Why Your Resolutions Aren't Working Out

Updated on January 16, 2018
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Trying to disrupt the "resolution" revolution with some seriously crackling thought processes in 2018!

This is an age-old question that we ask after every 31st of December. Why don't my resolutions work out? Why can't I stick to the plan? Where does the motivation go? In this article, I have attempted to answer that very question . . . why your resolutions aren't working out.

For something to manifest itself permanently as a part of life, it must first disrupt your current life pattern and create utter chaos.

Inability to Take the Pain That Comes With Change

Let's take four common resolutions that people make each year:

  1. I will lose weight and get into a fitter lifestyle.
  2. I will work on my temper and be more positive.
  3. I will get to work on time and have the evenings to myself to unwind.
  4. I will be more environmentally conscious and help the planet.

Let's analyze these, shall we?

We all want to lose weight many times a day. Then we go out and binge on beer, take the car to work, get on the elevator, sit in the chair, take the elevator to lunch, sit there, take a short walk, sit again at the desk, take the elevator to the car park and back in the car. Then there are those moments of temptation and loss of willpower when a perfectly made pastry comes around or those countless coffee runs become habit.

To lose weight, you'll need to take the stairs, get up multiple times a day and walk around, possibly wake up an hour earlier and work out. All of this throws the nighttime television matinees for a toss.

Say you decide to conserve water, but you take a long bath in the tub or flush the loo completely even when there's just number one in there.

When You Wish It, Life Will Dish It

You know what sets the successful ones apart from the rest when it comes to fulfilling resolutions? It's passion, motivation, will, and strength. All these are very important qualities to possess and wield when there are changes coming your way, for which you need to WORK harder than ever!

It Is Painstaking and Time-Consuming

It's a Process

Getting out of ANY habit is probably 10 times harder than getting into it. If you talk about overcoming laziness and getting your butt off the couch, then that's probably like 50 times harder.

It is annoying, tiring, confusing, and utterly chaotic. Which is why you have to really want it; that will and desire are what take you through the melee and help you set a new tone. Just like all good things, this takes time.

Tips for a Successful Resolution

Break it down, write it down, and never wear yourself down. Starting slowly and taking it as it comes is a good way to begin. Trying to jump to bigger things will not work out.

Just get up and do it. If you couldn't get up in the morning, work out at night. Really really stop yourself from eating that cookie. Take the stairs. A few off days are normal. So don't try to be abnormally adherent to the rules. That's just nuts.

Make a plan. Baby steps. If a motorist cuts you off, or that annoying friend is back with a fresh wave of nauseating behavior, just stop yourself from saying or doing anything. Just say, "NO. Not this time. Let it slide. Maybe I'll kill them more creatively in my mind after a few days. But until then, something more useful". Just stop. Dead stop. Eventually, it'll become a habit.

Don't set deadlines. Like this month I will . . . or this is for 2018 . . . it's a lifestyle change. Not an office/college project. Getting to work on time is great, but what about when there are a few late nights and the schedule shifts again? Or those 5 kilos are threatening to get right back? Think about it.

Resolutions should be permanent changes. Long-term, and sustaining. It should start off as a plan and stay on as a lifestyle. Otherwise, it's right back there on January 1st, 2019!

© 2018 Priyanka Athavale


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    • Tomaz Jelenko profile image

      Tomaz Jelenko 

      2 years ago from Slovenia

      Tips For A Successful Resolution - thank you for this, very useful information! :)

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      2 years ago from Norfolk, England

      Yes, I never stick to my resolutions. But I will definitely stick to my diet this year!


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