problem that arises, however, is that we have all buried so many of our demons that no one can be sure what has remained unexpressed and this has a habit of derailing us at any time; it upsets your balance and sets ablaze an inner inferno with but a single tiny spark.

Positive & Negative Emotions

Positive Emotions
Negative Emotions

What You Think, You Feel; What You Feel, You Create

Emotions are real things, and this is something most people don’t realize. E-Motion is derived from the meaning energy in motion so in understanding my motto of what you think, you feel; what you feel, you create, you begin to see that all our emotions (meaning energy in motion) become real the very second you create them.

E-Motion is derived from the meaning energy in motion
E-Motion is derived from the meaning energy in motion

What You Think, You Feel; What You Feel, You Create

— Cage J Madison

However, most people tend to go wrong by suppressing their emotions because they often feel they have no right to those feelings on a subconscious level. So they are buried, and they lie in waiting, growing until they get your full attention, and this is how the Sad Clown within is born.

This part of us becomes real like people, and it begins to want you to acknowledge its existence and to honour it. The more the Sad Clown gets ignored, the bigger its impact on your life because it wants attention from you. If you keep suppressing your emotions or hiding them, then the Sad Clown is simply going to say, ‘I’ll get your attention soon enough,’

We must feel our emotions completely; this is the key to not allowing the Sad Clown control. If you have to cry then cry, if you need to be alone then you have to tell other people in your life that you need your space. You must feel your emotions in their full capacity. Only by allowing yourself to feel them will the Sad Clown begin to fade away into nothingness because you have honoured it, you have felt it, and you have expressed it. Once you begin doing this, you will have dramatic shifts in your health, career, money and relationships.

Riding the Raft of Life

We all know that things that happen in our life do so to create teachings for us. The Universe is always showing you the right path you are meant to be on by teaching you something with all life events. By resisting and fighting against your path in life, you honestly will get burnt because the Sad Clown sometimes does not want what the Universe has in store for you.

Think of it like being on a raft and just letting the current take you downstream. There’s no need to paddle the raft or apply any effort at all. The energy of the water is what is carrying you. But, if you decided to fight against the stream (to go upstream as most people in life want to do), you will end up angry, completely confused and utterly exhausted.

We all just need to let the current of life take us the way it is flowing and simply enjoy the ride instead of being afraid of it.


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    • cagejmadison profile image

      Cage J Madison 2 months ago from Australia

      Hi Virginia, thanks heaps for you comment. I'm glad my article was beneficial to you. Wishing you all the very best on journey.

    • Virginia Lea profile image

      Virginia Davis 2 months ago from Navarre, Florida

      This is exactly what I have been working on the past couple of months. This is very beneficial. Keep it up.