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Updated on October 23, 2017
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Wellbeing describes your state of mind—how you are feeling and how well you can cope with day-to-day life. Our mental wellbeing is dynamic. It can change from moment to moment, day to day, month to month, or year to year.

For running and living a good life one needs to have a good wellbeing. If that's not happening you will need to identify what wrong and take appropriate steps to handle it. It is necessary to have healthy state of mind for welfare of you, your family, your career and everyone who's life touches yours.

Firstly we need to know what comprises of a healthy state of mind. What ideally it should be capable of.

  • feel relatively confident in yourself
  • have positive self-esteem
  • feel and express a range of emotions
  • build and maintain good relationships with others
  • feel engaged with the world around you
  • live and work productively
  • cope with the daily life stresses
  • adapt and manage in times of change and uncertainty

If you feel or know that you are not able to move positively in your life, you need to think what is affecting your wellbeing. We all are different, having different strengths facing different problems. What affects someone's wellbeing may not affect others in the same way. But we all have times when we have low mental wellbeing, where we feel stressed out, upset or find it difficult to cope. We should try to change how we look at things (change perspective) as well as see inspiration around us. There are a lot of people around going through so many things in life. These things can definitely help us to be back in control of our lives and start to see positive in life.


Take the following quizzes and see what it says about your wellbeing. You may learn something new about yourself with these fun quizzes. Share your results online and don't forget to tell your friends to take the quiz and see how they fare.

How Cluttered is Your Mind?

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How Stressed Are You?

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How Should You De-stress?

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What's Your Best Trait?

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What Do You Struggle With?

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How Is Your Inner Child?

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Wellbeing is different from "happiness." Happiness can come and go in a moment, whereas wellbeing is a more stable state of being well, feeling satisfied, and content. Positive emotions feel good in the moment and also affect our long-term wellbeing.

Mental health is now the largest cause of absence at work. Mental health has been recognized as an area of concern for workplace wellbeing. Poor mental health is the leading cause of sickness absence, with more than 15 million absence days attributed to stress, anxiety, and depression.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are a set of evidence-based actions which promote people’s wellbeing. These activities are simple things individuals can do in their everyday lives.

  • Connect
  • Be Active
  • Take Notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Give


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