Advanced Meditation—Why You're Not Breaking Through

Updated on November 20, 2017
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I use intuition, mystical understanding, and innate conscious contact with a benevolent higher power to share knowledge with fellow seekers.

Meditating in Nature is Good for Your Brain
Meditating in Nature is Good for Your Brain | Source

The Stillness Is Where Imagination Blooms

It took me years of practice to learn how to be perfectly still. Being still sounds easy, and it even looks easy, but it is far from simple. It's the itch that gets you. Anyone who has attempted to sit in silence for long periods of time will know the "itch" of which I speak.

You may have mastered the stillness of body and mind, letting thoughts flow past you like birds on a current of air, yet breaking through deeply ingrained mental limitations of space and time may be a more difficult task. This is the place where you are able to leap above daily concerns and earthly distractions and into the flow of higher consciousness. It literally takes a mental leap of faith to get you there.

If you are stuck and not able to make that leap to higher planes, I have a few insights that worked for me that may also help you.

Use a Visual Image

Cut a picture out from a magazine, use a photo you or someone else has taken, or print out an image you like from the internet. View it frequently before entering your meditative zone. This sounds like cheating, though it is not—it's a spiritual aid. It can be temporary or more long-term. Use it until you can internally pull the image you are seeking from your mind at will. Some people can do this naturally and don't require an outside image, but for others, having something to start with helps tremendously in developing their imaginative muscles. This method often helps jump-start the process when your creative mind has gone on vacation. The image I used for a while was the Crystal Castle from the Never Ending Story. It worked for me. Make it personal to you, because only you know what you seek.

Follow the Light

With your eyes closed, look deeply into your center using your middle eye and you will see the light. It may be small like a pinprick or bigger like a flashlight or candle glow. Either way, all you need to do is look for it and you will find it. Focus your attention on that light and it will grow. It's as simple as that. Find the light inside, set your attention to it and it will literally fill your mind, body, and soul.

DON'T Try to Remove All Distractions

This suggestion seems counter to most mainstream thought about meditation. Most meditation gurus suggest that you remove as much distraction as possible: turn off the TV, radio, computer, and lights, close the windows, and shut the door. I'm saying that you should do the opposite. The reason? If you keep trying to remove all distractions thinking it's the way to the next plane, you will often be disappointed. True spiritual growth happens when you are able to be perfectly still and focused in spite of distractions. Life is a never-ending barrage of distraction and calamity, sometimes a distraction is fun, sometimes painful. Life is full of good and bad luck, yet we must keep our focus through it all if we are to advance. So, leave the radio on and the window open, and follow your breath to nirvana.


This seems simple, right? Anyone involved in advanced meditation should know this, and they do, but when trying to focus attention, controlled breath is the first thing to go, and it is key in reaching a higher level of consciousness.

Be in Nature

Whether it's the beach, the woods, or grassy urban park, being in nature will enhance your meditative spiritual practice. Try meditating outdoors for a change of pace, if you haven't already. Even if it's cold out, wrap up in a warm coat and try to get some nature time in. Just a few minutes a day will boost your mental focus and soothe anxiety.

Skip the Snack

Eating a snack or a meal before meditation may seem like a good idea, but it causes lethargy and detracts from your ability to focus. If you're "stomach grumbling" hungry, as in you can't even think because your so hangry, then for sure eat a little something, but don't overstuff. Try to stick to a schedule of meditation that's an hour or two after you've eaten and when you're alert and focused.

Have a Comfort Zone

Create a space for yourself that is truly comfortable, welcoming, and peaceful to you. You don't necessarily want a big space or a nest type area where you'll get drowsy, but someplace you can put your meditation pillow if you have one, or a folded blanket to sit on. Maybe add a few candles, a salt lamp, and some incense on a low table. Having this personal meditation area will propel you to seek it out more often. You will find that a private space like this will also help you jump into your state or spiritual plane more quickly and effortlessly.

If you have an aid that has helped you advance your spiritual plane, please share it in the comments section. I would much appreciate hearing your experience.

Until we meet again, blessings for love and peace and the evolution of your spirit,


Use Visuals to Enhance Your Meditation Practice


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