You Are Not Your Ego

Have you ever felt a constant sense of unease? Like we are never fully content with how things are because something could always be better? I would like to delve into what might typically be the cause of some of those feelings.


Why Do We Have Time?

What is time? Why do we need it? We use it to measure constant occurrences, but why do we have to gauge our existence on it? Is there a better way to perceive our life and understand its meaning?


What the Term Wellness Means to Me

I was asked recently what the word “wellness” means to me. And although I knew the answer in my head, it took a moment to form it into an intelligible sentence. To me, "wellness" is the integration of our physical, mental and spiritual self.


Using Your Mind to Reduce Pain

Overcome pain using the power of your mind. These suggestions worked for me during the most physically painful time of my life. When pain killers failed me, I turned to my own mind. It worked!