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13 Tips for Sustaining Motivation

Chibuike studied Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Nigeria. He is interested in society, news, politics and history.

People often say motivation doesn't last.

People often say motivation doesn't last.

Regardless of whether it be working towards your weekly or monthly goals, or just completing a simple task, motivation is always key. Unfortunately, motivation is not always our "best friend". Some days it sticks closely with us making us perform wonders, some other days, we can't seem to find it anywhere. For example, despite the fact that I love writing, some days, I just can't exactly get myself in the right mood to put something down. For a lot of people, getting off the bed in the morning could prove to be a miracle.

Life has made us virtually responsible for whatever we do with our limited time. And, even worse, our inactions too. Time management is life management. There's a bright future ahead of us, and we can't actualize it by lazying about. Time waits for no man, we have to make the most of it, and motivation is an essential ingredient to make this happen. Zig Ziglar said motivation is like bathing. You need it constantly for it to make any difference. Just being motivated in an instance isn't enough, it has to be sustained and maintained to be effective.

Below are 13 tips that can create and sustain motivation.

1. Reflect

Occasionally, get away from the noise and clear your mind. Reflection is incredible for this, since it facilities careful mindfulness, just as unwinding. Introspection can help you self re-empower. Remember why you've gotten this far and why you shouldn't risk throwing in the towel. With new vitality and mindfulness may come new inspiration.

2. Exercise

Flex your muscles, burn that extra fat, challenge your body. The importance of exercise cannot be over-emphasized. Getting out and being dynamic raises vitality levels and general mood, it's the best bet for a decent night's rest and sound living. At the end of the day, it's not really about how long you exercised. It's more about how good keeping up with a daily tradition oof keeping fit makes you feel about yourself.

3. Listen to Music

When it comes to getting motivated, music can genuinely be an incredible help. I'm not going to suggest to you what to tune in to in light of the fact that everybody has various tastes. Rather, I'll simply advise you to tune in to whatever your heart wants; tune in to whatever you think will help put you in a state of mind or spot you need to be. A quick lifehack, listen to music while carrying out less-mental activities, I like house chores. You get to complete your tasks more swiftly and efficiently, and still feel good at the same time.

4. Read a Book

Reading is great! There's no denying of that. Books virtually take us to another world whilst still being here. There is always room for exploration of facts and imagination; regardless of what sort of story—fiction, verse, or non-fiction—inspiration can be found. I particularly suggest this if you're new with books: Pick a book on a topic that intrigues you, or something within your field and begin. Articles, concise e-books and summaries come in handy too.

5. Watch a Rousing Film

I don't know about you, but viewing an absolutely epic film motivates me. Seeing a movie isn't much different from perusing a book. Both virtually take you to an alternate reality. It could be the storyline, a specific character or basically the aura the movie exudes may end up being your source of motivation. Two motivating and inspiring films that I like? Hidden Figures and Remember the Titans.

6. Talk About it With Your Friend(s) or Relative(s)

What are friends for! Talk to them when you're feeling low. Regardless of whether they totally comprehend the situation or not, it's acceptable to have somebody to share your burdens with, You never can tell who'll have the solution to your problem. Discussions like these allow you insight into other people's stories on how they found motivation even in times of despair. This may be the last piece in the puzzle for you. Who knows.

7. Compose a Plan for the Day

In case you're feeling down, an easy plan for the day may be what you need. Working out all that you have to do will assist you immensely with getting things done properly. As Brian Tracy would advise, "Think on Paper". Write down your daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals before plunging into action. This alone gives you some perspective and greatly increases your time management efficiency.

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8. Listen to Motivational Speakers

Once in a while you simply need to hear the proper thing. What addresses your heart and relates to your battle. Life is upsetting, and it's often difficult to have everything figured out at once; some of the time you need a little encouragement, and the correct words can turn the correct switch. This is something you should do with caution though, in order not to get motivated out of reality. You want to avoid setting unrealistic goals, which will further plunge you into more depression at the realization that your ambitions are inordinate at the time being. Don't expect to run when you've not mastered the art of walking yet.

9. Remember Parkinson's Law

The Nike ad says it all. Truly, sometimes you just need to "Just Do It"! The more you delay the harder it becomes. In some cases, you simply need to make a plunge and hit the ground running. In the event that it's something you're not prepared for, gear yourself up, you don't need to know everything about something to begin. Sometimes you gradually learn as you go. If you want to wait for the right time, you'd be waiting all your life. And always remember Parkinson's Law: "Work always expands to meet time set for it". However, you choose to interpret that how you will.

10. Appreciate Nature

Nature is helpful—a few minute walk, sitting outside and taking in some good air, driving around town, connecting with the environment; all these are great when it comes to stress management, improving your overall mood, and getting motivated. In an instance where you can't seem to get focused enough to reflect or meditate, nature is an incredible subsidiary. A few moments outdoors will undoubtedly reveal some insight.

11. Recognize Your Emotions

Maybe the most significant guidance I can give you in this, or any, circumstance, is to recognize what it is you're feeling, and realize that those emotions are legitimate. We're human, and humans can be emotionally dynamic. However, that doesn't mean we can't be comprehended. Denying what you feel is wouldn't trick you into changing your situation. You have to first understand and accept your emotional and mental state before you can talk about improving it.

12. Don't Be Reluctant to Ask for Help

Humans can't do without help. We've needed help from other people to survive from the day we were born. Requesting for help doesn't make you frail, or a disappointment, or any to a lesser extent an individual. So in case you're moving in circles and can't seem to make headway, simply connect with someone you think could help. Borrowing from Brian Tracy's words again: "The simplest way to become successful is to ask those who have already gotten to where you want to be how they did it, then follow that path".

13. Set a Daily Practice

Building up a daily practice for yourself gives you something to anticipate and finish every day; particularly with things like exercise. Keeping up a standard of a series of activities to follow throughout the day over time (especially your morning routine) gives you a sense of direction and greatly strengthens your self discipline.

We all need a healthy dose of motivation from time to time to stay focused on our goals. The more we understand how we respond to motivation, and what strategies work best for us, the more efficient we become.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Atasie Chibuike Augustine (author) from Abuja, Nigeria on June 07, 2020:

Thanks Maddie. Your comment means a lot to me

Madiha Ajaz from Karachi, Pakistan on June 07, 2020:

this article is great for improving mental health these days... Keep up the good work..

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