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Why Do We Have Time?

I am an emerging writer from Vancouver with numerous children's books available and several books in my new "A Better You" series.

Why Do We Have Time?

Time is a constant measurement of experiential action and reaction in a series of flowing events that move in sequence along an unfolding, unrelenting existence.

Not bad eh? I thought of that myself. Is it really that complicated though?

We could go into theories of time from Newton to Einstein as well as modern-day physicists, philosophers, cosmologists and free thinkers. It’s very fascinating and worth studying but really, who has the ti . . .

I want to approach this concept of time from a different angle. You and I. The individual. What does time mean to us?

How old are you? If you count the trips our planet makes around the sun then you just add them up. That trip is broken down into 4 seasons. We know that these temperature changes will occur throughout the Earth’s revolution. We created 12 months to equally distribute this distance traveled and further broke those months down into days based on the Earth’s rotation. You can thank our magnetic poles for that one.

This seems to be a great way to measure constant occurrences but why do we have to gauge our existence on it? Why are we scheduling our life around the concept of time? Time is a measurement that we use and society is built upon it, but should it be?

  • We base speed and distance on time
  • Time tells us how far away the planets and stars are (light years—this is a theory as we don’t know the speed of one way light)
  • We base human development on time
  • We base work life on time
  • Time tells us when to go to bed and when to wake up regardless of whether we are tired or rested.

It is linear as commonly understood. It is a silent cadence that keeps resonating in the universe. Maybe the problem is calling it time.

I like to think of life as accumulating experiences. We are always moving forward. At conception, we are a unique human being and we develop and progress in our biological bodies. It grows, matures, breaks down and ceases. During that journey, we can have joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, loneliness and love. We make a series of life choices that take us down particular paths. We constantly alter our direction and fine tune it for our betterment or detriment.

It’s a fantastic life and we all get to live it.

The truth is we only have the present. Now is all that exists. Everything before is a memory and everything after is a wish. We compile past events and they stack up in our brain matter. This affects our mental health both positively and negatively. We can’t predict what may happen in life. Occurrences will change us. Hopefully, we can emerge victoriously through our strife and grow from it.

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Ultimately, we need to get in tune with our surroundings and proceed through life with contentment. How can we do that?


Find Love

This is the most important thing you can do in life. Everything else pales in comparison. Are we physical beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a physical experience? Either way, we all crave connection. We are hard wired for it. Companionship is crucial to living a meaningful life. Find someone that gets you. Get them. Grow together and become one!

Find Purpose

We are here to do something. Whether we are interested in things or people, we all have a spark. We need to find it and foster it. Some of us have raw, natural talent and some of us have insatiable desire. Put those two together and discover what you were meant to do and who you were meant to be!

Find Ambition

Even the greatest minds can ride the couch all day. If you don’t put fuel in your Lambo, it’s not gonna get too far. We need to have hunger and persistence to achieve our goals and dreams. There’s that drive in all of us and we have to put forth the necessary effort for greatness. Are you lazy? End that today. Make you a priority and start achieving!

Find Success

Success is measured in many ways. It can be reaching the top of your profession. It can be making loads of cash. You can gauge it by the amount of things you have but really, is that success? I believe success is a mindset. It propels you in all areas of your life. Sure you should excel in your work life but more important is you as an individual. Be someone that people look up to. Be the example of excellence!

Find Peace

We all have a finite amount of time in this realm. I have many theories about what’s next and what was before but all we have now is now.

Make the most of it and live life full out.


There’s no getting away from the fact that the moon is revolving around the Earth as the Earth is revolving around the sun. We have accuracy in how that occurs. We are being propelled through space (unless you are a Flat Earther) and we don’t know why. Who started it all and what is the purpose?

I’ll leave that for my next article. Just know that the clock’s ticking. You are here for a reason so the sooner you can figure out why, the sooner you can really start living.

I have so much more to say but time’s up!

© 2018 WH Thomas

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