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Stop Drinking When Your Body Tells You To

Outreach coordinator and content marketer in Toronto who fancies a glass of wine every night.

Why Quit?

I’m a social drinker and I enjoy the activity occasionally. I'm not the type whose hands shake uncontrollably if I'm not fed a glass of wine. Well, if my hands do shake, it's probably because it's freezing cold here where I live and I don't have my wool on.

People often ask around about the alteration in the psychological behavior of humans after consuming large amounts of alcohol. Some of the noticeable changes are: the person’s speech appears to be slurred, the vision becomes blurry, and the reaction times increase considerably (this is the funniest part). While most of these can be observed, there are chemical reactions occurring inside of your body. These "reactions" are likely signals that your precious organs are crying out in agony and not receiving the love and affection that they deserve. Furthermore, there are long-term effects of alcohol poisoning which are unknown to many.

I've seen people take no heed of instructions engraved in beer or wine bottles because who honestly cares, right?


That’s what I do: I drink and I know things.

— Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones


Unless you have scientific facts up your sleeve to show that drinking boosts the intelligence quotient of an individual, you're very wrong. At times, my friends claim that they're able to think intellectually and acquire a boost in confidence after alcohol hits them hard in the brain. Well, I tell them it indicates a lack of confidence in personality and it has nothing to do with brain cells multiplying in patterns to the size of Einstein's brain.

Another funny statement is that you're as classy as what you drink. People assume that if a person can afford a $1,000 drink, maturity follows and he/she would know when to stop. The reality is I have friends in my circle who behave as unruly as any drinker on the streets after savoring a bit too much of their imported, exquisite drinks. I've had to sit through some of their story-telling sessions which usually involve a lot of violence, sex, and douchebaggery. Grown-ups who gossip like late-teens: that's what alcohol transforms you into. (Please note that I have no grudge against teenagers.)

On a more general level, people who drink are consuming a seemingly diluted form of poison while arguing about the differences in the taste, flavour, aroma, and whatnot.

"I'm okay. Hit me again, bartender," said every drunk person ever.

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Now, I'm not trying to sound like the pastor of a church or a counselor from a rehab center. What I'm suggesting is a slightly different approach which requires you to be able to think and reflect on how your drinking habits are affecting the people around you.

I know many families who suffer because there's an alcohol addict in their homes who destroys the serenity. Eventually, they succumb to the tortures and hope that the troublemaker gets removed from the family dynamic somehow.

Rehab centers are very useful for the short term because they influence moral decision-making capabilities of an individual and attempt to change habits or


patterns despite overcharging. But, in my opinion, what they really need to kick the habit is a life-changing experience dealing with a dreadful situation.

When you witness your loved ones getting afflicted by the adverse effects of alcohol addiction ranging from liver disease to cancer, that’s when the dawn of realization strikes and you ponder over the need to finally quit.

Some say that certain life lessons can only be learned after you lose a fraction of your life. That's just how the world works.

Well, here's a final note to add: try to admit to yourself that you're an addict and there are people around who really care for you and love to have you around. It will be very hard in the beginning and requires a high level of self-control, but you have to keep telling yourself that you'll eventually break the shackles of alcohol addiction.


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Excerpt from the infographic

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